Season 2 Episode 20

Any Second Now

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 1976 on ABC
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Any Second Now
A group of militants take over a radio station and demand their jailed leader be released or they'll blow the station, along with their three hostages.

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    Steve Forrest

    Steve Forrest

    Lieutenant Dan "Hondo" Harrelson

    Robert Urich

    Robert Urich

    Officer Jim Street

    Rod Perry

    Rod Perry

    Sergeant David "Deacon" Kay

    Mark Shera

    Mark Shera

    Officer Dominic Luca

    James Coleman

    James Coleman

    Officer T.J. McCabe

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      • (entering radio station with two gunmen)
        Edward Stillman: All right, everyone stay put. (to the engineer in the control room) You, out here. My name is Edward Stillman. My brother Howard Stillman, founder of the new Patriots is presently serving a life sentence in the state penitentiary. We are here to effect his release. (removes bomb from briefcase) This is a bomb. It is capable of blowing the top of this building away and every one of you along with it.

      • (reading statement over the air)
        Edward Stillman: In order to preserve the dignity and self-worth of our citizens, it is imperative that the New Patriots continue their work. Our leader, Howard Stillman, was imprisoned by a corrupt system of justice. We are here to correct that injustice. A bomb has been placed inside the door of this station. It is set to go off in exactly two hours. Now I am the only one who can reverse the timing of this mechanism. Unless my brother is released, the bomb will detonate, the hostages will be killed. Any attempt by the police to enter the station will pre-detonate the bomb. I will be awaiting a call from the proper authorities agreeing to my brother's release.

      • (loud explosions as S.W.A.T. team enters building)
        Kay: They're blowing up the elevator.
        Lt. Harrelson: Well, T.J., you wondered if they were running a bluff. Now you know.
        McCabe: Yeah.

      • Lt. Harrelson: (extending right hand) Lt. Johnson, I'm Harrelson. S.W.A.T.
        Lt. Johnson: (ignores Lt. Harrelson's hand) I understand you guys already took care of the elevator.
        Lt. Harrelson: No, Stillman blew the elevator, Lieutenant. I'm one of the good guys.
        Lt. Johnson: Seven stories. That's a long climb up, isn't it?
        Lt. Harrelson: We'll make it.
        Lt. Johnson: What do you mean we? Let's get one thing straight right now, Lieutenant, I work alone. Me and my men.
        Lt. Harrelson: Sure. Once we get to the bomb. But it's my job to get you there alive. Then you can work as alone as you want.
        Lt. Johnson: Harrelson, the odds in my business are tough enough. I don't have any room for amateurs.
        Lt. Harrelson: Johnson, until we find a bomb for you to work on, this is a S.W.A.T. operation, and those two have to stay down here.
        Lt. Johnson: What are you talking about? Those are my men.
        Lt. Harrelson: Are they actually bomb experts?
        Lt. Johnson: No, but they help me.
        Lt. Harrelson: Then they'll have to stay down here. The more bodies I have to move around, the worst my odds get. You're going to have to do this solo, Johnson. Unless of course the work can't be handled by one bomb disposal expert.
        Lt. Johnson: It can. And it will.

      • Lt. Harrelson: By the way, I'm curious. That thing you pulled out of the file, we put under the bomb. What was that?
        Ashton: It was an award from the Mayor to the station only it came off the wood paneling it was mounted on, so we slipped it in the drawer.
        Lt. Harrelson: Well I'm sorry you lost it. You remember what it said?
        Ashton: I don't know. It was one of those service to the community spiels.
        Phillips: I remember part of it. It said "Quality in communications is the art of presenting the truth to all people, even those unable to see it."
        Lt. Harrelson: Well maybe some day we'll be able to see it.

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