Swamp People

Thursday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Aug 22, 2010 In Season


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  • Adventure and Good People

    When my son turned this show on I expected to see a sad show full of people the producers wanted to make fun of. What I found instead is a group of some of the most interesting, thoughtful, hardworking, moral people in this country.

    I never expected to like this show, but it is my favorite reality tv show, (along with Ghost Hunters). This show has everything. My husband likes the show because it has the adventure of hunting gators. I like the show because it has family values and a real knowledge of right and wrong and what's really important in life. Two of the father and son teams in particular- Troy and his son and RJ with Jay Paul- are the type of people I would love to have as neighbors. Even Trapper Joe has realistic aggravations with his stepson Tommy, but most people find raising kids a struggle and Joe does better than most.

    The Geiser brothers are humorous, and provide a sweet comic relief to the show. Sometimes I feel protective over these upstanding families, as I have seen people joke about them. Yes, Bruce with his dog Tyler is humorous, but the way he went to look for Tyler when Tyler was missing is something all dog lovers should admire. We need more people who care for their pets like Bruce. Yes, it's easy to make fun of the way they talk, and I hope they never have their feelings hurt by hearing anything anyone says about them because of their surface traits. They are salt of the earth, beautiful souls. People who are blind to their good character and see only their shortcomings are themselves the ones who are lacking.

    Sometimes I think the editing plays into the stereotypes, but the narrator does a great job of appreciating the hard work these families do. The young man with the missing tooth, who said, "I ain't so good at readin' and writin', but I know how to catch a snake", for example, could have had that statement editied out. His skills and work ethic speak for themselves. That young man hunted snakes all night long, suffered several bites, and by doing that showed what a stalwart, strong young man he is in so many ways.

    I hope these people grow happier as the show continues, and I hope they don't lose hold of their values. This makes for good viewing on so many levels and I look forward to several more seasons. Liz, the woman, is a great addition, and I am in favor of more Troy all the time. More people need Troy's perspective; to hear it, to live it.