Swamp Men

Season 3 Episode 8

Alligator Attack

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The staff of Billie Swamp Safari are no strangers to risk. When newbie staffer Meghan gets bitten by a three-footer in the gator pond, everyone takes it in stride. Meanwhile, Cory Wilcox and his crew are trapping hogs in an effort to control the growing population. And Everett Osceola is showing master gator handler Billy Walker that he is ready to graduate as a handler. After Meghan's injury, she's back at Safari to prove she's up to any task. This time she's learning the ins and outs of driving airboats from Steve. Meanwhile, Onebear and Cattail release into the park previously injured herons, and rush to save the day after they get an emergency call that a wild hog is wreaking havoc on the reservation.moreless
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