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  • Season 2
    • Deadly Weapons
      Deadly Weapons
      Episode 25
    • Dangerous Memories
      Episode 23
      After being severely wounded in an operation, Lt. Harrelson fights for his life during a lengthy brain surgery. While waiting at the hospital, the four team members reminisce about their best moments with the Lieutenant in clips from previous episodes.
    • Officer Luca, You're Dead
      Luca is charged with manslaughter after he is forced to kill a man who was holding his own wife hostage at gunpoint.
    • 3/20/76
      A mentally unbalanced veteran who has escaped from a psychiatric hospital, is touring a movie studio when he suddenly thinks he is back fighting in Vietnam. He takes two people hostage leaving S.W.A.T with the task of disarming him.
    • Any Second Now
      Episode 20
      A group of militants take over a radio station and demand their jailed leader be released or they'll blow the station, along with their three hostages.
    • Dragons and Owls
      Episode 19
      Lt. Harrelson and his team are pursuing a group of men who are terrorizing the entire area by committing a series of rapes. The only clues are a religious medal found at one of the abduction scenes and a Biblical quotation overheard by one of the victims.
    • 2/28/76
      Lt. Eddie Chew is assigned to aid Lt. Harrelson when an elderly shop owner is beaten by an illegal Chinese alien working as a shakedown man for Ronald Parker, the Caucasian leader of what appears to be an all-Oriental crime syndicate engaged in a protection ring. Lt. Harrelson begins to doubt Chew's integrity when it becomes obvious that the Chinatown criminals are being given secrets of his investigation.moreless
    • Deadly Weapons
      Episode 17
      Bud Haskins, whose father John is moving large quantities of unmarked automatic weapons as part of his warehouse operation, agrees to help three men crack open the safe in the elder Haskins' warehouse. Bud has had a falling out with his father and wishes to steal some of the money in the safe. When the thieves attempt to steal some of the weapons, Bud is killed trying to stop them. While S.W.A.T. is assigned to investigate the burglary-murder as part of their ongoing effort to locate the source of the weapons, John Haskins recruits his Eastern mob partners to find his son's killers.moreless
    • Lessons in Fear
      Episode 16
      Lt. Harrelson and his team are called to investigate two robberies in which powerful drills, cutting equipment and dynamite are stolen. During the investigation, Luca sets up a double date for he and McCabe with Sharon Merlingdale, a witness from another case and a student at a prestigious all-girls school and a classmate. The thieves, who are planning to use the school as an entry point to a bank vault across the street, were counting on the school being empty for the weekend. When the girls agree to stay the weekend for their dates, they unwittingly place themselves and Luca in grave danger.moreless
    • The Running Man
      Episode 15
      David Neal, a government agent who spent four years on a undercover assignment posing as a crime boss's lieutenant, is marked for death after his testimony sends the kingpin to prison for life. After the trial, a $500,000 bounty put on the head of Neal, who begins a new life in a small town as Ben Jordan. However, his police instincts come to the fore and he soon finds himself embroiled in another battle with organized crime.moreless
    • 12/13/75
      Lt. Harrelson's old friend, millionairess Doris Wainwright Bristol, has brought expensive jewelry into the hospital where she is undergoing cosmetic surgery. Her bodyguard, Joe DeLeon, is slain after he spots criminal Frank Malloy posing as a dying patient; all part of a plot to steal Doris' jewelry. The S.W.A.T. team, who along with Hilda are at the hospital preparing for the children's Christmas party, find themselves forced into action when the discovery of DeLeon's body leaves Doris unprotected.moreless
    • Murder by Fire
      Episode 13
      Marco, an arsonist-killer posing as a fireman, engineers a fire during Southern California's dry season in the area's most affluent neighborhood, Sherwood Heights. While looting the evacuated home of a wealthy couple, one of Marco's men shoots a fireman. When S.W.A.T. is called in to locate the sniper, McCabe is shot and gravely wounded. S.W.A.T. kills one of the snipers but Marco and the rest of his gang escape with a truckload of stolen merchandise.moreless
    • Terror Ship
      Episode 12
      A group of men steals a tugboat and barge laden with twelve cases of TNT, killing the tugboat captain in the process. They later threaten to blow up a Nobel Prize winning marine biologist and her research vessel unless they are given one million dollars.
