Swamp Fox

Season 1 Episode 2

Brother Against Brother

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1959 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with the Swamp Fox and his men breaking up a Tory raid on a local farm. The Tory leader is a man named Amos Briggs--played in this episode by Denver Pyle--and the man having his barn burned is Ceton Briggs; the two adversaries are brothers. In the aftermath of the assault, Francis learns that his brother's place has also been torched.

When he arrives at the home of Gabriel, his brother, it is obvious that the rumor was true. Gabriel rides off in disgust and anger. Fran's nephew, Young Gabe, later returns to report that the Swamp Fox's brother has joined with other patriots and are on their way to burn the Videaux home, residence of known Tory sympathizers and Colonel Marion's fiancee. The Colonel leaves to head off the attack.

When the band proves reluctant to listen to reason, Francis vows that he will go get Mary Videaux--his fiancee--and bring her back so that she can speak to the mob herself. Arriving at the Videaux plantation, he is surprised to see a party of Tories and British soldiers underway, and his sweetheart dancing with Colonel Tarleton. Enlisting the help of a servant, he gets word to Mary to slip away to meet him.

They then rush back to stop the approaching mob. Mary convinces them to spare her house so that she can continue to entertain British troops. She assures them that she can gain information and pass it on to the Swamp Fox. The home is spared.

Using the information Mary has just gained while dancing with Tarleton, Marion and his Freedom Fighters plan an ambush to retake yet more prisoners from the British forces. The British officer surrenders his sword to the Swamp Fox, claiming a new admiration for his enemy, at the conclusion of the episode.