Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 2 Episode 2

A Bright and Shiny Future

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 1994 on

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  • The Pastmaster sends the Swat Kats into the future where The Metallikats rule and the Swat Kats are dead.

    Not my favorite episode but I still like it. I was never a fan of an alternate future but I've gotta admit this was a pretty good episode. The Pastmaster returns but it's not much of a comback actually The Metallikats are the bigger threat though that was expected. And of course the Swat Kats win in the end and get back to there own time but I hve wondered if that was the Swat Kats actual future just a thought I got when I rewatched the episode on the internet after it was taken off Boomerang. Well all that's left to say is good episode.
  • The Swat Kats are sent into the future by the Past Master; a future in which they are dead and the Metallikats reign supreme.

    When the Past Master returns in Megakat City and reeks havoc, the Swat Kats come to stop him. Little do they know the Past Master planned it that way, and creates a time portal to send them into the future, hoping he will get rid of them there.
    And this isn't just any future; the Metallikats have taken over Megakat City (now called Metallikat City) and all the non-metallic life forms have been enslaved. The Swat Kats manage to escape from the metallic guards sent after them and hide in a swamp, where they meet other survivors. These survivors include Commander Ferral, his neice, Felina, Mayor Manx, Callie, and Professor Hackle.
    They explain to the Swat Kats what happened to their once glorious city and how these future Swat Kats tried to stop the Metallikats but were killed. The Swat Kats decide to help them, but they need to infiltrate the Metallikat Headquarters.
    They form an unlikely alliance with none other than the Past Master, who seeks revenge on the Metallikats for double crossing him.
    What follows next is a fight between the Swat Kats and the Metallikats that shouldn't be missed for anything in the world.
    This episode has to be seen to be believed.