    • The Swinger
      Episode 11
      Prosecutor John Stevens holds secret information which could convict two syndicate chieftains of capital crimes. Because Stevens insists on saying nothing until the grand jury convenes, and because police believe the mob has put out a major contract on Stevens, S.W.A.T. is assigned to protect him. However, the syndicate's enforcer plans to abduct the Stevens' daughter and keep the girl until the father turns over the evidence. Oblivious to the danger, Tory is out for kicks as both the police and the syndicate to track her down.moreless
    • Strike Force
      Strike Force
      Episode 10
      Lt. Harrelson and his team are assigned to handle security for General James Woodward, a World War II hero who now leads a racist paramilitary group.
    • Ordeal
      Episode 9
      Lt. Harrelson and convicted dope dealer Johnny Rizi are stranded in very rough and remote terrain when the syndicate sabotages the helicopter in which Lt. Harrelson is transporting Rizi to jail. The Lieutenant is able to radio in their approximate location just prior to the radio dying, which leads to the S.W.A.T. team and the syndicate racing to find the two, albeit with very different motives.moreless
    • Courthouse
      Episode 8
      Howard Wilson is captured while his accomplices Mike Simon and Frank Peterson escape before S.W.A.T. is able to move in to combat a race track heist involving a female hostage. Wilson is on the brink of revealing the names of his accomplices when high-powered attorney Jason Bridges assures him that Simon and Peterson are planning to free him at all costs, even if the price involves the lives of court personnel, when Wilson goes to trial.moreless
    • Vigilante
      Episode 7
      Paul Julian, a radio repairman and ham operator, has patched in on the S.W.A.T. radio band, where he listens in on calls. This allows him to arrive at crime scenes ahead of S.W.A.T. and find concealed observation positions. Bent on avenging his wife's murderers, he kills two disarmed gunmen who have been talked into surrendering by Lt. Harrelson, and leaves S.W.A.T. facing intense media pressure and accusations that they are behind the senseless killings.moreless
    • Criss-Cross
      Episode 6
      Two transient teenagers seek shelter in the warehouse of Colby Electronics. While they are there, three men break in and the female teen anonymously calls police. Before fleeing, the boy gets a good look at the robbers, one of whom is Greg Colby, a prominent citizen and former U.S. Senator. Subsequently, Colby befriends Lt. Harrelson in an attempt to discover the identity of the teens with the intent of killing them.moreless
    • The Vendetta
      Episode 5
      Mel Lang and Ralph Costa have just been released from prison after serving five year sentences. They were reported to police by construction magnate Carl Rigby and arrested by Sergeant Harrelson. When S.W.A.T. is called upon to assist police in evicting heavily armed brothers Will and Johnny Brewer from a home being taken over by Rigby, Lang and Costa see their opportunity to execute Rigby and Harrelson, and to create evidence pointing to the Brewer brothers.moreless
    • Time Bomb
      Episode 4
      After completing S.W.A.T. exercises at a movie studio, Street realizes that he left his beeper on the lot. When he and his girlfriend return to collect it, they are trapped in the deserted studio by an embittered stuntman, who is planting explosives with the intent of blowing up the lot as an act of revenge.moreless
    • Dealers in Death
      Dealers in Death
      Episode 3
      When local police are overwhelmed by a series of crimes committed using automatic weapons, S.W.A.T. is called in discover the source of the weapons.
    • Kill S.W.A.T.
      Episode 2
      Following a training exercise with S.W.A.T. officers from another division, Lt. Harrelson and Street find the dead body of Officer Frank Baylor with the words "Kill S.W.A.T." pinned to his chest. The murder of Baylor is the forerunner of a series of attempts to wipe out S.W.A.T. by brothers Mike and Simon Bishop and their fanatic sister-in-law, Joanna, who is convinced that the death of her husband was the result of S.W.A.T. brutality.moreless
    • Deadly Tide
      Episode 1
      The S.W.A.T. team is asked to help apprehend jewel thieves who are committing robberies, taking a female hostage each time, and making their escape underwater using SCUBA gear.
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