Swamp People

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AIRED ON 5/2/2016

Season 7 : Episode 13

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A docu-drama that follows Cajuns living in Louisiana.


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    • EPISODE: Bullet Proof

      EPISODE: Bullet Proof. All the gator hunters are after a large gator to claim the $10,000 bounty being offered. Liz/Justin. Searching dead Mans Alley for monster gators. Put out 15 special bait traps. Finally, gator on. Shot #1. Just a $$ gator. Just 2 gator out of 15 lines. Finally, gator on. Shot #1, NO NO. Shot #2. Big boy in the boat. But only 11.2'. Short. Bruce/Ron. Gator on. Only a 8 footer, but $$ in the bank. 10 of 19 lines, just 2 gators. Finally get a big one on the line. Shot #1, oops. Shot #2, gator in the boat. Now, Bruce is in a hurry to get monster of the bounty judge, but the swamp has a different idea. Finally swamp 1, Bruce's boat 0. The do make it back safe, but the 11.2' gator is short. But the boat is in bad shape. Junior/Duggie. Junior is not pleased with the antics of Duggie, but he needs help. Checking 40 lines, 0 for the first 6. Then 2 for the next 21. Finally tangle with a 11 footer. Not a bounty winner, but $$ in the bank. Jacob/Chase. First line, a tree shaker. Shot #1, just a love tap. Byre, bye. Decided to sit and wait the monster out. Finally, a long shot. HA, HA, just a head ache. Shot #2, finally success. But, just a large $$ gator.

      EPISODE: Gator Slayer (3-9-2015). Troy/Holden. Troy continuers to be a good teacher. But this week, they kept getting caught in thunder storms. Finally, they find one line that the gator snapped the cord. But, with persistence they managed to catch the monster. RJ/J. Paul. Using the air boat but still having a bad week. The gators seem to smell the hooks. RJ tries an of Cajon trick, a "smart stick". It worked. Final result: stick 1, gator 0. Liz/Justin. They had a giant gator that was attacking smaller gators. They called it Goliath. Liz decided to use gator meat. End result, Liz 1, gator 0. The final part of the shoe was with Jeromy/David. They are not the best hunters to be on this series. At time, it is hard to understand what Jeromy is saying. And his appearance is grungy at best. They did manage to bring is the largest gator so for the big dollar contest. But, the season has a lot of days to go.


      For God's sake put on a pair of gloves before you haul the gator up!! Also, wear safety glasses so when a gator breaks a tooth it won't damage your eyes!! Just sayin..........
    • GLOVES

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. Troy you are the sweeties person ever. Jpaul and his father are so handsome - I take either one of them. (LORDY) Anyway out of all the inventions we make in the world can someone please work on creating a glove that can be used without my buddies getting their hands burned from holding the rope? Next question, how come the Alligators can't pull the poles out the ground, either you guys have them cemented in or buried pretty deep. KEEP IT COMING......moreless
    • New Show Monday 7pm

      Troy & Liz Are Awsome ,
    • Troy is the Winner

      Of all the shows on tv and the cast on this network. Troy is the favorite! The family man and father can sure put some humor and excitement into the hunting of gators. Troy if you are ever out on the West Coast, with your wife or family? You are sure welcome to spend the time here at our home outside of Seattle, Washington. IN fact if you read this email and would like to come for Thanksgiving, we would be proud to have you as our guest. You are the man!moreless

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