Suspense - Season 5

CBS (ended 1954)




Episode Guide

  • Death in Passing
    Death in Passing
    Episode 50
    A Philippine detective faces his toughest case investigating a murder on Manila's waterfront.
  • Nightmare at Ground Zero
    The Nevada Proving Ground is set for another nuclear bomb blast at 4AM. A harried artist is rushing to finish the mannequins he's been hired to construct that will populate a house at ground zero. His nagging wife, who does nothing but complain about his work, finally pushes him over the edge. As contracted, he delivers five "people" to the house that's about to be destroyed.moreless
  • Point Blank
    Point Blank
    Episode 48
  • Vial of Death
    Vial of Death
    Episode 47
    A vial of dangerous cholera disappears from a physician's bag.
  • The Dance
    The Dance
    Episode 46
    Joan Hale first sees the Charleston performed at a society party on a visit to the South. During her stay, she and Charlie fall in love despite his engagement to the scheming Marie. Gunshots interrupt the dance and Marie is found upstairs--murdered. Though Charlie is the prime suspect, several others has ample motivation to pull the trigger.moreless
  • Pigeon in the Cage
    Pigeon in the Cage
    Episode 45
    A wallpaper hanger is on his way home from a day's work in a private residence when he becomes stuck in the elevator. From that vantage point, he witnesses a murder. The murderer notices him, making him the next target--a regular clay pigeon.
  • The Dutch Schultz Story
    This episode dramatizes the true story of Dutch Schultz, who rose to the top position in the mob world, to be brought back down in a deadly gunfight in New Jersey.
  • The Mascot
    The Mascot
    Episode 43
    A deserter from the Army has conspired to take over as the dictator of an island in the Mediterranean, and an American reporter risks death by recording an interview on the sly.
  • The Fury Of Senorita Gomez
    A Peruvian woman of high status during the 1800s conspires with a stable worker to kill an uncle of hers.
  • The Signal Man
    The Signal Man
    Episode 41
    An author talks with a disturbed railroad signalman who believes that the visions he sees are warnings of impending crashes. Fearing dementia, the old man wonders if his dreams may, in fact, be causing the wrecks.
  • See No Evil
    See No Evil
    Episode 40
    A gang of thieves enlist the help of a night club performer in a robbery after promising her that the night watchman, her father, will not be hurt.
  • The Man Who Cried Wolf
    A clerk at the Russian embassy is being called back to the Soviet Union, and his death, for becoming too close to the free people of Mexico City.
  • The Queen's Ring
    The Queen's Ring
    Episode 38
    This story is based on an actual events from the life of Queen Elizabeth I. The royal ruler puts her responsibilities to the crown before that of her love for the Earl of Essex.
  • The Adventure of the Black Baronet
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are visiting an ancestrial castle in Kent, England, inspecting a collection of historic arms, when a murder happens.
  • Come into My Parlor
    Come into My Parlor
    Episode 36
    John Carradine plays the operator of a tattoo parlor who's terrorized by a gang of teen-aged thugs.
  • Death of an Editor
    Death of an Editor
    Episode 35
    A crusading American journalist attempting to break the Mafia is marked as a mob hit by Mussolini himself. Based on a true story.
  • The Suitor
    The Suitor
    Episode 34
    Following a long courtship via mail, a man arrives at the isolated farmhouse of his betrothed, ready to marry her. This episode is based on an actual event from 1901.
  • F.O.B. Vienna
    F.O.B. Vienna
    Episode 33
    Lawrence Stevens, an American engineer, accompanies a shipment of lathes to an electrical factory in Vienna. A female reporter tells him about the huge black market for industrial machinery from the West. Corrupt businessmen are only too happy to sell products to the Communists and that his lathes are heading behind the iron Curtain to Poland.moreless
  • The Duel
    The Duel
    Episode 32
    Madeleine does not care for Raoul, the officer her father intends for her to marry. Instead, she loves Lt. Andre Duport. Her father intends to send her back to Paris and put a stop to their affair. The jilted Raoul challenges Andre to an unusual duel: only one of the pistols shall be loaded and each aimed just three inches from the heart. When the time comes to prove he's more than just words, Raoul proves to be a crafty coward.moreless
  • Kiss Me Again, Stranger
    A serial killer is on the loose in 1946 London with five victims so far. Elderly Mrs. Thompson rents a room to a secretive young, Tim Matthews, and is convinced he's the murderer. She calls police after discovering a knife in his room. Meanwhile, Tim has taken a young woman he's obsessed with on a picnic in the country. Having been discharged from the Royal Air Force for physical reasons, he's insanely jealous of her former boyfriend, a strapping man who had served during the war.moreless
  • Death in the Cave
    Death in the Cave
    Episode 30
    Two explorers fight for their lives after being trapped in a cave.
  • Portrait of Constance

    A newlywed accompanies her detective husband on the search for a long-missing woman, whom he once was madly in love with. A reported sighting takes Burt and Sally Hastings to a resort town where a bust of Constance awaits them in their cabin. As Burt frantically races to see the sculptor, Sally realizes her husband's still mesmerized by the young lady. The artist confesses that the model was indeed Constance, his wife, and that he jealously murdered her.

