Sweet Medicine

ITV (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Episode Ten
      Episode Ten
      Episode 10
      Eddie sells the fateful car that killed Faye's Husband but refuses to end things with her. He eventually asks her to marry him. Nick has to face the courts about the death of the patient last week, but the evidence suggests suicide. However the deceased's wife tries to get Nick to lie in court for insurance purposes. Lillian plans to move in with Geoff, but Zoe steps in and tells Lillian she knows about her and Andrew. When Geoff finds out he tells his father to leave, but can he turn his back on Stoneford, his family and Goergina? Deb walks in on Georgina and Andrew sharing a passionate moment. Ed's announcement shocks the family, and a toast to the future does not seem so apt. Geoff decides to end things with Lillian, and Zoe takes her chance. Nick and Deb try to convince Ed to tell Faye the truth about their father, or end things with her. Can Eddie make such an important decision, and can he accept and deal with the truth? Preparations for the Gala evening in aid of the Scanner appeal are finally over. But events and relations don't run too well. Ed arrives Drunk, and Nick spills the beans about his father. A Brotherly brawl follows, maybe the Sweet family are not as close as we thought. Andrew tries to leave, without saying goodbye, but Georgina stops him, and tells him she wants him to stay. The series ends with a family photo - after all it is 'All about Family'moreless
    • Episode Nine
      Episode Nine
      Episode 9
      Nick has to deal with a patient with a rare condition, he has to give up his job and eventually gives up his life. Three is a crowd when it comes to Geoff, Lilian and Zoe. Geoff falls ill with a bug, and Lillian plays the role of 'Florence Nightingale', much to Zoe's disgust. However the tide turns when Lillian catches the bug herself. Deb faces a moral dilemma involving Social Services. Nick finds out about the letter and his father, and realises who Faye really is. He finds it too hard to accept. Eddie and Faye's relationship goes through a rocky patch, but the idea of a family appeals to Eddie too much. Maybe they can be happy, and Eddie can settle down. Georgina and Andrew get even closer.moreless
    • Episode Eight
      Episode Eight
      Episode 8
      Georgina causes sparks between Nick and Deb as Deb finds out that the engagement between her husband and Lillian was more than she first thought. When Deb speaks to Lillian she finds out it meant a lot more to her than Nick let on. Nick, in Deb's bad books ends up down the pub and says a little too much about a patients condition. Eddie continues to find out more about Faye - and ends up getting very close indeed. Nick celebrates his Birthday - and Georgins gives him the practice, however Deb's name is excluded from the deeds. Zoe and Geoff give an eventful sex education lesson at a local school, and then Zoe later moves in with Geoff - as a lodger, but could it be more? As more problems arise between Georgina and Deb, Nick and Lillian get close. At Nick's Birthday party Georgina announces the handover of the practice - but this time its in the names of Nick and Deb Sweetmoreless
    • Episode Seven
      Episode Seven
      Episode 7
      Andrew hosts an appeal evening for the local hospital - but it starts off on the wrong foot. He then reluctantly agrees to do a breast enlargement on a patient. Nick and Deb spend a quiet night in. Georgina and Andrews relationship takes a turn - but will it remain this way? Eddie tries to find out more about the woman mentioned in his fathers letter, but then finds out a little more than he bargained for from Andrew. Nick deals with a worried patient - and pushes himself to the limit.moreless
    • Episode Six
      Episode Six
      Episode 6
      A drunken night out leads to trouble for Geoff, Nick and Eddie, and its not just with Georgina. Geoff asks Zoe for a drink, how serious is it and are they both really committed? A case of an STI causes unrest in the village, especially with the vicar. Nick is blackmailed when he refuses to help a elderly war veteran die. Eddie tries to find out more about the mysterious letter his father left behind. Deb and Georgina's relationship improves once againmoreless
    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      Deb's Father turns up unexpectantly, asking questions about her new family. He tries to earn forgiveness for missing the wedding. Nick doesn't find it easy to accept someone who has hurt Deb so much, especially when he finds out all he wants is money. However when Deb offers him (her father) the money he refuses. They have a heart to heart, but it all ends in tears when he heads back to the station without telling Deb he is leaving.
      Eddie meets Anna's husband, and then finds he can't make a true commitment to her. Eddie isolates himself from the family, then organises a get together when he realises life must go on.
      Lillian shows Andrew around one of the houses - but it all becomes a bit passionate. Andrew then shock Lillian by telling her to break it off with Geoff - what are his motives?moreless
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      Geoff has to tell a friend (Mark) that he has an inoperable brain tumour. Georgina is still unhappy about Deb 'taking over her role'. Georgina's brother-in-law Andrew arrives in the village, and relations with his son, Geoff start off on the wrong foot. Geoff meanwhile continues to see Lillian. Nick and Deb start to look for a house of their own - with the intention of getting away from under Georgina's feet - or maybe its the other way around. Eddie introduces Anna to the family against her will, resulting in them splitting up - to Georgina's delight. Eddie then finds out the real reason why Anna won't divorce her husband. Deb and Georgina finally settle their differences - for the time being anywaymoreless
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      To Georgina's disgust Deb (as the new doctors wife) is asked to open the village Well-dressing event. Georgina is also made to face up to her friend Jane's drinking problems. Zoe becomes too involved with a patient, resulting in a misunderstanding and Anna tells Eddie she is leaving.
    • Episode Two
      Episode Two
      Episode 2
      Nick is asked to be godfather to his gay friends baby. Geoff tries to help a patient being bullied at school. Andrew (Georgina's Brother-in-Law) moves from LA to England to take up the job of Plastic Surgeon at the local hospital.
    • Episode One
      Episode One
      Episode 1
      The death of Nick Sweet's father presents him and wife Deb with a dilemma: should they take over the family practice and stay in the sleepy village of Stoneford Narrow, or return to London? Manipulative matriarch Georgina is quick to make her views on the subject very clear, but her son is not so sure about the idea, fearing the locals will compare him unfavourably with his dad.moreless
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