Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 1975 on ABC
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Lt. Harrelson and convicted dope dealer Johnny Rizi are stranded in very rough and remote terrain when the syndicate sabotages the helicopter in which Lt. Harrelson is transporting Rizi to jail. The Lieutenant is able to radio in their approximate location just prior to the radio dying, which leads to the S.W.A.T. team and the syndicate racing to find the two, albeit with very different motives.moreless

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  • A fairly predictable plot with some good acting

    Frank Gorshin gives an excellent performance as convicted dope dealer Johnny Rizi. Because of what Rizi knows, the syndicate is anxious to permanently silence him to avoid Rizi turning state's evidence.

    The helicopter in which Lt. Harrelson is transporting Rizi to jail is sabotaged, resulting in it crashing in a remote canyon. The crash kills the pilot and leaves Hondo with a leg injury and a concussion. After the Lieutenant calls in their approximate location just prior to the radio dying, the two men, handcuffed to each other, set out to reach high ground so that a search party can find them. Two search parties, S.W.A.T. and the syndicate, are anxious to find the two men and have very different motives.

    The majority of the show is focused on Rizi and Harrelson as the two men with vastly different backgrounds and moral standards must band together in order to stay alive. While the outcome is predictable, the two men bond to the point that Rizi saves Hondo's life when one of the hit men is about to kill him. In the end, the two men gain a mutual respect for each other. Lt. Harrelson even visits Rizi in the hospital and calls his action honorable.moreless
Steve Forrest

Steve Forrest

Lieutenant Dan "Hondo" Harrelson

Robert Urich

Robert Urich

Officer Jim Street

Rod Perry

Rod Perry

Sergeant David "Deacon" Kay

Mark Shera

Mark Shera

Officer Dominic Luca

James Coleman

James Coleman

Officer T.J. McCabe

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    • Lt. Harrelson: We can discount this warehouse also, geographically unacceptable.
      Luca: Well, Lieutenant, how come? The warehouse is empty, it's located on high ground, it's got a perfectly clean shot to the doors of the chopper.
      Lt. Harrelson: A long, clean shot. It's too far away, even for an expert. A probable miss on a target even the size of a man.
      McCabe: And the syndicate doesn't go for probables.
      Lt. Harrelson: You got it. What's the problem, Street?
      Street: Well, the whole setup, Lieutenant. Why would the syndicate take the time to waste a small time convicted dope dealer like Johnny Rizi?
      Lt. Harrelson: Well, if that's all he were, they'd let him rot in jail, but the word on the street is he knows the names and numbers of a hundred businesses, all of them legit that launder dirty syndicate money. That's dynamite information to the District Attorney and to the Feds. Any more questions?
      McCabe: Yeah, Lieutenant. What makes you think the syndicate even knows you're moving Rizi today?
      Lt. Harrelson: Maybe they don't. But if I operated on that premise, I'd take the day off and go fishing.

    • Rizi: What's the matter with those guys trying to hit me like that? I'd never talk.
      Lt. Harrelson: I know, you got a code.
      Rizi: That's right, I got a code. I, I'd never spill.
      Lt. Harrelson: Turn 13-year old girls into dope addicts and put them out onto the street to support their habits with prostitution. That's your code, Rizi.
      Rizi: Stow it.

    • Street: You said on the phone the chopper's down or the radio's dead. Which is it?
      Sergeant Connors: We still don't know. The pilot was supposed to check in twice in the last half hour and all we got was a scratchy sound. The heliport at the prison hasn't even heard a peep out of them.
      Kay: Keep trying the chopper, man.
      Sergeant Connors: What do you think I'm doing?
      Street: Based on the chopper's air speed and your last time check, that scratchy radio signal, where would that put them? Any idea?
      Sergeant Connors: (nods) Put them right here in this lousy place, Stone Canyon. Big trees and boulders, swamps, rivers, you name it. A search party could spend days in there and still not find them.

    • Lt. Harrelson: How long you been a crook, Rizi?
      Rizi: Hey, I'm a businessman.
      Lt. Harrelson: Yeah, dope business, prostitution business.
      Rizi: There are a lot of businessman like me around, too. The crime rate's going up, Cop.
      Lt. Harrelson: So is the arrest rate.

    • Manny: It's all set.
      Crown: What about the equipment?
      Tom: We got us an arsenal.
      Manny: You can kiss Mr. Rizi goodbye for sure this time.
      Crown: Don't kiss him, kill him. And the cop.

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