Sweet Valley High

Season 4 Episode 20

A Simple Twist of Mates

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1997 on UPN

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  • Todd accidentally kissed Jess, thinking she's Liz, and they both try to keep it a secret from Liz and Devon...Enid gets blamed for cheating when it was really Lila's fault.

    Out of all four seasons, this has probably been one of my most favorite episodes. It has a juicy, original plot that not many other writers might think of something samiliar to this. Very original and catchy. The first time I saw this episode, it didn't make much sense, because I had never really heard of Sweet Valley High, but then I saw it again and I really liked it! This is a pretty good show with a pretty good episode. Just the whole concept of this episode, and the entire show, really, wants me coming back for more. l