Sweet Valley High - Season 1

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  • Say Goodbye
    Say Goodbye
    Episode 22
    When Todd is accepted to a prestigious Vermont school, Liz is devastated and their relationship crumbles. Nicholas seizes the opportunity to ask Liz for a date, much to the dismay of Jessica, who has her own eye on him. Determined to have Nicholas, she sets out to reunite Todd and Liz. She arranges for Todd to return to Sweet Valley... with disastrous results.moreless
  • Kidnapped (3)
    Kidnapped (3)
    Episode 21
    When it is discovered that Peter has escaped from prison, Elizabeth and Jessica are placed under protective custody. After two weeks with no danger, Jess is sick of being watched and successfully manages to escape. Unfortunately, she runs straight into Peter, who kidnaps her. But when Peter realizes that he caught the wrong twin, he sets up a death trap for her, hoping to catch Liz in his deadly web.moreless
  • Kidnapped (2)
    Kidnapped (2)
    Episode 20
    When Elizabeth never shows up for the Morrow's party, Todd and Jessica realize something is amiss. They look for her everywhere, only to discover that she has been kidnapped. When Winston is found looking for clues at the scene of the crime, the police immediately arrest him. But they have the wrong man. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is facing real danger...

  • Kidnapped (1)
    Kidnapped (1)
    Episode 19
    While volunteering as a candy striper, Liz discovers that a famous talk show host has landed in the hospital. When Jessica hears this she also volunteers, but her efforts to get close to him keep backfiring. Meanwhile, Todd becomes jealous when Winston and Liz start to spend more time together. And when Liz starts to receive mysterious flowers and letters, Todd starts to suspect that his best friend is crushing on his girlfriend.moreless
  • Dancing Fools
    Dancing Fools
    Episode 18
    The Annual Pacific Freestyle Dance is coming up and the winners have a chance to appear on television. Sparks fly when Jessica and Lila find themselves competing against each other. Bribery, trickery and partner-switching ensue as the former best friends compete for the prize. Nothing is sacred when it comes to fame!moreless
  • Working Girl
    Working Girl
    Episode 17
    When Lila's father forces her to take a job at the Moon Beach Cafe, she finds herself attracted to Heath, the handsome meat delivery man. But when Lila discovers that Heath has a prejudice against rich people, she hides her true identity. Meanwhile, Jessica learns that the fashion industry is even more cutthroat than high school.

