Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 1 Episode 11

The Ci-Kat-A

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1993 on
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The Ci-Kat-A
Hitching a ride aboard the deep space probe Kat Sat 1, cicada-like aliens with pointed, cat-like ears take over the M.A.S.A. Space Center, biting the Kat Sat 1's creator, astronomer Dr. Harley Street, and others, turning them into literally bug-eyed slaves as part of their plan for world conquest. Ann Gora, seeking an interview with Dr. Street regarding the success of the Kat Sat 1, stumbles onto their plans and is quick to alert the authorities. It's up to the SWAT Kats (who else?) to thwart the invasion, with poor T-Bone fighting his fear of bugs every step of the way.moreless

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  • After being bit by a mutant bug Dr Harley Street plans on helping it take over. The Swat Kats have to stop him even though T-Bone has a huge fear of bugs.moreless

    Okay this has to be one of the best episodes they ever made! The action was really good though I think I was grossed out a little when I first saw it. I feel bad for T-Bone in this eisode the poor guy had to face his fear of bugs and I can relate I used to be afraid of bugs but now it's more of ann annoyance. Well at least he and Razor were able to defeat the Ci-Kat-A but I'm very curios about what happend to Dr. Street though I've heard he survived and was suppose to return. Well the only thing left to say is great episode!moreless
Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

voice of Callie Briggs

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

voice of Mayor Manx / Enforcer Sergeant

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon

voice of Razor (Jake Clawson)

Gary Owens

Gary Owens

voice of Commander Ulysses Feral

Lori Alan

Lori Alan

voice of Lt. Felina Feral

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

voice of Ann Gora

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • This is the second appearance Megakat Towers, as first seen in Destructive Nature, Ms. Briggs also refers to the events in that episode by saying This building must be cursed, when she sees the Cikata's nest.

    • This episode marks Dr. Harley Street and the Ci-Kat-A's first and only appearance.

    • Chance is afraid of bugs in this episode, but it wasn't a problem in The Origin of Dr.Viper which chronologically happened before this episode in which Viper used mutated mosquitoes.

    • Razor refers to T-Bone as Chance outside of M.A.S.A., something that's a big no-no when they're in uniform as the SWAT Kats.

    • Why, exactly, did the Ci-Kat-As chasing Ann Gora and Jonny suddenly go after the two M.A.S.A. guards, who were actually further away from them? There's no reason why they should've done this. Well, other than the fact that Ann and Jonny are main recurring characters, and can be endangered but not actually hurt. Still, this scene and the way it plays out could've been done better.

    • When he, Ann Gora and the SWAT Kats are parachuting from the M.A.S.A. rocket, Jonny's hat flies off, but suddenly has it back by the time they reach the ground.

    • The way that Feral crawls out through the broken windshield of his crashed chopper, he should've been severely cut by the jagged shards of glass.

    • The gun turrets that defend M.A.S.A. go from being manned by the guards when firing on the Enforcers, to being entirely automated with no one controlling them when they're destroyed.

    • What, exactly, is done about the various "infected" people? Sure, the Enforcer pilots who were bitten likely died when their choppers were shot down, and Dr. Street also probably died (his never-to-be second appearance in the series notwithstanding), but what about the M.A.S.A. guards and staff? We never learn what becomes of them.

    • The Enforcer sedans that follow Feral and the alien-possessed chopper pilots disappear midway through the chase and are never seen again.

    • If the Ci-Kat-As eat radioactive materials in order to survive and grow, then they must be radioactive as well. However, none of the characters throughout the episode seem terribly affected by this. A good example would be when Mayor Manx, Mr. Young, and their driver are covered in a tidal wave of undoubtedly irradiated alien bug guts and don't immediately die of sever radiation poisoning.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (The entire penthouse of Megakat Tower is infested by ci-kat-a eggs)
      Callie: Not again. This building must be cursed!

    • T-Bone: Razor. Talk to me. You okay, buddy?
      Razor: (Covered in the Ci-Kat-A's slime) I will be if you can get this crud off me.
      T-Bone: EWW. This is even worse than the movies. This stuff is nasty.

    • Ann Gora: (On the TV) The ailen seem to have originated from this spacecraft which is covered with the same sticky slime.
      T-Bone: (While watching the Turbokat) Sticky, smelly slime.

    • T-Bone: Crud, why do they have to be bugs!?
      Razor: Just like that movie, huh T-Bone?

  • NOTES (4)


    • T-Bone: So how do you know so much about this monster bug, Sure Shot?
      Razor: How else? Horror movies!
      Pretty much the entire episode is a spoof/homage to the classic 1950's alien invasion horror and science fiction films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, and 20 Million Miles to Earth.