Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 2 Episode 1

Mutation City

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 1994 on



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning, Dr.Viper spilled the Katalyst in the water so every animal became a mutant. But shouldn't Swat Kats also mutated as soon as they got into the water?

    • During the obstacle course at the beginning, Chance mysteriously has no stripes on his arms.

  • Quotes

    • Commander Feral: This is Feral. Bring me chopper back... (notices the cockpit being eaten away by acid) AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    • Commander Feral: You say put, Felina. That's an order. And that goes double for you, Swat Kats. The enforcers will handle this.
      (Commander Feral leaves the room)
      Lieutenant Feral: Enforcers? And what does he think I am, kitty litter?
      (Lieutenant Feral leaves the room, but through the back door)

    • Callie: I'd feel a lot better if you two were to help.
      Razor: You heard Commander Feral. We wouldn't wanna break any laws now, would we T-Bone?
      T-Bone: Of course not. Unless the mayor ordered us to do it, then we wouldn't mind being the respectable citizens that we are.
      Callie: Well, mayor?
      Mayor Manx: Umm, well, Commander Feral did say.........
      Callie: Fine. Just remember, without that anti-mutagen, you'll be mayor of Mutation City.
      Mayor Manx: Well don't just stand there, Swat Kats. Go get that stuff and clean up my city.

    • (Razor is about to fire the mutant frog off of the Turbokat)
      Razor: Bon voyage, froggy.

    • Razor: T-Bone, if you drown, I'm gonna kill you!

    • Jake: What's the big idea? Pretending to drown just so I'll lose?

    • Razor: I thought you didn't know how to swim?
      T-Bone: Hey, I didn't know how to be a mutated frog either until today. C'mon, let's get the Turbokat...and some flies for breakfast.
      Razor: Flies?
      T-Bone: Heh, just kiddin'!
      Razor: Heh, very funny!

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