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  • The new Swat Kats

    Good news for all of us Swat Kats fans :)


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  • Canceled too soon

    This was truly among the best shows of the 90s. It was dark, yet humorous, the characters were awesome (except Commander Feral) and even the villains were enjoyable. I enjoyed all the major villains of the show and enjoyed Callie Briggs always in need of rescue and I am a major Razor/Callie shipper. You're probably wondering why my rating is 9 out of 10 then? The answer is because this show was canceled way too soon. In fact several episodes went unaired and we'll never get too see them. There was never even an official explanation to the show's sudden cancelation, though I heard Ted turner canceled it for being too violent and wanted to focus on Captain Planet.
  • It`s one of those shows that got cancelled too soon

    I really liked this show a lot. It`s one of my favorite shows from the 1990`s and I really liked almost every episode. The show really seemed to try a new aproach at the super hero genera and it is one of those original well written shows. I found it very disapointing that they cut the show too soon when it was just starting to build. Some people critisized the show for being too violent but if you want really inappropriate violence, watch a show on Adult Swim. The show really deserved a longer run and an official finale.
  • Come back Swat Kats!!!!!!!!

    The Best cartoon...
  • SWAT KATS..Radical Squadron..Lets ROCK!!

    in a world of cats The Swat Kat's are a team of ex police officers that fight crime with snazzy gadgets and a super sonic hyper jet. It's a pretty fantastic show in style, writing and ambition. Great characters, awesome personalities and even better villains. It's sad that a show like this was so short lived when others horrible shows were allowed to live on for years.
  • Let's kick some tail! One of the greatest shows in the 90's!

    This is one of those shows which I think it was cancelled before its time... Maybe because the series was ahead of its time. Nowadays, this series would have been considered just another series, but back then, it was one of the coolest things that was ever produced by Hanna-Barbera before it was bought by Cartoon Network. The animation was amazingly cool, and the soundtracl was amazing. Guitar cords really are the best ay to get a cool sound for ana action show like this one. The characters were very cool, and the story itself was very good too. The way T-Bone and Razor ended up saving the city every episode was just amazing. Plus, the supporting cast was also one of the best ones ever seen in a cartoon show of the 90's. The voice cast was perfect, that's all I can say about it. Too bad the series did not went on, but, well, at least there is still the chance that one of these days, the Turbokat might be seen in air again, if they decide to make a remake of the series. 10 out of 10!
  • Ahh! The legendary SWAT kats? This brings back some happy memories :)

    Personaly, I have never heard of a person who wouldn't like SWAT kats.Anyway here's my average review:

    Title: good.

    Theme song: perfect. Everyone agrees that those quitar chords are awsome!

    Story: two ex-enforcers who become vigilantes. What more would you like ;) ?

    Characters: the main ones- T-Bone and Razor. There are a bunch of other colourful ones for every occaision.

    Humour: :)

    Unfortunally, this show was cancelled before it's time, and it's one of the biggest mysteries to us fans why did that happened. But, SWAT kats are as popular as always and there are rumours of plans to bring back this marvelous show. Yay SWAT kats, long live the SK :)
  • From the awesome guitar rifts of the 90's comes a totally original cartoon from the good people at Hanna-Barbera

    Alright, when I was younger I didn't see this show as much as I think I would've liked, if that makes any sense. I do however remember snippets of the show which made me want to watch it again. I just switched to AT&T and now own a DVR. I also learned that I now have Boomerang, one of the greatest channels out there for any cartoon fanatic. It shows all the retro Pink Panther, Wacky Races, Smurfs, etc. cartoons while also showing newer cartoons from the last 10 or so years such as the SWAT Kats. Getting back to the show, it was timeless. All the villains had great back stories and, to me, really simple to remember names such as Dark Kat, Dr. Viper and The Metallikats. It's like you'll know what they are and do before you even get a chance to see them. The weapons in this show rival Batman's utility belt as the SWAT Kats always have some new gizmo, rocket or bomb to use on the bad guys. The only reason that I don't give this a perfect 10 is that the episodes themselves are a bit, well, linear. While there's nothing wrong with this after recording some 15+ episodes and watching them on and off you start to see a pattern. While that might be the case, this show is undoubtedly one of most kick butt cartoons I've ever seen and I really hope they make a comeback on this show or even a spin off series if that's even possible.
  • Best show in my childhood and possibly life!

    Swat Kat's was AMAZING! Nothing better at the time and I am hard pressed to find anything better now. The animations for this show were better than anything at the time. This is the only western cartoon that I really love, japan comes out with some good stuff but nothing can even come close. I never played the video game but looking at some videos it's a shame it was awful. I have so many memories of watching this in primary school. Watching it on boomerang and other places now gives me goose bumps. A remake or revival would be a dream come true!
  • This show is far and away the best show HB /EVER/ made. It's better than ANYTHING that came before or after. The only thing that came CLOSE for CN was Teen Titans, and they cancelled that as well!

