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  • The tv series is based on the 1980's popular YA series by Francine Pascal.

    Way before the "Gossip Girl" & the "Pretty Little Liars" series. There was the "Sweet Valley High" series, started in the 1980's, written by Francine Pascal, about Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield, the twins and their friends that takes place in the fictional Sweet Valley, California. I was a fan of the since I began reading the series. It spawned nine spin-offs including "Sweet Valley Kids", "Sweet Valley Twins", "The Unicorn Club", "Sweet Valley Jr. High", "Sweet Valley Senior Year", "Sweet Valley University", "Elizabeth", "Sweet Valley Confidential", and "The Sweet Life". My favorite characters are Elizabeth Wakefield and Enid Rollins, Elizabeth's best friend. I just read the book and listened to it of audiobook.
  • Based on the popular book series by Francine Pascal.

    Sweet Valley High follows the lives of identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. They maybe twins, but the minute you meet them, they are completely different. Jessica is a party animal and always gets her way, even if it ends up hurting Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the smart and responsible twin. You can always count on her to be there for you and her sister. I really like Sweet Valley High, because it's very funny and deals with everyday life problems. I also think the theme song is great too. They picked the right person to play each character, especially Jessica and Elizabeth. However, despit how much I love the TV series, I think the book series is a little bit better only because there's more detail and more suspense. I wish Sweet Valley High would come back on air, but until it does, I will continue to watch it online.
  • The story of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield

    Alright, I feel I need to give a review for this show seeing as it was one of my 'dark horse' favorites growing up and I simply loved the book series from which it was inspired. Sweet Valley High chronicled the lives of twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in high school, in a fictional town called Sweet Valley. The gimmick was that the twins were complete opposites, and the conflicts often arose from one twin (the bad one, Jessica) entangling sweet Elizabeth in one of her crazy machinations. The love lives of the twins were also a prominent aspect. Overall, I found this show entertaining, and the plots were good, with a mix of comedy of drama. I think it paid a good homage to the books (though the show was more of an independent tie-in) and the main girls portrayed their book counterparts accurately, in my opinion. It's a shame it was canceled so early on. Deserved a longer shot.
  • it was about twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefiled. liz being the nice one and jess being the princess of the two. they have their friends and they have their little misadventures.

    this show is by far the one of greatest shows i have ever watch, even though the acting could have been better and they could have better story lines Sweet Valley High was a overall quirky and enjoyable. it had the whole high school atmosphere of fun and good relationships with peers. i say SVH kicked butt!
  • An excellent show for females of all ages.

    I love Sweet Valley High and i cant understand why they did not bring out the second season to dvd.
    Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield deal with most teenage problems and is an all round excellent show.
    I hope they will bring out the second season to dvd as this is a really good show.
    I love the books also.
  • Elizabth and jessica live in sweet valley, and deal with boys, high school, and friends.

    I love this show. I watched the 1st season on dvd, but when are they putting the 2nd one on dvd? I watched the 1 season all the time. But me and my cousin were wondering if they will ever put the 2nd one on dvd. I read the bookes all the time. They are so awesome. I was looking up pics of cynthia and Brittany Daniels. Boy do they look old now. I thought they looked old in the show to be in high school. I think they were like 18 or somethinf like that in the show. Yup
  • Two twins, Jessica and Elizabeth, and their quirky adventures.

    This is my second favorite TV show EVER, thus resulting in the rating of 9.9. I love this show almost as much as I love Full House, and I especially love the chik flik, twin concept deal. Every since I started reading the books, I've been attached to the quirky ways of both Jessica and Elizabeth. This show is a guilty pleasure - and really, it's just that - a pleasure. Is pleasureous a word? If it is, I would use it to describe this show! Also quirky and fun to watch, always wondering what crazy Jessica will do next or what plan Elizabeth has to save the day.
  • SVH was a show based on the books created by Francine Pascal. It was about twins jessica and elizabeth wakefield who went to Sweet vally high. Jessica was the wild child while elizabeth was quiet one. It talked about problems with friends and basicaly li

    SVH was a very good show and i think it should have lasted till they got to colledge. it was way better than reading the books and it was like a teen soap opera. when abc family aired it they didnt even show the complete series. at first the shows beggining was kind of slow there wasnt any action but through the days it got beter. Nick at night is taking a vote to see which shows they should air and i think SVH should be on nick at night. My fave twin was always jessica but elizabeth was alright.SVH needs to come back!!!!!!!!
  • Everyone's favourite book series through the years made the leap to the television screen,pulling the wonderful chara's of our favourite high school,Sweet Valley High,into our living rooms.Did we ever want to miss an episode?No way!Following along quite w

    What book series was better to make into a teenage drama series than one that teens girls had loved for 15 years+,Sweet Valley High.Finally,the adventures of The Wakefield Twins,Jessica and Elizabeth were no longer just words on a page.Jessica,the bratty little sneak of the twins,alwayz up to no good,and Elizabeth,the more reserved twin,alwayz there to help Jessica out whenever she was in another bind,like usual.The boys,the fun,the music,the love,the excitement....Welcome to Sweet Valley High!