Season 1 Episode 8

Death Score

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 1975 on ABC



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    • Doug McVea: Now, you know what you have to do.
      Nicholas Cortease: Don't worry about me.
      McVea: Well, wait a minute. Don't forget these (revolutionary pamphlets). Don't worry about you. Now look, I'll go through it one more time. You wait until the Ambassador's car arrives. Now, you stop that car, I don't care if you have to blow out the tires, whatever. Right? Then you throw the pamphlets. You got it?
      Cortease: They catch me, it's going to be a long time in the slammer.
      McVea: One year, maybe two. Isn't that worth a hundred G's? $50,000 a year.
      Cortease: I like your kind of arithmetic.
      McVea: Right.

    • Joseph Rameri: Well, what'll I shoot?
      Doug McVea: Everything. We're going to have to know the security layout, and then maybe a floor plan underneath the stands. I want a fix on all the exits, because we've got to know which ones we're going to use and which ones we're going to have them seal off.
      Rameri: Piece of cake.
      McVea: Well, that's the way we want it, nice and easy.
      Rameri: Well, not too easy. You didn't hire me to just shoot pictures.
      McVea: Now, you get your kicks some other way. We don't shoot anybody unless we have to.
      Rameri: Sure, not unless we have to. But who knows? A caper this big, somebody's sure to try to be a hero.

    • Lt. Harrelson: (reading from a pamphlet) 'The hour or retribution is at hand.' This organization for the freedom of oppressed people deals with terrorism of the worst kind. The last time they hit, eight innocent people died.
      McCabe: Yeah, but that 10,000 miles away in the middle of the desert.
      Lt. Harrelson: It can't happen here, huh? Well, we've been lucky so far, but it can happen here, except that we're going to see that it doesn't.

    • Ollie Wyatt: Say, I came by to take you to dinner.
      McCabe: Hey, can't Ollie, we're right in the middle of something.
      Ollie: Then I ought to make you take a rain check. Say tomorrow evening, for beer and chili?
      Kay: Hey, hey. Beer and chili right before a game?
      Ollie: Say brother, that's what makes us so mean!

    • Luca: Think they would have tried something like this if they knew what kind of an Owl fan Hondo Harrelson is?

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