    I can't believe that they were stupid enough to cancel this, really. They need to bring it back. I may just write a new summary myself soon to capture the real nature of the show. Too many people have never heard of it or of how cool it is. We need to be getting the word out and getting this show back to the air. They could have an assured high performer if they could get it back on and put out a video game with flight sim, Motorcycle, and ground combat. The show is perfect for such a format, it's always 'in your face' and bursting at the seams with the action. A return of it needs to /stay/ that way. They didn't market the toys well enough. This show was a top rated syndicated show when it aired, and they STILL axed it like nincompoops.
  • This was one of my favorite shows when I was younger.

    Swat Kats started before I was born, but I always remembered watching it as a kid, and I still watch it on Boomeraang. Swat Kats is the story of two mechanics named T-Bone and Razor who are secretly the crime fighting Swat Kats. Together the protect Mega Kat city from villians such as the Pastmaster, the Metalikats, and Dark Kat. For the year it was made the show has a great script. All of the vechicles that T-Bone and Razor use are also cleverly drawn. While the show may not have lasted long, I think that if it had been created later along with a few tweeks, Swat Kats would have been one of the better shows in todays world.
  • One of the best action shows in my childhood.

    The popular Hanna-Barbera action show is about two vigilantie kats named Jake Clawson/Razor and Chance Furlong/T-Bone who protect the fictional Megakat City from evil. I watched this as a kid but I barley remembered it until a miracle put it on Boomerang and now I know every episode by heart. The characters were good and the plot was even greater and a good example of modern action. After seeing it again Swat Kats became my favorite action cartoon and reminded me of good moments in my childhood. So for those who love action, vigilantie kats, or both this is definstly the show for you.
  • Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron is about two cat-like hotshot pilots who decide to fight crime as two hi-tech viligantes known as the Swat Kats.

    Swat Kats is a personal favorite of mine. I remember fondly of watching the show when I was still a kid. The show was amazing, and still is. The show does have some flaws (one of which was that it didn't last long enough). Swat Kats was extremely well-written, however, the show did have a tendency to use the same villains repeatedly, which did get old eventually. The show mixed villains with technology and mutants, as well as magical villains. I still enjoy watching the show. I highly recommend this show for anyone who loves high-flying heroic pilots, you'll won't regret it!
  • swat kats are the best of the best

    swat kats, one of the best shows that I saw when I was young, but now Cartoon Network is flying down... the new shows are boring and nasty, like: kids next door, hi hi puffy amy yumi, squirrel boy, lazlo camp, etc. But what we can do? I dont understand why cartoon network always is cancel good programs, like MEGAS XLR. I hope this year Cartoon Network show new programs, a third seasons of swat cats should be a great idea, but who knows. if they dont do nothing, I stop watching tv. but I really want to see the old good programs

    Is the best that they ever came out with. wish they could air them all day long.... for 3 days.... so all of us could watch them... I have many favorite actors but the ones who play the swat kats are the best.... it's so realaxing to watch this... they are all amazing and funny to watch.... when ever they get into a tight jam the swat kats are always there to back them up... the people that made this should come out with more new episodes that are more exciting and interesting to watch... that would be awsome to watch...
  • The best cartoon series ever to have aired throughout my childhood years.

    I used to catch every single episode that was aired on Cartoon Network when i was young, would never want to miss it no matter what. The dark, gloomy comic book art style suits perfectly for the story, it gives something different from many other cartoon series. The story is a little more on the mature side rather than kiddies stuff.

    Cartoons nowadays just don't seem to be like what they use to be. Most cartoons in the 80s and 90s are way much better than the newer ones, eventhough they lack the high end visual and audio, in terms of story telling and the humours, the older cartoons are classic. It really saddens me a lot when i found out that the show was cancelled. It is a shame that they just stop production of the series for some unknown reasons. I do hope that there'll be a remake of Swat Kats, or at least to complete the episodes that are not released, and to keep the art style close to the original without all the fancy effects that most cartoons have now. Please bring back this awesome series, for the sake of all the SWAT Kats fan and for all who grew up along with it as a child.
  • Now that was a freaking great cartoon...

    I don't know how many times I watched the limited run of the Swat Kats but somehow I never grew tired of the reruns. The series was mature and insightful with a nice blend of fantasy and reality that made you keep watching. This is the kind of cartoon that as kids we needed more of. Sadly, like many other great series, it was cancelled before it could reach its full potential. The dialogues were snappy and the characters were so darn interesting. Knowing that the whole series comprises only variations of feline characters, somehow the genius of the show is that it makes you believe that they are real people in the way it is written. It was stylish and intuitive in a way very few animated series are and it was taken away from us all too soon. Above all, the theme song was kick-ass -- I loved just hearing it chime in at the beginning and at the end. There aren't any animated shows with better themes. Long live the great memories though.
  • Its a simple cartoon. It has only 1 virtue. But its more than enough to keep it way above, many many other shows. And it doesnt try to teach anything you wouldnt want to teach your kid.

