TV Tokyo (ended 2005)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Cool Wind
      Episode 26
      Yamato is dejected once again as Suzuka has laid some serious hurt on his face, but he isn't about to give up. Even though the track season is on hold, he now knows why Suzuka is behaving the way she has recently. But then he learns from his aunt that Suzuka is heading back to her hometown for another visit to Tsuda's grave. Yamato confronts Suzuka and tells her not to go, saying it won't solve anything to recycle the past, but is surprised when Suzuka invites him to come along.moreless
    • Loss
      Episode 25
      Suzuka has run off as she tries to process Yamato's remarks that are frighteningly similar to that of Kazuki Tsuda, the track guy that Suzuka really liked. There is a flashback to the events around Tsuda's passing and how strongly it had affected both Suzuka and Miyamoto. Meanwhile, Yamato gets concerned and starts to look for her, fending off his aunt and cousin, as well as the college girls, from helping, but Miki volunteers to help find her too. Suzuka ends up at the footsteps of a shrine, but things get serious as she ends up having to face Honoka and then Yamato.moreless
    • Disappearance
      Episode 24
      It's the day of the big track meet. Captain Miyamoto is concerned that even though Yamato's sprinting style has adjusted, Yamato's times haven't really improved enough. But Yamato is all psyched to face Arima in the preliminaries, which come to a shocking conclusion 11 seconds or so later. Suzuka visits Yamato to boil some extra eggs (about the only thing she can cook), and Yamato picks up that she might be caring for him, and uses that opportunity to try one last confession.moreless
    • Encouragement
      Episode 23
      Captain Miyamoto has charted that Yamato peaks early and slows down, and he makes some recommendations on changing Yamato's sprinting style. Yamato practices as much as he can to make those adjustments, even doing some overtime, but doesn't have much time before the next big race. Honoka senses his seriousness, and questions with Nana whether she even has a place in Yamato's heart anymore. Nana tells her to move on, emphasizing how desirable she could be. Suzuka is also concerned about Yamato's new attitude; as it seems so not like him and more like someone she once knew.moreless
    • Preparation
      Episode 22
      It's the day of the Inter-City meet, and Yamato is thrilled to use this as a chance to impress Suzuka by being on her championship level. He learns that the star runner Arima Emerson is participating, but they won't meet until the finals. Yamato decides to go full blast on the first heat, which worries his team that he is not conserving his energy for the semis or the relay race. But they've seen miracles come out of him before, as he decides to make his semifinal race an opportunity to beat Arima by time. But will it be enough?moreless
    • Regret
      Episode 21
      Yamato is still having regrets over his relationship issues and it is causing him to perform poorly in baton passing which he needs to get right for the relay race team. One afternoon, Miki invites Yamato over to a place where they can do some extra practice and even dresses up to simulate race conditions. Miki also offers to speak to Suzuka on behalf of Yamato for the apology, but Yamato insists on handling it himself, for better or for worse.moreless
    • Support
      Episode 20
      Yasunobu talks with Yamato over the relationship, when Miki interrupts and gets in a heated argument with Yasunobu over her headstrong personality. The entire track-and-field team has been grumbling over Honoka's no-show, and for good reason after they learn what happened from Yamato. Miki had heard from Suzuka on what happened, and confronts Yamato about it. Yamato gives the same lie he gave Suzuka, but Miki isn't fooled and fishes out the truth. She then has Yamato treat her to dinner at an okonomiyaki place where she gets to understand Yamato a little better. Meanwhile Nana helps cheer Honoka up, and she gets brave enough to continue managing the track and field team with the hopes of confessing to Yamato properly in the future.moreless
    • Breakup
      Episode 19
      Yamato tries to figure out what to do now that Honoka has refused his birthday present for her. His friends suggest apologizing to her but Yamato is hesitant. Eventually he tries to call her and then heads over to Honoka's house, which results in one of those talks regarding the relationship. At home, Yamato receives a visit by the college girls who probe a bit on what just happened, while Suzuka overhears and tries to understand as well, but Yamato tells Suzuka his side of the story, and it wasn't what she expected.moreless
