Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 1 Episode 4

Destructive Nature

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • Razor ejected along with his ejector seat. But when he got back in the Turbokat, the seat was there.

    • If the super-rocket coolant is strong enough to freeze the plantimals even while they're flying away from the building, it should've frozen the Turbokat also.

    • After Mayor Manx hangs up on him, Commander Feral angrily throws down his walkie-talkie and breaks it. However, in the very next shot the Sergeant is holding it and it is undamaged.

  • Quotes

    • (After a plant covers the screen of Chance's game, who losses)
      Chance: Hey! But bad for my game, and I was going for a personal best.
      Jake: Relax, there is always another universe that needs saving.

    • Commander Feral: (To an Enforcer Commando) Report.
      Enforcer Commando: According to eyewitnesses, sir, this stuff just sprang up in minutes. But it'll take us a week to cut through.
      Commander Feral: Not if we burn our way in.
      Enforcer Commando: That's a ten story brush of dried grass, sir. If our fire gets out of hand, it might torch the whole city.
      Commander Feral: Objection noted.

    • Commander Feral: Viper? Should've known that crazy lizard would be behind this mess.

    • (Mayor Manx is trying to make a deal with Mr. Young)
      Mayor Manx: How'm I doing?
      Callie Briggs: Greed brings out the best in you, Mr. Mayor.
      Mayor Manx: Thank you.

    • Dr. Viper: It's just you and me now, sweetness. Feral is helpless, and the SWAT Kats have run away in their stupid jet. Aww, you're so beautiful! It's going to be a shame to have you explode!

    • Dr. Viper: The SWAT Kats have failed! In a few minutes, it will be all over!
      Razor: You can say that again, snake-puss.
      Dr. Viper: What? It's not possible!
      Razor: Anything's possible, ugly.

    • Commander Feral: Now, you listen to me, Mayor. Dr. Viper has turned your pet skyscraper into a living weed patch, and--
      Mayor Manx: No, you listen to me, Feral! The city has a billion dollars sunk in that tower. Use weed killer if you have to, but get that wacko Viper out of there, now!

    • Dr. Viper: I can see it all now. A spectacular new Megakat City. No more ugly metal and plastic, only beautiful swamp, ruled by me! Dr. Viper's Megaswamp City! It will be so beautiful!

    • Razor: Wah-hoo! Get ready, Viper! The SWAT Kats are gonna put the big chill or your big plans!

    • Callie Briggs: Thanks! It was fun. We have to do it again sometime.
      Razor: Yeah, right. Take care!
      T-Bone: See you later, Miss Briggs. We have to get back. Razor has to water his plants.
      Razor: Oh, no. I think I've had enough gardening for one day.

    • (After the Megakat Tower is destroyed)
      Mr. Young: Thank you for the golf game, but I think we will pass on your most generous offer.
      Mayor Manx: Now, now, now don't be hasty! We'll fix it up just like new! A fresh coat of paint! I'll upgrade the carpetting! We have some lovely parting gifts, just don't part! Free golf clubs! Come back!

    • Chance: Ha-ha! Got 'em! Two million points and I've saved the universe!
      Jake: Well I'm tryin' to save this place from the smell of sour milk.
      Chance: So that's what all this plant business is about.
      Jake: Yup! Good for the environment, good for the air.

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