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  • Hard to believe that this was considered too violent for TV

    I remember watching S.W.A.T. when it first came out in the 1970's. I was a young teenager and really enjoyed the show. I've had a chance to watch the shows again now that they're out on DVD and Hulu. While it's a bit slow in terms of today's shows, it's still enjoyable and a few of the shows are downright excellent.

    I'm amazed that this show was considered too violent. It pales in comparison to the offerings of the 21st century and while it has it's violent shootout moments, there is very little, if any, graphic violence in any of the shows.

    It's neat to watch the five men work as a team and look out for each other.

    I was happy to be able to become the editor of the guide and add in the Cast, Crew, Quotes and so forth to make the guide complete.
  • Still enjoy it to this day!

    S.W.A.T. was and will always be a personal favorite for me.
    At the time S.W.A.T. premiered I was 8 years old and remember rememebr my friends and I pretending to be the S.W.A.T. team (I was always Jim Street). For my 9th Birthday, I recieved my very own S.W.A.T. van and a Jim Street action figure.
    The two shows that I have the fondest memories of when I was a child are Emergency! and S.W.A.T. and can remember how heart-broken Iw as when each show were canceled. However, thanks to DVD, I am now able to re-watch some of my personal favorites again.