Swans Crossing

(ended 1992)




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Swans Crossing

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"Welcome to the town of Swans Crossing, where everyone grew up believing that the sun never set; rather, it was put into the family vault for the night." -- Mayor Rutledge, episode one Swans Crossing follows the lives of twelve teenagers who reside in a fictional town called Swans Crossing. Sydney Rutledge (played by future mega-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, who went on to win an Emmy playing Erica Kane's daughter on "All My Children", as well as Buffy on "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer), ruled the town as the most popular girl, trying to keep her crush on Garrett Booth a secret from her disapproving mother, Mayor Rutledge. Then there was Mila Rosnovsky, movie star extraordinaire; Glory Booth, who wants to share her first kiss with J.T. Adams; Neil Awater, a genius who is all work; Callie Walker, an independent girl who lives aboard a submarine with her father; Jimmy Clayton, in love with motorcycles but also an older woman; Saja Decastro, spiritual leader; Owen Fowler, who loves writing and performing music with future singing sensation Sandy Swan; and troublemaking Nancy Robbins, who doesn't seem to be happy unless she is stirring up trouble for the other young wealthy youths in her orbit. Also in the cast was future Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino, who played Saja's older sister and Jimmy's secret crush for a few episodes in the beginning of the series.moreless