Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Season 2 Episode 8

Volcanus Erupts! / The Origin of Dr. Viper

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 1994 on



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    • Dr.Zyme:(To Commander Feral after Purvis failed to steal the formula) He was planning to steal the formula, Commander. When it all spilled on him....the shock to his system must've been too great.
      Commander Feral: It wasn't your fault, Dr. Zyme. His own greed did him in.

    • Dr. Zyme: Purvis?
      Dr. Purvis: Right behind you, Zyme!
      (Dr. Purvis punches Dr. Zyme and escapes)
      Dr. Zyme: No, Purvis, you treacherous thief!
      Dr. Purvis: Nothing can stop me now! Now look what you made me do, but don't worry, I'll just use your notes to whip up another ba--ba-- batch!

    • Dr. Zyme: Are you coming, Purvis?
      Dr. Purvis: You go ahead, Dr. Zyme. I wanna tidy up my office before the mayor arrives.
      Dr. Zyme: Very well, then. See you in the morning and congratulations.
      (Dr. Zyme leaves to the elevator)
      Dr. Purvis: What an idealistic fool. Now's my chance.

    • Dr. Zyme: Who, who's there? Is that, is that you, Purvis?
      Dr. Viper: Not anymore! Just call me Viper, Dr. Viper (laughs sinisterly).

    • T-Bone: You okay, Miss Briggs?
      Callie Briggs: Fine. Thanks to you.
      Razor: (holding The Mayor's toupee) Hey, T-Bone. At least your aim is improving.
      Mayor Manx: (snatches his toupee from Razor's hand) Give me that.
      Razor: Oh sorry. (puts toupee on Manx's head) Here, lemme help you with that.

    • Dr. Viper: You haven't seen the last of Dr. Viper!

    • (Encountering Dr. Viper for the first time)
      Callie Briggs: Who, or what, are you?
      Dr. Viper: I used to be Dr. Purvis. But now, you can call me Dr. Viper.

    • Dr. Zyme: Viper Mutagen 368 will able to restore forests that have been burned to the ground. Devastated fields of crops will grow again, feeding millions!

    • Dr. Zyme: After all, Mayor Manx, it was your grant to the lab that paid for this research.
      Mayor Manx: So it was. Then I guess you'll be calling it the Manx Formula then, eh, Zyme?
      Dr. Zyme: Well, no, it's called Viper Mutagen 368.
      Mayor Manx: What?

    • (After T-Bone's boomerang decapitates a cardboard cutout of Mayor Manx)
      Razor: Looks like Megakat City is gonna to need a new mayor. That's an automatic game-over.

    • Chance: Looks like Anakata Island has become a real hot-spot, thanks to Mayor Manx, and ol' Volcanus. Sure you don't, uh, want a piece of him for a souvenier, buddy?
      Jake: Are you kidding? Just thinking about Volcanus makes me do a slow burn.

    • (After the first attempt to destroy Volcanus fails)
      T-Bone: Any other ideas, buddy, before flame-face turns Megakat City into a pile of nuclear litter?

    • (Watching the news broadcast of Volcanus' rampage)
      Jake: Whoa, looks like I'm missing a pretty cool horror flick. Oh, what a cheesy-looking monster!

    • Islander: You fools! For a thousand years we've kept the demon Volcanus asleep! Now he will destroy us all!

    • Islander: Stop that machine! It might break the Talisman Stone! The one that protects Anakata from Volcanus, the fire demon!
      Mayor Manx: Why, that's just superstitious hoo-doo nonsense!

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