Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 1 Episode 1

The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 1993 on

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  • When two graverobbers accidently release an evil sorcerer named The Pastmaster the Swat Kats are called in to stop him.

    Well I was expecting an origin episode first but this was a pretty good first episode for the series. we meet the main characters and The Pastmaker but he seems weaker in other episodes (maybe because his book got destroyed). Yeah there were a few flaws but the episode was good nontheless. The idea here was good as well as the action and the comedy was really good to which may not be something you'd expect in a show like this but then again this is made by Hanna-Barbera who always make thay're shows funny. Well I guess that's all I can say except it was a good first episode.
  • the first episode of the series.

    a couple of grave diggers find a buried chest belonging to the dark ages.by opening it,they accidentally awaken the pastmaster,a sorcerer capable of controlling time who was imprisoned in the chest for 800 years.he goes to the megakat museum to find his book of spells.he makes one of the exhibits come to life and attack deputy mayor Callie Briggs and the museum curator.they call the swat kats for help.they arrive and take care of the living exhibit.then the pastmaster,who has recovered is spell book,summons a dinosaur through a time portal and hurls the swat kats into the past. commander feral and the enforcers try their best to stop him but he defeats them and casts a spell that will recreate the pastmaster's dark age city and make megakat city extinct.as expected,the swat kats come back and make short work of the pastmaster. this episode was a good starter to the series and showed the turbokat in action but it failed to mention the origin of the swat kats.he pastmaster is a good villain and is shown to be pretty powerful in this episode.however,in other episodes,he isn't half as impressive.
  • Two thieves awaken the Past Master, a medieval sorcerer who can control time, from his slumber. He decides to make the city as it was in the medieval ages. Our only hope are two heroes, T-Bone and Razor, two daring cats with a super-cool jet.

    Ok. This was the first episode. It does not reveal the origin of the Swat Kats, but it is pretty good. We see the Turbo Cat in action as well as some individual stunts pulled by T-Bone and Razor. Also we see a lot of Enforcers getting thrashed by the dinosaurs.
    The Past Master is a pretty cool villain and in this episode he is shown to be pretty powerful (we will he him weaker in another episode).
    Anyway, this is the first episode to a super-cool miniseries. With a bit more plot episodes suich as The Origin of Dark Cat and a finale, this series would have been a grade A series.
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