Swamp Wars

Animal Planet Premiered Jan 01, 2011 Unknown


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  • Season 3
    • Foreign Invasion
      Episode 6
      Chuck & Ernie have captured every deadly reptile in the Everglades, so now they venture to Costa Rica for the ultimate snakation, all in search of the largest pit viper ever, the Black Headed Bushmaster.
    • 5/2/13
      An alligator blocking a roadway tries to rip off Lt. Lisa Wood's leg. A deadly rattlesnake strikes out from underneath thick brush, and when the Venom One team gets called out to a dog rescue, they find not one, but three killer snakes.
    • 4/25/13
      A families' escaped pet python kills their young daughter. Chuck searches the Everglades for a nasty Burmese python. Ernie must tear apart fences to capture an aggressive red tail boa loose in a suburban neighborhood.
    • 4/18/13
      Keeping your children safe is the top responsibility for all parents. In South Florida, where killer reptiles roam free, that's increasingly hard to do. A venomous coral snake strikes a child and sends him into a coma.
    • 4/11/13
      It's man versus reptile - and it's not just a fight, it's outright war. A rattlesnake goes swimming in a woman's pool while another is hiding in the depths of a woman's car, waiting to strike.
    • 5/20/12
      Some of South Florida's native wildlife are born killers. Rattlesnakes are invading golf courses and local parks filled with families unaware of their deadly presence. Venomous cottonmouths and gators on the prowl end up in places people least expect.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1