  • The Black Prophet
    The Black Prophet
    Episode 28

    Convinced that the sinister "Mad Monk" Rasputin will bring about the fall of Russia with his growing power over the royal family, a group of noblemen take action. Serge Soudekine invites Rasputin to his home and fills the prophet with a enough poisoned wine and cakes to kill 20 men. This succeeds only in making him tipsy. In desperation, Serge pulls out his gun and fires repeatedly. That should put an end to the madman.

  • The Legend of Lizzie
    This telling of the story of accused axe-murderer Lizzie Borden is based on the actual court transcripts. Flashbacks are used to jump from the courtroom to the day her parents were hacked to death in the family home.
  • The Kiss Off
    The Kiss Off
    Episode 26
    Tom Walker, an ex-convict who was wrongly convicted and just released, holds up a tax office and leaves behind an obvious clue as to his identity. He gives the bag of money to his patient girlfriend and sends her ahead to Florida saying he'll join her soon. Soon enough, he gets the expected visit from the DA and cop who wrongly convicted him. Tom intends to make fools of his former persecutors.moreless
  • They Haven't Killed Me Yet
    The life of an Asian-American agent is in jeopardy when he attemps to break a dangerous Chinatown protection racket.
  • The Quarry
    The Quarry
    Episode 24

    After preventing a stranger from being shot outside of his hotel, widower Don Ashley realizes why a pair of thugs have been trailing him for days--the goons had the two similar-looking men confused. The man he saved, Gorden, had the misfortune of witnessing a mob hit and they want to silence the only man who saw what they did. With the deadly duo staking out the lobby, Don hides his face and races past the pair. Again mistaking Don for their actual prey, the two give chase. This should give Gorden the chance to contact the police and tell his story.

  • A Study in Stone
    A Study in Stone
    Episode 23
    In this courtroom drama, a famous sculptor who plans the murder of his wife intended to be accused of the crime.
  • Mutiny Below
    Mutiny Below
    Episode 22
    After saving the chief engineers life, Danny and Snow are hired as watch officers on a rusty steamer traveling the Indian Ocean. Reading a newspaper story about a stolen diamond being smuggled into Australia, the boiler room crew becomes convinced that Danny and Snow have the jewel. They stage a mutiny, even though the old ship is about to sink.moreless
  • Career
    Episode 21
    A female British agent tries to give up her work in Nazi Germany.
  • Vacancy for Death
    Vacancy for Death
    Episode 20
    Clara and Sam Warren own a run-down boarding house. This is just a front for their real business: arranging for their boarders to have "accidents". One particular evening, Sam and a partner bring home a renter, knock him out and turn on the gas. It finally becomes clear to Clara what type of man she's married to.moreless
  • Mr. Matches
    Mr. Matches
    Episode 19

    An arsonist-for-hire dubbed "Mr. Matches" has been been torching buildings all around the city. Bernard Frank, head of the fire bureau, knows who he's looking for because he's spotted in the crowd at each of his jobs admiring his work. To catch "Mr. Matches" in the act, the department has an ex-con hire him to take down a building they're monitoring. His capture becomes personal after Frank's son is killed in one of the arsonist's fires.

