Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron - Season 2

(ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Doctors of Doom
    Doctors of Doom
    Episode 14
    In the third of the three unfinished episodes of the Swat Kats, Dr. Viper joined forces with Dr. Harley Street, the alien-possesed scientist from The Ci-Kat-A creating havoc in Megakat.
  • Turmoil II: The Revenge
    In the second of the three unfinished episodes of Swat Kats, Turmoil escapes from prison, and with the help of the women she liberated from jail, gets control of a laser device from her fortress, on top of a snowbound mountain.
  • The Curse of Kataluna (a.k.a. Succubus)
    (According to the Animato! article on the series) Commander Feral falls in love with a woman named Kataluna, who actually a succubus, and she begins to drain his lifeforce away.
  • Kat's Eye News: A Special Report
    The finale of the Swat Kats series finally arrives, as Ann Gora, Tiger Shark, and Tom Cat, report on all the historical adventures of the Swat Kats. T-Bone and Razor are highlighted in several instances with the numerous weapons and vehicles they operate, along with certian maneuvers they perform to get away from trouble. During the show, several questions are mentioned in the SKIQ, The Swat Kats Inside Quiz. Subjects include a multiple choice Q and A with a situation pops out, a situation based exam on what you would do if you were the Swat Kats, and then a segement called "Name That Villan".moreless
  • Unlikely Alloys
    Unlikely Alloys
    Episode 10
    The Swat Kats stop the Metallikats from robbing the Megakat City Mint, and in the process the two robot gangsters are severely injured, Molly moreso than Mac. When Mac finds out about Dr. Lieter Greenbox's new invention, the Micro-Brain Repair Unit which can fix anything, he immediately takes himself and Molly to Greenbox's lab and steals the device. The Metallikats use it to repair themselves, but in the process the device becomes contaminated by their criminal programming. Achieving sentience, it names itself Zed and proceeds to go on a citywide rampage, assimilating all manner of metal and machinery (including Mac!) onto itself, constructing an ever-growing armored shell. Naturally, only the Swat Kats can stop Zed, with some help from a vengeful Molly. Unfortunately, Zed's next stop is Puma-Dyne, where it plans to get its hands on the Mega-Beam laser weapon. Worse, Greenbox has become so impressed by what his genius has wrought that he's gone completely crazy and is doing everything he can to ensure that Zed's goals are met.moreless
  • The Dark Side of the Swat Kats
    A stray lightening bolt hits the Turbokat while the Swat Kats are testing their new dimensional radar system, which results in them being hurled into an alternate dimension where evil versions of themselves are not only wanted for just about every crime in Megakat City, but are also working for Dark Kat. Mistaken for the Dark Swat Kats by Dark Kat, T-Bone and Razor are sent to Puma-Dyne to steal the Mega-Detonator, a key component for an implosion bomb which the criminal mastermind plans to use to destroy Enforcer Headquarters. When Dark Kat realizes he's been had, he sends the real Dark Swat Kats to kill their good counterparts and acquire the Mega-Detonator. Making things even more complicated for the vigilante duo are the fact that Callie Briggs is also evil and in on Dark Kat's plot, but the Enforcers mistake them for the Dark Swat Kats and are after them, too.moreless
  • Volcanus Erupts! / The Origin of Dr. Viper
    Volcanus Erupts! Mayor Manx and Mr. Young plan to build an industrial park on tropical Anakata Island, but a bulldozer accidentally plows into and breaks breaks the sacred Talisman Stone, which is said to keep the demon Volcanus asleep within the island's central volcano. Naturally, the beast is soon set free and heads towards the mainland with the intent of smashing everything in sight. Only the Swat Kats can stop him, but Volcanus is impervious to almost everything! Can he be stopped before he destroys the Megakat Nuclear Plant? The Origin of Dr. Viper: Dr. N. Zyme and his colleague Dr. Elrod Purvis co-develop Viper Mutagen 368, a regenerative growth formula derived from snake DNA. When Zyme reveals his intention to donate the formula to the city, the greedy Purvis attempts to steal it to sell to the highest bidder. In the process however, he ends up spilling it on himself and seems to die, but is soon revived as the twisted mutant Dr. Viper! And when Viper hatches a scheme to mutate Zyme, Mayor Manx, and Callie Briggs into freaks of nature like himself, only the Swat Kats can save them all.moreless
  • Caverns of Horror
    Caverns of Horror
    Episode 7
