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  • Artistic End(s)

    Self-absorbed and greatness is the essence of this artiste. I do not expect any humility of/from him; rather, I anticipate much pride and ego. I also see his wisdom, his humor and a certain wild flamboyancy that's been tamed for the show. (Grrrrrrrrrrrr) I envision the maestro playing well with others of his choosing in a vat of chocolate to his taste, temperature and consistency, as well as flavor. To be a genius one is usually on the edge or about to fall or falling. Genius Ron would be in free fall holding a brush dipped in chocolate that would mark an exclamation and himself as its point when hitting (if ever) bottom!
  • Sweet Genius

    I love this show. Does anyone know where I can get a lesson from one of the winners??

  • Bad Judge

    Ben-Israel is bad judge sometimes he judges contestant upon likes or if he has compassion for them. very unfair, it should go by taste and using all the ingredients to make the best desert.
  • I love Sweet Genius!

    I think Ron Ben-Israel is great! He is likable and fun to watch. I love that he takes his food seriously but can have fun with it as well, unlike some of the other food shows that take themselves far too seriously. I didn't think I was going to like the show at first, but now I look for it when I put on the Food Network. Ron is FAR more entertaining and interesting than watching some guy with spiked bleached blonde hair stuffing his face with diner food! Rock on Ron!
  • Sweet Genius

    My family and I absolutely love your show.
  • Rigged Big Time

    There was this one episode where a dude did WAY better than the girl in every way but the girl won. I HATE THIS SHOW!!

    I love Ron Ben-Israel. He is the most over the top host of any food network show! No show is fair. Your favorite will not always win but you will be entertained watching this series
  • another rigged show-tired of the same old TV stereotypes, nepotism, formula shows, one-dimensional chatracters


    Fiery Genius rigged to let the Jewish baker win. The French chef was magnificent in his technique and taste. Her dessert did not measure up as far as taste was concerned. All TV shows favor Jewish actors and contestants. Diversity is farmore entertaining than the same old bigoted formulaic junk.

  • Terrible TERRIBLE show!!


    TerribleTERRIBLEshow. Of the shows I have seen, no contestant comes even close to being "genius". The host, Ron Juda Ben Hur, whoever, is a joke. And the altar-like set is laughable. A realDUD. Give this show the hook ASAP.

  • This show is horrible!


    Ron Ben Israel is the most obnoxious person on television. He is a ballerina turned pastry chef, but obviously thinks he is much more than that. He needs a few lessons in humility.

    Even though I did get some comic relief from this a**hole, I can guarantee that I will NEVER watch this show again.

  • just awful


    I wanted to like this show the idea is great its liked chopped but every round is deserts, the execution makes it unwatchable. Its hard to pin down exactly what went wrong with the show it may have been the overly complicated set design, the gimmicky props, or just expecting the see the mini clone of the host appear at any time but the end result is one of the worst new shows food network has run in years

  • Nothing sweet about it,, Hate it


    The judge who claims to be sweet genius is the most annoying thing about the show...i am sure he takes couple of botox injections to keep his face super stern throughout the show...I thought it would be fun show like cake boss but i and my husband were so irritated by the end of the show...

    Also, who on earth wants chicken and beef jerky in his dessert?..They CAN NOT use just any ingredients to make edgy shows...HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE!!!

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