Sweet Valley High - Season 2

UPN (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • A Look Back in Anecdotes
    Many years later Jessica is a talk show host, and Elizabeth, an important journalist. When they come together to sell their old house, they start packing which leads to a lot of sappy reminiscing of their time at Sweet Valley High.
  • Sam Kind of Wonderful
    Jessica and Sam are spending a lot of time together, and Lila is upset that Jess has entered the Sam zone. She decides to join Cheryl in painting and doing pottery. Manny tries to find out what kind of guy Enid likes but ends up getting it all wrong.
  • One Big Mesa
    One Big Mesa
    Episode 20
    The big football game- Sweet Valley vs. Mesa is coming up and everyone's in a frenzy. Practical jokes are being played by everyone and Todd is arranging the half-time show in which everything must be perfect.
  • Identical Opposites
    Identical Opposites
    Episode 19
    The "Foxie Jones Show" is looking for sets of twins to guest star on the popular talk show. Jessica tries to convince the reluctant Liz to audition to be guests. Liz finally agrees, but as they shoot the show, she finds that they're supposed to pretend to be long lost twins that were separated at birth. Self-righteous Liz soon gets her revenge when they tape a follow-up segment... live.moreless
  • Win Sam, Lose Sam
    Win Sam, Lose Sam
    Episode 18
    When Sam helps Todd with the motorcross race, he worries that he ruined his own chances of landing a sponsor and racing in the Australian circuit. But it's just the opposite. Jessica doesn't want him to go and Sam decides to stay in Sweet Valley with her. Meanwhile, the Sweet Valley High yearbook reveals the winners of this years superlatives, causing upset with some of the student body.moreless
  • Totally Cueless
    Totally Cueless
    Episode 17
    The Moon Beach Cafe holds a pool contest in which the winners receive a free trip to the Bahamas. Jessica and Lila try to figure out a way to win the competition, even though they know nothing about pool. Meanwhile, Winston and Manny try to convince Enid that she has amnesia, and Manny is her boyfriend.moreless
  • Sam Enchanted Evening
    While watching Todd practice for a Motorcross race, Jessica meets Sam Woodruff - a biker with a past. Meanwhile, recently single Lila finds herself spending time with Liz and Todd who become annoyed by her constant chatter.
  • You Call This a Wonderful Life?
    During the Christmas season, an angel is sent to show Elizabeth and Jessica what their friends' lives would have been like if they had never been born.
  • The War of the Pom-Poms
    It's the battle of the cheerleaders at Sweet Valley High and as usual, Jessica is right in the middle of the controversy. Blond, beautiful, sensational Heather Malone makes a splash at Sweet Valley High, much to Jessica's dismay. Her jealousy boils over when Heather not only bulldozes her way on the cheerleading squad but becomes the new co-captain. Never one to share the spotlight, Jessica quits the squad and tries to form her own. But when she finds her sqaud is short a member, she blackmails her twin into joining the team by threatening to tell Todd about Liz's dalliance with football hero, Ken Matthews.
  • Reading, Writing, Rescue
    Bruce sets up a security camera at the Moon Beach. At the same time, Jessica literally saves Winston's life, so now Winston is her genie: whatever Jessica wants, he'll get. Unfortunately, the security camera catches the truth on tape - proving Jessica didn't intentionally save Winston. Meanwhile, the gossip tv rag, Current Expose, decides to do a story on Jessica's rescue. And Jealous Bruce uses the security tape to blackmail her. Meanwhile, there's a new guy in town. David is a new student and basketball player at Sweet Valley High. Enid thinks he doesn't like her, but Elizabeth finds out his torrid secret: he can't read.moreless
  • Mixed Doubles
    Mixed Doubles
    Episode 12
    Liz tries to help Enid gain self-confidence by giving her a job at the Oracle. Meanwhile, Bruce is interested in Isabel, the beautiful Brazilian exchange student. Jessica agrees to help him win her affection and in turn, Bruce loans Jessica his yacht for the weekend. However, the plan goes awry when Bruce and Jessica discover that they may be falling for each other.moreless
  • The Quick and the Blonde
    Bruce, whose ancestors founded Sweet Valley, is working on an exhibit on exploring the town's history. But trouble brews when Liz discovers an old diary that may prove otherwise.
  • Like Water For Hot Dogs
    Todd and Elizabeth's anniversary is coming up, and Liz waits for him to ask her out. Meanwhile, Jessica gets tapes from the library to help her learn her lines as Dorothy, but she accidentally gets Spanish tapes instead.
  • Blunder Alley
    Blunder Alley
    Episode 9
    When Bruce installs a fortune-teller at the Moon Beach, the gimmick is an instant success. But Jessica and Lila get predictions of nothing but bad luck. When their fortunes start coming true, they start to wonder who or what is behind their run of bad luck.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes on a date to the bowling alley. When jealous Todd hears this, he decides to go as well... with a date of his own.moreless
  • It's My Party and I'll Ditch It If I Want To
    Instead of attending the Wakefield's annual sleep over, Jessica opts to to attend a dinner with Bruce and his friends from Harvard.
  • A Fair to Remember
    A Fair to Remember
    Episode 7
    When Todd's new basketball coach asks him to show his shy son, Jason, around town, Todd is happy to oblige. But "shy" Jason seems to have quite a way with the local girls, taking out both Elizabeth and Jessica. Todd tries to warn the twins about the two timing twit, but as usual the twins learn the hard way.moreless
  • False Possessions
    False Possessions
    Episode 6
    When Enid develops feelings for Todd, she asks him out and he agrees to go. But unfortunately for Enid, Todd doesn't see it as a date. Meanwhile, Jessica and Lila experiment with shoplifting but the "total rush" ends when they get caught.
  • IQ Commeth
    IQ Commeth
    Episode 5
    When Jessica earns one of the highest scores on the college compatibility test, she is chosen to represent Sweet Valley High in the academic bowl. But when Jessica learns that her test results were a mistake, she decides to hide the truth and compete anyway.
  • Dark Side of the Moon Beach
    Elizabeth realizes that there is life after Todd. She decides it's time to start dating again, and with the help of Jessica, Lila, and Enid she goes on a bunch of dates. Meanwhile, Winston catches Todd and his new friends trying to steal a car.
  • Promotional Rescue
    Promotional Rescue
    Episode 3
    When Bruce's father buys the Moon Beach Cafe, he leaves Bruce in charge of running it. Hoping to impress his father, Bruce fires Winston and takes Jessica on as a business partner. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Elizabeth decided take a camping trip with friends in hopes that she will start to get over Todd.moreless
  • Model Behavior
    Model Behavior
    Episode 2
    A new school year starts in Sweet Valley. Supermodel Tatyana Thomas comes to town, hoping to have a normal life. However, it's not as easy as she hoped.
  • Summer Lovin'
    Summer Lovin'
    Episode 1
    On the last days of summer, the gang learns that Todd is back and Liz is more than happy to see him again. But Todd has changed; his once happy-go-lucky demeanor replaced by a moody, sullen stranger. And when he announces that his return to Sweet Valley is permanent, Liz is determined to find out why. Meanwhile, the Annual Beach Olympics is taking place. This year, Jessica's all-girl team is determined to beat Bruce's... by any mean trick necessary.moreless