Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 1 Episode 4

Destructive Nature

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1993 on

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  • Dr. Viper takes over the new Megakat Towers building with Callie still inside and the Swat Kats have to save her and the city.

    If I had to put this episode in one word I'd have to say aweasome! Not only was the action great and my favorite villian made a comeback but Razor had a big part here and since he's my favorite character I can't help but love this episode. I don't like picking favorites and I love T-Bone to but Razor just had a bigger part which I notice in other episodes but I guess part of the reason is because T-Bone's the pilot and needs to stay in the Turbokat because of it. Well other than that the episode was great and should be a favorite to all fans.
  • The Swat Kats must stop Dr.Viper from turning Megakat City into a swamp with him as the definite ruler.

    Dr.Viper appeared earlier in "The Giant Bacteria", and not very successfully. We all know that the bacteria monster was the real threat, so Viper was set in the shadow troughout the entire episode. He was unnecesseary for the story and i didn't feel that he was a potential destructive villain. This episode proves me wrong, and Viper really shows what a threatening menace he actually is. Viper also shows that there is still a little bit of humanity in him as he sheds some tears when he explains his vision over the city. The animation is solid, with some strange elements that looks silly every now and then. A really good episode featuring Viper as the main villain. If you watch this episode i suggest you avoid "The Origin of Dr.Viper" that really just makes him pathetic.
  • My favourite Swat Kats episode

    Do you know why do I love this episode? Because of action? Lines? Maybe... but I do know I love it mostly because of Razor... The guy's got entire episode for himself... And he finally gets some time with Callie...In this episode ,Raze is doing all those stuffs because of which I like him so much... First we saw Jake the sissie watering plants... then we saw Razor as Rambo as he blast all those plants and monsters ,he saved the girl ,fought the badguy ,and then he rode a bomb... can't help it... gotta love that guy... Mostly beacuse of that transformation from Jake to Razor... I can't imagine Jake doing dozens of stuffs which are completely natural for Razor... T-Bone and Chance ,on the other hand ,are not like that ,there is not any major difference between them like those between Raze and Jake.
    Razor is definitely my favourite cartoon character ,and in this episode ,he prove himself ,and didn't dissapointed me.