    • Present
      Episode 18
      Honoka's birthday is approaching, and Yamato has no clue what to get her. Honoka wants to spend time with Yamato but he excuses himself as being busy with Yasunobu. He initially asks Miho and Aunt Ayano, and the college girls interrupt with some ideas of their own. He begs Suzuka to help her find a necklace, and they end up spending the day at a neighboring district. Honoka learns that Yamato is shopping for her gift, but she is shocked when she notices Yamato's interactions with Suzuka.moreless
    • Boyfriend
      Episode 17
      Yamato apologizes to Honoka about his recent behavior, and for now she accepts the apology. Later on, Honoka invites Yamato to a karaoke place, but on the way, they meet up with a girl named Nana Shirakawa, who happens to be a big time pop star, but is also Honoka's childhood friend. As they karaoke, Honoka steps out for a moment, when Suzuka appears and sees Yamato and Nana together! Honoka returns with Miki and clarifies things. Suzuka stays around for some karaoke, and puts Yamato in some nervous social situation. Afterwards, Nana confronts Yamato one-on-one about putting up a boyfriend act, and questions how much he really knows about Honoka.moreless
    • Impulse
      Episode 16
      Suzuka and Yamato make it home safely. Honoka is concerned about Yamato's faithfulness, but Yamato states he is still committed to her. Honoka tells Yamato she wants to advance the relationship, but Yamato gets confused when Yasunobu tells Yamato to advance it in the physical way. And when Honoka comes by at night to cook him dinner, this might be Yamato's chance.moreless
    • Bellflower
      Episode 15
      Yamato's bumbling has caused him and Suzuka to miss the bullet train back to Tokyo, and have to spend the night somwhere. What will the teens do now? Honoka also gets worried that her new relationship with Yamato is already in a crisis.
    • Blessing
      Episode 14
      Miki has discovered that Honoka and Yamato are becoming a couple, and she ponders when is the best time to share that with Suzuka. The next morning, Suzuka wants to go shopping with Yamato but he declines. Miki ends up shopping with Suzuka and breaks the shocking news. How will Suzuka deal with it?moreless
    • Lips
      Episode 13
      The team prepare for their next inter-city competition, which is in Hiroshima. Yamato is stuck having to put in some extra hours of practice. Miki convinces Suzuka to go help him out, but Honoka beats her to it and gives Yamato his first kiss! Too distracted by the kiss, Yamato misses his chance to cheer on Suzuka as she sets a personal best on the high jump and becomes the darling of the team.moreless
    • Misunderstandings
      Episode 12
      Yamato ponders whether to ask Suzuka out on a date to the water park when Honoka surprises him and asks him out, in fact, the whole gang of teens go along for some rest and relaxation. Yamato stresses out about finding some alone time with Suzuka, who seems more preoccupied with going down the same waterslide with Miki.moreless
    • Showdown
      Episode 11
      Yamato wanders about the town with Yasunobu, but somehow he ends up at the track meet! Yamato seeks that Suzuka is getting harassed by a guy, and he stands up for her, challenging him on the race. But the guy happens to be one of the top sprinters in the area. What has Yamato gotten himself into?moreless
    • An Old Flame
      Episode 10
      After discovering that Kazuki looks just like him, Yamato rushes to Yokohama. He ends up meeting Suzuka's sister, and she takes him to where Kazuki is, or was, since they end up at a graveyard. As Yamato ponders how dumb he was to be in Kazuki's shadow, Suzuka thinks of the times two years ago when she was still in junior high and Kazuki was poking fun of her but also encouraging her.moreless
    • A Frame in Time
      Episode 9
      The Track team has a qualifying competition to determine who will be representing their school at the Tokyo Metropolitan meet. Yamato manages to surprise everyone by running the 100 meters in barely under 11 seconds. He tells Suzuka about his results, but she responds that she despises him, which deflates him again. After Yasunobu and Miki attempt to advise him, Yamato decides to train more, and that inspires his teammates to work hard too. After Miyamoto announces a day off before the tournament, Yamato wants to ask Suzuka out but he overhears that Suzuka is going home to Yokohama to see Kazuki.moreless
