Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 1 Episode 1

The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • Just before the Swat Kats return to the Present through the time vortex, the clock tower marks 11:58 am, but when Callie tells T-Bone and Razor that they only have one minute to save Megakat City, the clock tower marks 11:55 am. This continues to happen throught the the remaining scenes, except when the missile hits the clock's face, where you can definitely see that marks 11:59 am.

    • This episode marks T-Bone/Chance Furlong, Razor/Jake Clawson, Callie Briggs, Mayor Manx, Dr. Abby Sinian and Commander Ulysses Feral's first appearances.

    • How did the Pastmaster knew, from the moment he woke up, how long was he imprisoned?

    • This episode marks the first appearance of the Pastmaster.

    • The Pastmaster had more than four pterodactyls, yet only four are shown being gotten rid of. Similarly, we only see three Enforcer choppers get destroyed and the rest simply disappear.

    • Why did the Enforcers turn up at the museum, and in such force? No alarms were tripped, and neither Callie nor Dr. Sinian had time to call them.

    • The skeletons that the Pastmaster brings to life in the graveyard have cat ears. This wouldn't be possible unless the ears were made of bone.

    • Callie Briggs tells the SWAT Kats, "You only have one minute to blast the Pastmaster out of the City Hall clocktower!" Razor then somehow uses that scant information to deduce that the evil wizard's spell revolves around the clock itself, and acts accordingly. It makes no sense that he would both know the Pastmaster's plan in intimate detail and also totally disregard what Callie said.

    • Dr. Sinian refers to the defeated saber-toothed tiger as "ancient bones" brought to life. It was a statue before the Pastmaster brought it to life.

  • Quotes

    • Mayor Manx: Feral, you've only got three minutes, to blast that sorcerer out of the clock tower.
      Commander Feral: My pleasure. (turns off transmission on radio) The fool should've given the order an hour ago.

    • (The alarm goes off)
      T-Bone: Jake, Callie's calling us.
      (T-Bone stops the centrifuge and goes to answer, while passing Razor who passed out yet again)
      T-Bone: Oh, and by the way, eleven seconds at Mach 5.

    • Dr. Sinian: (while observing the Sabre-Toothed tiger) Only a sorcerer's dark magic would be able to bring these ancient bones back to be life. It must have been the Pastmaster.
      Callie: If you mean that weird little guy in the hood, why don't you just ask him?

    • (In the centrifuge)
      T-Bone: Why don't ya...
      (cuts to Razor)
      T-Bone: ...just admit it?...
      (cuts to Razor again)
      T-Bone: ...I can take more...
      (cuts to Razor once again)
      T-Bone: ...gee's than you.
      Razor: I'll believe it, when I see it.

    • (Commander Feral arrives on the scene)
      Enforcer Commando: It's no use, Commander. We've thrown everything at that lizard.
      Commander Feral: I'm surprised those meddling Swat Kats aren't here.
      Enforcer Commando: Uh, they got taken out early, sir.
      Commander Feral: (surprised) Really?! (in normal voice) Well, we can handle this. Launch gas grenades.
      Enforcer Commando: Yes sir.

    • T-Bone: (To the dinosaurs) Feeding time again, guys? Sorry, SWAT Kat ain't on the menu!

    • (Commander Feral talks with Manx through the phone)
      Commander Feral: Let me blast that nommads buzzards out of there!
      Mayor Manx: I give the orders around here, Feral, and you're not going to blow up my City Hall, until I know who we are dealing with and what he wants!
      (Mayor Manx hangs up the phone, and Callie and Dr. Simian enter in his office)
      Callie: He's an 800-year-old sorcerer from the Dark Ages!
      Mayor Manx: Perfect! Well, don't just stand there! Get up to the tower and find out what he wants!

    • T-Bone: Volcano-hopping was kinda fun, but I don't wanna spend the rest of my nine lives stuck in Dinosaurville.

    • Razor: T-Bone, follow me!
      T-Bone: Into a live volcano?! Razor, you're crazier than I am!

    • (The Turbokat is knocked into the past)
      Razor: Uh, T-Bone? I've got a feeling we're not in Megakat City anymore.

    • The Pastmaster: Here, the past is dead. I preffer my past alive!

    • T-Bone: (sarcastic) Gee. Maybe we should've tried the unleaded volcano.

    • T-Bone: Why didn't you eject?
      Razor: And miss that look on your face? No way!

    • Callie Briggs: SWAT Kats! You only have one minute to blast the Pastmaster out of the City Hall clocktower!
      Razor: Who says we can't fight City Hall?

    • T-Bone: You really think this is gonna work?
      Razor: Well, theoretically, the natural volcanic gas mixture should get us off the ground. Or blow us up.

    • (The very first utterance!)
      Commander Feral: This is Feral! Bring me chopper backup!

    • Razor: Well, I'd better get to work fixing that torn fuel line.
      T-Bone: Fine. The closest gas station is only a million years away.

    • (After being knocked through the time vortex)
      Razor: T-Bone? I've got a feeling we're not in Megakat City anymore.
      T-Bone: Yeah, sleepin' beauty. Looks like that giant lizard smashed us into the past. Any idea how to get back?
      (Razor notices the Turbokat is leaking fuel)
      Razor: Well, I've got a better question: How does a jet stay in the air without fuel?
      T-Bone: Answer: It doesn't!

    • Pastmaster: Hear the spell of this immortal, send this creature through the portal!

    • (About the saber-toothed tiger)
      Razor: Whoa, exhibits are gettin' kinda lifelike, aren't they?

    • Dr. Sinian: Oh, good heavens! One of the exhibits has fallen.
      (The saber-toothed tiger appears)
      Callie Briggs: One of the exhibits is alive!

    • (In the centrifuge)
      T-Bone: Ha! New personal best. Ten seconds at Mach 5.
      Razor: Yeah, well, if you say so. Of course, I didn't see it.
      T-Bone: Sure you didn't see it, you were out like a blown engine!

    • Enforcer Pilot 1: Do we read these things their rights?
      Enforcer Pilot 2: You have the right to remain buried!

    • Jack: Wh- Who are you?
      Pastmaster: I am the Pastmaster, imprisoned in here for 800 years!

    • Tom: There's probably treasure inside!
      (They open the chest to discover the Pastmaster inside)
      Jack: Ugliest treasure I've ever seen.

  • Notes

    • Some airings of this episode don't include the title card.

    • This is the series premiere.

    • This was one of the four episodes in the first season animated by Mook.

    • Most episodes of the series were originally preceded by a short prologue in which Razor would say, "Today on Swat Kats...," with a brief action scene from the episode. Since The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice was the first episode aired, it ran with a different prologue in which Razor narrated a brief overview of the show's format over an assortment of clips, all from The Giant Bacteria except for one close-up of the Pastmaster from this episode.

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