    The Megakat Metallurgical Company has some problems: several of their miners have gone missing deep in the company's agracite mines. The Enforcers are called in to investigate by Taylor, the company's mining foreman, with Ann Gora tagging along incognito as a miner. When she too disappears, it's up to the Swat Kats, with help from Lt. Felina Feral, to enter the mines and find her. They soon discover the root of the problem, too - a horde of giant scorpions mutated by toxic waste that was illegally dumped by Megakat Metallurgical's president, Tiger Conklin.moreless
  • The Deadly Pyramid
    The Deadly Pyramid
    Episode 6
    An archaeological expedition led by Dr. Abby Sinian in search of the Lost Pyramid of Katchu Pitchu instead encounters the Pastmaster, who unearths the pyramid by himself using the equally long-lost Jeweled Headdress of Katchu Pitchu in order to reanimate the dead monarch's army of giant mummy warriors. He sends them to destroy Megakat City and kill Mayor Manx, but when one of them knocks off Callie Briggs' glasses, he notices her resemblance to his beloved Queen Callista. He soon abducts her and tries to force her to marry him, and only the Swat Kats can stop him, aided by a friendly robot named Cybertron given to them by Professor Hackle.moreless
  • Cry Turmoil / Swat Kats Unplugged
    Cry Turmoil: A new villain, Turmoil, attempts to seize control of the skies over Megakat City and ransom their use for the "paltry sum" of $2 million in gold each week. Backing her up is the Omega Squadron, her own private air force comprised entirely of female pilots, as well as the Vertigo Beam, a powerful ray cannon that causes pilots to become disoriented and crash. Obviously the Swat Kats are having none of this nonsense. When T-Bone both outflies the Omega Squadron and successfully recovers from the effects of the Vertigo Beam, Turmoil is impressed. She attempts to persuade him to join her side, and, truly remarkably, he accepts; first, though, he must prove his loyalty... by killing Razor! Swat Kats Unplugged: Hard Drive is back, with a new Surge Coat, and this time he uses a new antiweapons scrambler stolen from Puma-Dyne to deactivate the Turbokat's weapon systems when they try to stop him from stealing a shipment of gold. Defenseless, the Swat Kats realize that they're going to have to outwit Hard Drive, who is doing his darndest to kill them while he's got the chance.moreless
  • Razor's Edge
    Razor's Edge
    Episode 4
    Razor's self-confidence is shattered when he believes he has injured two elderly civilians during the Swat Kats' pursuit of Dark Kat. Discouraged, he quits the team, leaving T-Bone to face Dark Kat's latest evil plot alone. This time around, the criminal mastermind plans to destroy Megakat City with his robotic spider craft, the Black Widow, which grows bigger whenever it absorbs power! Can T-Bone succeed on his own, or will Razor regain his confidence and return to the Swat Kats?moreless
  • When Strikes Mutilor
    A group of alien space pirates, led by the evil Mutilor, arrive over the skies of Megakat City, planning to drain the planet's water using a ship stolen from a peaceful race of cat-like aliens called the Aquians, to sell to another race of aliens altogether, the Zarhabi. With the Turbokat still in repairs, the Swat Kats must employ other methods of battling against the invaders to defend their world.moreless
  • A Bright and Shiny Future
    The Pastmaster returns and sends the Swat Kats through one of his time portals and into Megakat City's future, where Mac and Molly Mange rule a nightmare world of killer robots (called "Metallitack Units"), confining "non-metallic creatures" to slave labor camps, and the vigilantes' friends are rebel freedom-fighters. But the worst part is that the Swat Kats' future selves are dead, killed by the Metallikats when they took over. Now, it's up to the pilots from the past to set things right. But when the older Callie and Mayor Manx are kidnapped by the Metallitack Units, the Swat Kats form an uneasy alliance with the Pastmaster, who wants revenge against Mac and Molly for doublecrossing him. Together with Commander Feral and Felina, they storm Metallikat Headquarters.moreless
  • Mutation City
    Mutation City
    Episode 1
    Dr. Viper floods Megakat City with Katalyst X-63, a "hideous mutating ooze" that turns normal animals into giant monsters. With the city submerged in slime and infested by huge, repulsive mutants, the Swat Kats must undertake a perilous mission to Megakat Biochemical Labs, where they must retrieve the antimutagens needed to restore everything to normal. T-Bone, who can't swim, nearly drowns in the slime, and later becomes a mutant himself when one of the creatures bites him. Worse, Dr. Viper eventually uses the katalyst on himself, turning into a skyscraper-sized monstrosity.moreless