    If we start from the animation - its good, its the old school quality material none like todays squaire, circle, triangle and abominable types of art. The voices are picked just right. And its powerfull. It teaches how to be your own personality rather than telling you what you should be. It does NOT suggest you should be cool, and how. It has silly flawed fantasy elements, but thus being a cartoon it doesnt need to shake hands with science and practical action. It spins around high tech gadgets and saving the day but boys realy love that sort of fantasy tech toy stuff. Im pretty sure this wont be a ordinary girl pick. But the one thing that keeps this show in check is that it keeps true. It doesnt try to preach anything it just shows the simplest of behavior with a rather strong touch. It does not keep a pure clean language in it but there is no profanity and degredation as in modern shows and definatly kids these days learn to speak far worse than Swat Kats's worst power alfa male talk. There are certanly no pimps and shady characters trying to feed crap into a kid's brain, mess with their concepts of normal things. Its just a simple fast action cartoon with rather true characters and nothing else. This show surely can NOT influence your kid more than a afternoon play with action figures and friends. But certanly can keep a kid more than entertained. So i'd rather let may kids watch a power show than take bullsh** of some sqaire head smooth talking pimp feeding them profanity and nonsense.
  • Seriously one of the best cartoon from the 90's,but the morons had to pull the plug on it. It's shows like this one that we need on today's TV. A kickass show that doesn't brainwash little kids.

    The action,the characters...darnit everything about this show was awesome. It had an amazing soundtrack that went perfectly with each scene. Why would someone cancel such a great show w/o being a moron is beyond me. I adored this show when I was little,I remember going to school and talking with my friends about its awesomeness,heck that was way back when I was in Kinder or 1st grade lol. Recently I started to watch it on Youtube and my love for it came back...hell I think I like it even more now that I can understand it better. Seriously a great show,and its an utter shame it got such a short run. If they want to make a remake of something it should be of this show,I hear its creators still are in the animation biz,so instead of making remakes of old classics from the 60',70's and 80's that have been remade dozens of times already and each remake sucks more then the last *cough*scooby-doo*cough* then bring back the awesomeness that is Swat Kats: Radical Squadron,we need a kickass show! There is TO MUCH crap on TV!
  • A great show sadly cut short by whiney mothers and moronic exectuives.

    This was one of the best cartoons of my childhood. Why this was cancelled before the second season finished is beyond me. It should have lasted 6 or 7 seasons before it ended it was that good.

    Unlike a lot of cartoons of those days this was fairly violent with a lot of big explosions in every single episode.

    It was also fairly funny, particularly when the characters start arguing. There are plenty of jokes and none of them are stupid or overused.

    If you ever get a chance to watch this show then do it. I promise that you wont be dissapointed.
  • this one is a great show.

    Swat Kats is a short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon that ended around 1993.the cartoon revolves around a couple of former enforcer pilots named Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong who were booted out of the force and forced to work in a salvage yard because of certain disagreements with their commander,feral.they decide to build a jet out of the scrap metal in the salvage yard and take to the skies once again,fighting crime teir own way.thus,the swat kats are born.they rename themselves Razor and T-Bone.T-bone is an unrivalled pilot and Razor is an unrivalled marksman.they form Swat Kats:the radical squadron whose mission is to protect Megakat city from villains like Dark Kat,Dr.Viper,the Metallikats,and so on.the fighting sequences are awesome and fun to watch.it's a great show that shouldn't be missed.
  • I really Love this cartoon very much and hope that Cartoon network would continu making more of its episodes.

    I really Love this cartoon very much and hope that Cartoon network would continu making more of its episodes and hope that they atleast make 3 more of its season. The best way to bring this show back is by giving a lot of adds about it or may be a moive or a game or book. Well the point is that you should start making more of Swat Cats because i know people will love them for sure. The part that i love about Swat Kats is there plan and all the kind of weapons it got in it and all so the story line is good too.
  • Great show

    Swat Katz was a great show I used to see it on when I was younger and I always liked watching it each episode had great action in it the katz were cool and the stoylines were very Intresting how chould anyone not like this show it was great much better then animations now days like um.. My Gym Teacher is a Monkey even the name of My Gym Teacher is a Monkey makes you think that show sounds dumb I loved the 90's shows and Swat Katz should have lasted longer then it did I have to give Swat Katz a 10
  • A great early 90's cartoon