  • Little Camorra
    Little Camorra
    Episode 18
    A young Italian woman is terrified that she's marked for death by an old vendetta. Her American fiance is unconvinced.
  • The Invisible Killer
    Pilot Dan Crowley is grounded by his doctor for his intense behavior. The delusional man with an obsession for guns believes the doctor's daughter, who's engaged to his boss, should be rightfully his. When the couple and the doctor go for a hunting trip in the woods, Dan begins firing on their cabin using a rifle with an infrared scope.moreless
  • The Deadly Lamb
    The Deadly Lamb
    Episode 16
    An airman is involved in a love triangle with his brother as the woman's other suitor. During the episode, star Dick Haymes performs three songs.
  • The Tortured Hand
    The Tortured Hand
    Episode 15
    A 19th century nobleman suffers excruciating pain in the hand he used when committing a heinous crime, defending the family's honor. Also during the telecast, Rear Adm. Homer Wallen and Lt. Commander Arthur Godfrey give the public their first demonstration of a model of the Navy's new atomic submarine.
  • The Girl Who Saw Tomorrow
    A somewhat neurotic woman is distressed because she sees her best friend gaining the success she so wants.
  • A Time of Innocence
    A Time of Innocence
    Episode 13
    Middle-aged Henry wants to divorce his London wife, Carol, and return home to America, but she intends to keep all of their savings. After striking up a romance with his young secretary, Henry sends out announcements saying Carol had died unexpectedly on a trip to America. A friend of Carol finds this suspicious and goes to Scotland Yard, forcing Henry and his secretary to hop a boat incognito and head across the Atlantic.moreless
  • The Whispering Killer
    A gangster is done in by a minor infraction of the law that he had had overlooked.
  • Monsieur Vidocq
    Monsieur Vidocq
    Episode 11

    A series of thefts at France's national museum threatens to become an international issue. Scotland Yard sendsWilliams to Paris to request help from the city's renowned, retired police commissioner, Monsieur Vidocq. Vidocq sets up a meeting with a highly-placed criminal who can lead them to the guilty, while also arranging for Williams to be killed when they all meet at a dangerous, seedy bar.

  • The Moving Target
    The Moving Target
    Episode 10
    An athlete from a country behind the Iron Curtain uses the Olympics as his chance to escape to freedom. This is based on a true story from the games held in Helsinki last summer. Actual newsreel footage from the games is incorporated into the program.
  • All Hallow's Eve
    All Hallow's Eve
    Episode 9

    In 1880s London, Mr. Markheim stabs to death a pawnbroker whose wealth he has long envied. Markheim says he intends take some of the businessman's riches, marry, and become a saintly man. An otherworldly visitor who knows Markheim intimately informs him that he will never change his evil ways and therefore should kill again.

  • The Man Who Had Seven Hours
    During a seven hour stop-over in Paris, a young Hollywood assistant director is attacted by criminals on the Montmarte.
  • The Blue Panther
    The Blue Panther
    Episode 7
    Detective Ben Shaley has been hired to guard The Blue Panther, a valuable painting on loan to a gallery. During the invitation-only preview, both the painting and the necklace of a society art patron are stolen. The gallery's owner, Drexel Courtney, is willing to pay $15,000 for the painting's safe return. Shaley's attempts to negotiate with the thieves becomes an ordeal beach each is trying to double-cross the other.moreless
  • The Man in the Mirror
    Murder is easy when a gunman finds he has an exact double.
  • The Beach of Falesa

    Wiltshire is the third man sent by a trading company to work on a small Polynesian island; the previous two had strangely died. Upon arriving he encounters his competetor, Case, a man determined to keep the island to himself. Months later after Wiltshire marries a native woman, the natives refuse to trade with him because Case has convinced the superstious people that the woman is "taboo" and cursed. Wiltshire refuses to leave the island as Case wants and takes him on in the jungle.

  • Set-Up For Death
    Set-Up For Death
    Episode 4

    Mobster Kip Caley is released from prison after serving ten years and proclaims he's "going straight." His old criminal cronies, however, intend to involve him in a hold-up after breaking his resolve to stay honest. Boss McLean gets him a greeters job at a hotel restaurant where he falls for a woman who works there. Her intention to help Kip by warning the police about the impending robbery put Kip's life on the line.

  • The Return of Dr. Bourdette
    A Paris detective determines that the source of the city's wave of terror is inhabiting a wax museum.
  • Always Trust a Cop
    Always Trust a Cop
    Episode 2
    A killer hides out with his wartime buddy, unaware that his buddy is now a cop.
  • The Old Lady of Bayeux
    A rich dowager seemingly dies of a heart attack while staying at the estate of her nephew. The young woman who acted as her companion contacts a French police inspector, convinced the old lady was murdered. While investigating at the mansion, the inspector finds people's stories don't add up. Before he can speak with the cook who seems to know the truth, she is murdered.moreless
  • 1953 Parade of Stars Auto Show
    Auto-Lite, the series' sponsor, presents its annual Parade of Stars Auto Show live from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Irene Dunne, on the pretext of buying a new car, is shown around by Auto-Lite president Royce G. Martin chat. They meet with automobile company executives as Rex Marshall reads the commercial voice-over copy describing their models. Vocalist Robert Merrill performs "Dine Alone" and "Anchors Away" and the Peter Birch Dancers perform.moreless
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