    • Distance
      Episode 8
      Yamato attends the track team's first practice where he will be a sprinter. But after an incredibly intense workout, Yamato is wiped out. He also meets Suzuka's friend, an attractive sprinter with long hair named Miki Hashiba, who gives him some encouragement. As Yamato endures more practice sessions, Honoka ponders whether to join the team herself. After talking with Yuka and spending some time with Yamato, she decides to go for it, and becomes a team manager.moreless
    • Decision
      Episode 7
      Yamato is feeling down from a recent event, when he gets a visit from the college girls, Yuka and Megumi, who are up for some drinking. Yuka shares with him a story about her social past, and she inspires Yamato to try pursuing Suzuka again. He considers joining the track team, but Suzuka thinks he isn't serious, and his friends have mixed feelings about it. Yasunobu brings Yamato to the Track team club room to apologize for the crazy idea.moreless
    • 8/10/05
      Yamato ponders how he can ask Suzuka out while their school has the day off for Founder's Day, but gets a lucky visit from a newspaper saleswoman who offers a pair of tickets to the local amusement park. Unfortunately he loses the ticket, but Suzuka manages to get a pair, and they go on what could be considered a first date, and an opportunity for Yamato to tell her how he really feels!moreless
    • Eye of the Storm
      Episode 5
      Yamato sees Suzuka talk with some guy with glasses, and thinks there's no reason why she would like him, but then she starts acting friendly. Yamato sulks and decides to karaoke to let off some jealous steam. Yasunobu joins along and invites Honoka. Yamato learns later that the guy is Souichi Miyamoto, who is on the track and field team. Miyamoto asks Yamato to join the team. He also hints that Yamato is Suzuka's type, which bothers Yamato and asks Yasunobu for more advice. Yasunobu says he should tell her his feelings or ask her out besides the usual daily activities. Yamato gets some opportunities; will he say it?moreless
    • Field Day
      Episode 4
      It's sports trials day, and Yamato is excited to see how well he does. Yasunobu and Yamato try the high jump board first with Suzuka and Honoka, but Yamato lands a not so impressive result. However, the next trial is a sprint, which Yamato manages to impress everyone. Suzuka acts unimpressed in front of Yamato, but Yasunobu thinks she was impressed given her body language. It's raining the next day, and Yamato ponders whether Suzuka likes him, and what to do when he realizes he forgot his umbrella.moreless
    • Sick Day
      Episode 3
      It's the first day of high school. Suzuka has already made friends but Yamato has no one. That is, until a shy but nice girl comes up to Yamato and introduces herself as Honoka Sakurai. Suzuka feels a bit envious, but Yamato can't figure out where they have met before. Honoka invites Yamato out to a restaurant date, but Yamato doesn't know whether to go or wait for Suzuka after school. He decides to wait but ends up getting a cold. Honoka and Suzuka get concerned and make dinner for him, but whose meal will he accept?moreless
    • Smile
      Episode 2
      Ayano hosts a welcome party and has Yamato and Suzuka do some shopping, which turns out to be an annoying experience for Suzuka. At least until Yamato takes her to a shrine, and shares a croquette with her as Suzuka starts to enjoy the romantic view. Later on, Yasunobu demonstrates that compliments and flattery work on women, but will Yamato get a clue?moreless
    • Anticipation
      Episode 1
      On the way to his new residence in Tokyo, first-year high school student Yamato sees Suzuka for the first time as she clears a high jump bar, and falls in love with her instantly. Then he goes to his apartment complex that is owned by his aunt Ayano; and gets the duties of cleaning out the women's baths when he meets two college girls. Then Suzuka comes in during a really awkward context. Yamato then goes to his apartment room, only to realize he had accidentally gone into Suzuka's room instead of his, and she kicks him out. He realizes that Suzuka is literally the girl next door, and having given a bad first impression to the girl of his dreams, will he be able to make up for his mistakes?moreless