    I remember growing up watching Swat Kats in the early 90's. The thing I remember most other then the most innovative villans since Disney's Talespin {My other favorite aviation cartoon}was the beautiful TurboKat. I remember the arugments I had with my friends asking what type of Fighter the TurboKat was based on. I was such a fan I created my own villian who had a giant robotic monster that was filled with the most high tech weapons immaginable. The answer on the fighter question is The TurboKat is a cartoon varient of the F-14D Super Tomcat, The big twin engines, the way it took abuse but it is based on the F-14 family by the swing wings and the twin tails. But alas this show is like many others, the network execs cut it for something stupid. It is also a pity that when the Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine did their tribute to the F-14 Tomcat that they failed to mention the Turbo Kat.
  • The duo of Chaz and Jake, two ex pilots be come the vigilantes, the swat Kats

    This was one of those monsters of the week shows. Despite the fact that it was nothing more than two cats saving the city on a regular basis the show was very good. With characters such as Mayor Manx and Feral giving the show a dash of humor and villains like Dr. Viper and Dark Kat causing trouble. This show has a wide cast of characters, though not that large an amount of settings. Luckily it lacks the obsessive factor. Meaning the bad guys isn’t after one thing, and some thing the heroes have. There is an added bonus of the veiled past of the two protagonists. All in all rather fun to watch with the only draw back of it being short lived.
  • Another great show, another underrated show, another unexplicably cancelled show.

    This has been one of my favorite shows of all time. With great action, interesting characters that were developing nicely, excellent animation (anime style) that it was very inovative and adventurous to be a cartoon by Hanna-Barbera, specially in the second season were the animation gave it a very dark style, the music also was very good (Heavy Metal in an opening is very original). The show clearly had potential, the characters had potential, it was a possible classic in the making, but it was cancelled by undisclosed reasons. This show was with me in my early years and, along with The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, gave me something worth watching on TV at that time, but after they were cancelled, they were replaced by junk like the Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken and others, making me wonder: Why???
  • This show was incredible!

    I became a SWAT Kats fan ever since the first episode. Why? I can't tell you exactly. Maybe it was the non-stop action. Maybe it was the colorful characters. Or maybe because it was like nothing I've seen before.
    This show was really original. Ok, maybe the basic plot for the show wasn't 100% original, but the feline characters made it a classic and also a trendsetter.
    In Megakat City, a metropolis inhabited and ran by (you guessed it) cats, two ex-pilots from the SWAT troops, take on new identities, build a jet called the Turbokat, and as T-Bone and Razor (aka the SWAT Kats), protect the city from mad scientists, zombies, aliens and robots.
    This show is a classic; unfortunatelly, it was very underaprecieted and eventually canceled. And thus, another of the best cartoons ever made will never be seen on TV again...
  • One of the many shows that didnt get the attention it deserved.

    I use to watch this show all the time when I was a little kid. I use to watch Captain planet followed by the Swatkats. I was suprised/saddened when it suddenly disapeared from the network I saw it on. When I got cartoon network "SwatKats" was on it for a bit and I would do my best to see every possible episode with hopes that cn would get decent ratings for it and make more episodes but alas that did not happen and the show was canceled and disapeared for good, disapearing into the abyss of underappreciated and forgotten tv shows.
  • One of the best action/adventure cartoons of the 1990's.

    Swat Kats was, to me, one of the coolest cartoons from the 1990's. It was a shame it ended so early. It's also a shame other shows that are extremely crappy or stupid beyond imagination replaced it.

    In a world inhabitated by cats, two Enforcer pilots named Chance and Jake were booted out of the force for alleged "hotshot" actions apprehending a suspect and forced to work as junkyard mechanics to repair damages to a building. Despite that setback, Chance and Jake were still able to create the Turbokat, the Cycla-Tron and other gadgets and weaponry from junk. That's amazing.

    The show had great villians that you can relate to, great supporting characters. And most of all, a really neat jet. The design of the Turbokat is just awesome. I love that plane.

    Anyways, it's a good thing Boomerang was able to keep it on the air. That way children can get a glimpse of the "real" cartoons in my eye. Long live the Radical Squadron called: The Swat Kats.
  • Very good action cartoon that should be remade

    This show was one of the classic shows of my childhood. I used to watch it every day, even twice and a day and it never got boring.
    A nice show set in a cat-dominated world (which is the only drawback) in which two cats have secret super hero identities. They don't have any super powers, just cool weapons, a mega air-ship and fighting super villains such as Viper and the Pastmaster.
    The show was pretty good, having both very cool episdoes, such as Katastrophe or Unlikely Alloys, but weak ones such as Razor's Edge.
    It is a paradox that only 22 episodes were produced, considering that it has a lot of fans and the producers a lot of money.
    It REALLY should be remade, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels was.
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