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  • Swans crossing was young teen dream for many, well for me a guilty pleasure. You had some great characters, like Sydney(Sarah Michelle Gellar(love the **** and that hot Shane kid who starred in Airborne. Oooy gooey hotness at its finest. A true genius.

    I use to watch this after school actually. I have though about it lately. I wish I could re-watch it. another 1 season hit wonder was my so called life (Jared Leto) YUMMY! loved that show too.

    Kinda crazy how some shows can be so influential. I mean I remember this show so much. I even had the action figures, yes they made swan crossing figures. I wish I still had them. I had the whole cast.

    I love the beauty in teenage soap like entertainment, it just makes you feel all warm a fuzzy inside. loves it :) xoxo
  • Short lived teen soap.

    I loved Swans Crossing!

    Swans crossing was a short lived soap for teens. Some of todays popular stars got their start on this show.

    It dealt with lying, cheating, dancing, crushes, all the typical teen stuff except in was in total soap drama format.

    It is a shame it didn't last. I know it was lame, but aren't all soaps in general.
    I think that if something like this came out today now of days there rating would be through the roof.
  • This was my guilty pleasure in th 7th grade...

    I remember being addicted to this show, and spending the summer between 6th and 7th grade on my family's couch every day at 2pm watching Swan's Crossing. I was in love with Shane McDermott (Garrett) and I would have given anything to be Glory Booth, even though she was Garrett's sister. I know I was almost devastated when it went off the air, but I tried to put it out of my mind. With things like 90210, it wasn't an impossible task. However, when i got to college, one of my friends had EVERY episode on tape at home and we promptly called her parents to send them to us and started a Swan's Crossing marathon shortly after. It was sooo amazing to see it again, and yes, it is straight cheese, but that is what I loved about it!
  • Quirky teen-age sudser but kind of addicting!

    I saw this when it was first on back in 1992 and was instantly smitten with a then unknown Sarah Michelle Gellar as Sydney Rutledge. She was kind of a teen "Erica Kane". The show was a bit silly at times (mainly the whole Baldie storyline), not too much ever happened (the show was a whole 18 mins long without commercials!), and the characters never really evolved, however, you found you wanted to tune in to see what happened next (which was usually not much). It may sound like I would hate the show, but the actors were so darn likable you couldn't turn it off. I wrote a young Ms. Gellar a fan letter back in 1992 and got a personal reply, and later she sent another letter asking me to start a writing campaign to save the show. I have saved these, along with every episode on VHS transferred to DVD, so there must be something to it. "You gotta grow up sometime" as the theme song told us, but I feel it was more fun doing it watching this show.
  • Nice try.

    This attempt to create a soap opera series that was like the proto-type to the now-a-days television soap called "Passions" was one of the most infuential shows for teenage day time drama.
    i think there needs to be more day time dramas about teenage life. Sort of like a daytime Degrassi soap opera show.
  • Gotta grow up sometime.

    This was one of the strangest shows I can remember watching, yet one of the most addictive. It was a soap opera for younger teens, but it was definitely not your average soap opera - it was quirky to say the least. Featuring strange musical/dance numbers by the cast, a girl who lives in a submarine, teenage rocket scientists, Russian spies, and nudibranchs, this show had about everything you could imagine. Plus it had the future familiar faces of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brittany Daniel. If you ever liked Passions, you would probably have liked this show as well.
  • This is a version show of beverly hills 90210, but lighly. you can see the evolution of sarah michelle gellar.

    When i was little i love that show actually it became in my favorite show, when i was nine or ten, i watched sindicalizado i think the show it was finish like 2 or 3 years ago. anyway the show is beverly hills but lighly. it was a good show and i loved the couple callie and jimmy, they was my favorites characters. actually the actor who played jimmy is now a musician in new york you can to know more about him in www.devin doherty.com.
    ít is know a bad show you can enjoy the eraly days of a show based in teenegers. it was pioner in their times. Now exist WB and you can see a lot of that kind of shows.
    Well that's all for now and forgive me for my bad ortography and all. i don't speak english very well.
  • Swans Crossing was a teen soap that debuted in the summer of 1992. I look back on it today with fond memories. One thing stood out more than anything else about this show: the talent of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    I would probably laugh at this show if I watched it today, but when I was young, I loved it. Sarah Michelle Gellar was a pleasure to watch as a "young Erica Kane" (she would go on to play Erica Kane's daughter on AMC). She played Sydney Rutledge, the daughter of the mayor, and she manipulated everyone around her. She loved Garrett Booth, who was just as ruthless and vindictive as she was. In fact he blackmailed her and made her believe that she was switched at birth with the unlucky and poor Sandy Swan! It was a clever, well-written soap that was way ahead of its time. I would buy it on DVD.
  • Swans Crossing was basically a soap opera for teens, based on a bunch of rich kids and their antics. It starred Sarah Michelled Gellar.

    I absolutely loved this show when it was on...I haven't seen it for 12 years now, but looking back, I can admit that it was really hokey and cheesy! It was a soap opera for young people. It featured a town full of rich kids, and their daily antics. It wasn't your typical teen drama, because it was done in the style of a soap opera. It had all the deceipt, trickery, and fun of a soap opera, but it was based on teenagers, instead of adults. It didn't do very well at all, but those who did actually watch it, loved it! All of my friends, and family hated it, and hardly anyone remembers it now, but I can still count it as a personal favorite, because at the time, I loved it.
  • It was a good show!

    I remember this show like it was yesterday! I loved it from it's first episode and I was so sad to see it go. This is the first time I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sydney), who would know that I would grow up to love her on All My Children and then on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was a great teen soap and they should bring it back only better than ever.

    Great concept!
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