  • Love On The Line
    Love On The Line
    Episode 16
    While working at a teen hotline, Enid helps a male caller deal with his parents' divorce. She agrees to meet with him in person but backs out at the last minute, afraid that she's not pretty enough for him. She goes to Jessica for support, only to have the pretty blonde cheerleader steal him away.moreless
  • Stolen Diary
    Stolen Diary
    Episode 15
    When Jessica's scheme to break up Liz and Todd actually works, she immediately arranges a date for her twin with Chris, the handsome new guy. But when things between Liz and Chris sour, he uses her stolen diary to spread her secrets around the entire school. And it's up to Jess to set things straight.moreless
  • Poetic Injustice
    Poetic Injustice
    Episode 14
    When Jessica meets Adam, a handsome poet, she undergoes a serious personality makeover. Desperate to impress, she steals one of Liz's poems and passes it off as her own at the next poetry reading... not realizing that the poem is actually Adam's!
  • Club X
    Club X
    Episode 13
    When Bruce forms Club X, an exclusive guys only dare club, Jessica immediately sets out to prove that she is brave enough to belong. But as usual, Jessica's antics may get her more than she bargained for.
  • Photographic Evidence
    When Liz accidentally catches a criminal on camera, she finds herself on the run from the mob. Meanwhile, Jessica hooks up with a mysterious stranger. But when her handsome new paramour turns out to be one of the criminals after Elizabeth, Jessica may be confronting a danger unlike anything she's ever faced.moreless
  • Secrets
    Episode 11
    Enid is thrilled when her new boyfriend Ronnie chooses her to become the new spokesperson for a national anti-drug campaign, which means touring the country with Aerosmith lead singer, Steven Tyler. But when a jealous Jessica learns a dirty secret from Enid's past, she tries to use the information to snag the spokesperson position for herself. And when unforgiving Ronnie finds out about Enid's past he drops her from the campaign... and his life. Will Jessica manage to steal the coveted position? And will heartbroken Enid ever recover?moreless
  • Uh-Oh-Seven
    Episode 10
    After seeing a James Bond movie, Liz tries to write a similar type of story of her own, only the females are the strong characters and vice versa. Her main character is Platinum Blonde, a superspy who sets out to investigate a suspicious case concerning video game machines.
  • Coma
    Episode 9
    When Jessica leaves Elizabeth stranded at the Moon Beach Cafe, she disobeys her parents and accepts a ride on Todd's motorcycle. But a horrible accident leaves Elizabeth in a coma. Wracked with guilt, Jessica stays by her sister's side, wondering when and if her sister will ever wake up. But if she does, will she ever be the same?moreless
  • The Prince of Santa Dora
    When Prince Arthur Castillo comes to Sweet Valley, he and Jessica share an instant attraction. Jessica falls head-over-heels in love and dreams of becoming the Queen of Santa Dora. But when gossipy Lila discovers a tantalizing secret that could devastate Jessica's budding romance, she prepares to drop her bombshell...publicly.
  • The Curse of Lawrence Manson
    On Halloween, the friends decide to hang out at school, where they plan to contact the spirit of Lawrence Manson; a former student who died there exactly 25 years ago. The teenagers receive the scare of their lives... but is it all just a practical joke, or is it really Lawrence seeking revenge?moreless
  • Almost Married
    Almost Married
    Episode 6
    With the Wakefields away, the teens will play... When Liz and Jess get the house to themselves for an entire weekend, both twins decide it's time to play. Liz invites Todd to spend the weekend and Jess throws a major rager. But too much of a good thing may just ruin everything...

  • What, Me Study?
    What, Me Study?
    Episode 5
    On the verge of flunking chemistry, Jessica tricks Winston into helping her steal an exam from Mr. Russo's computer. But when she scores an A, the chemisty teacher knows somethings is amiss.

  • Critical Mess
    Critical Mess
    Episode 4
    When spiraling gossip leads the SVH gang to believe that famous Hollywood director, Andy Patman, is in town, Jessica schemes to get a part in his latest film. When her plan backfires, Jessica points the blame at Liz, who once again sets out to save the day.

  • Skin and Bones
    Skin and Bones
    Episode 3
    When Jessica learns that famous Sweet Valley artist, Dakota Dancer, is planning to paint Enid for a national exhibition, she schemes to steal Enid's spotlight and take the modeling job for herself. Meanwhile, the students are upset when Principal Cooper pulls down an offending photo of himself off the graffiti wall.

  • Loose Lips Sink Yachts
    Gorgeous Devon Whitelaw arrives and takes Sweet Valley by storm. Jessica and Renata both set their sights on the handsome biker, but rumors fly when Liz uncovers an article on the fishy circumstances of his parents deaths. Did Devon kill his parents for his money? Meanwhile, Lila finds out her locker is right in Geek Corner.moreless
  • Oracle On Air
    Oracle On Air
    Episode 2
    When Sweet Valley High gets its own on-air news station, Jessica schemes against her own sister to steal the coveted anchor position. Meanwhile, Winston is tired of being picked on by Bruce, but his attempts at revenge keep backfiring.
  • Dangerous Love
    Dangerous Love
    Episode 1
    When Elizabeth wins both the Homecoming Queen title and a date with college boy Scott Daniels, Jessica decides it's time to pull a twin switch. As usual, she gets what she wants, but this time she may get more than she bargained for.