Sweet Valley High - Season 3

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  • Might as Well Jump
    Might as Well Jump
    Episode 22
    Winston convinces Todd to go ahead with his traditional jump off Jackson's bluff with the basketball team, joined by Winston himself. Jessica and Lila want to spend Spring Break in Europe, but there is only one problem. Jessica fails her social studies test, and is forced to take a make-up test and pass it, or else spend the break with the teacher taking make-up classes.moreless
  • Search For Liz
    Search For Liz
    Episode 21
    Jessica hits her head on a door and dreams she and her friends are characters in one of her soap operas. Jessica is married to Winslow and is accused of killing Delilah. She only has 24 hours to prove her innocence. Rod, the clueless detective, has to find out who it was that killed Delilah. Low down Liz Wakefield is Jessica's evil twin who works at the Gloom Beach Cafe, and is the one who did try to kill Delilah. Also present are Nurse Cheryl, who is in love with the doctor, Shred, a rocker, Enid, and Manno, the officer who is madly in love with Enid.moreless
  • Crimes and Cappuccinos
    Lila is kidnapped outside the Moon Beach Cafe, and Jessica starts spending alot of time with Enid now that Lila is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Winston finds a cappuccino machine and it doesn't take long for the Moon Beach to become Sweet Valley's latest teen hot-spot.
  • Sweet Valley Fever
    Sweet Valley Fever
    Episode 19
    Jessica's in charge of planning the next dance at SVH but she's more interested in getting the credit than in doing the work. She steals the idea for a 70s disco dance from Enid and recruits her sister to help. Todd wants to go to the dance as a famous basketball player of the 70s, while Liz wants him to go in an outfit she saw Principle Cooper wear in an old SVH yearbook. Manny wants to ask Enid to the dance, but a misunderstanding leads the couple to attend with other people.moreless
  • My Fair Shred
    My Fair Shred
    Episode 18
    Shred faces going to a military school. Meanwhile, Jessica and Lila feel slighted when they don't get invitations to the Patman's big Silver and Gold Ball. They work out a deal in which they will help Shred stay in Sweet Valley and in return he arranges for them to attend the ball.moreless
  • All Along the Water Tower
    After the guys at Sweet Valley High hear over the intercom that Elizabeth likes guys that are into sports, all the jocks in school start asking her out. Unfortunately, Todd misunderstands something he overhears and believes that Elizabeth no longer wants to be with him. Todd tries to win her over by using a magazine she left at the Moon Beach. Meanwhile, Enid's relatives pay a visit to Sweet Valley.moreless
  • Don't Strand So Close To Me
    When Todd discovers that Elizabeth has a new boyfriend, Chad, he eventually asks out Carrie. But when he and Carrie go hiking, he gets lost in the woods and calls Liz to come get him, who is about to go on her date with Chad. Jessica is convinced she has psychic powers after seeing a commercial.moreless
  • Ready, Set, Snow!
    Ready, Set, Snow!
    Episode 15
    Jessica and Lila only want to receive Christmas gifts; not give them. While they get massages, both girls get the "Christmas Carol" treatment for their Scrooge-type behavior. Three cast members take turns playing the ghosts of Christmases Past, Present,and Future. The girls wise up and decide to help give presents to children.moreless
  • A Star is Torn
    A Star is Torn
    Episode 14
    Jessica helps out A.J.'s band by giving their demo tape to a local radio DJ. Unfortunately, helping A.J.'s band to become the next big thing threatens to end Jessica and A.J.'s blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, Liz has an extra ticket to a concert and decides to give it away... to Todd.
  • Shakes, Fries & Videotape
    When the Moon Beach's competitor lowers their prices, the gang's favorite cafe starts to have a low turn out of customers. Winston decides to create a commercial for the Moon Beach starring Liz. With A.J. spending so much time with Jessica, his band forces him to make a choice: her or them.moreless
  • Lofty Ambitions
    Lofty Ambitions
    Episode 12
    Employees of one of the Moon Beach's competitors play practical jokes at the Moon Beach, annoying Winston. Meanwhile, Liz and Enid try to do something brave, and Jessica continues to see A.J.
  • Rock Around the Block
    Todd is kicked off of the basketball team after illegally accepting gifts. Television reports on Todd's story try to ignore Todd and Elizabeth's relationship. Meanwhile, Jessica is annoyed by the loud practices of a neighborhand band... but her annoyance quickly turns to lust when she meets one of the cute members of the band.moreless
  • The Tooth Hurts
    The Tooth Hurts
    Episode 10

    Reggie's chocolate habit leaves him with painful cavities. Cheryl and Enid try to convince him that he's addicted, but Reggie doesn't believe them: whoever heard of an addiction to chocolate? Meanwhile, the television show "Headline America" wants to interview Todd. He asks Elizabeth for help with his nerves. Elizabeth is hoping that she and Todd will get back together and during that episode, the answer becomes crystal clear.

  • Swish Upon a Star
    Swish Upon a Star
    Episode 9
    To Elizabeth's annoyance, Jessica becomes more and more self absorbed. She uses all the hot water and takes her sister's clothing without asking. Worse, she blurts out that Liz and Cheryl are planning a surprise party for Enid - within earshot of the guest of honor. Fed up with her sister's selfish behavior, Liz decides a little payback is in order. Meanwhile, when Todd scores the winning points at a basketball game, his ego starts to spin out of control.moreless
  • Mall Brats
    Mall Brats
    Episode 8
    Jessica and Lila take jobs at the mall (which doesn't last too long) to pay for dresses they want to buy since Lila's credit card isn't working. Peter and Liz break up.
  • Surfing the Nets
    Surfing the Nets
    Episode 7
    The group makes a bet. They all have to give up their special quirks they have for two days, and if they crack they have to put 25 dollars in the pot. Whoever is still standing at the end of the two days wins all the money. For Jessica, this means no flirting; for Lila, no shopping; for Cheryl, no sarcastic remarks; for Todd, no sports talk, and for Enid, no relative stories. Meanwhile, when Peter and Elizabeth come across cut fishing nets at the beach they discover that Shred's father is responsible. Peter dreams of breaking a big story, but Shred is scared to confront his father about the situation.moreless
  • The Mondo Chill
    The Mondo Chill
    Episode 6
    Shred decides to become the ice cream man when the original one retires. He hires a sad Enid to help him. Manny and Simone break up, and Manny starts noticing Enid and Shred spending alot of time together. When Jessica comes down with the flu, Peter and Elizabeth's first date is spent at home caring for her.moreless
  • Are You a Man or a Mouse?
    Liz finally decides to call it quits with Todd. Winston and Shred try to help Todd cope with the breakup. Jessica accidentally frees the mouse that Liz needs for her science project. Unaware of the mouse's purpose, Jessica hires an exterminator to find and kill the rodent.
  • The Man of My Screams
    Todd fears that Elizabeth is starting to like Peter, so he recruits Manny and Winston to spy on them. Jessica dreams about kissing Shred, which freaks her out. Lila tells her that to make the nightmares go away, she must kiss him for real.
  • Imperfectly Fit
    Imperfectly Fit
    Episode 3
    Cheryl hosts a fitness video, and Jessica and Lila really want to be a part of it. Lila hires a personal trainer for both of them, and they also rent tons of fitness videos, but they are more worried about their appearance than physical fitness. Meanwhile, Elizabeth takes a job at The Tribune, alongside Peter, for whom she starts developing feelings.moreless
  • Shred Reckoning
    Shred Reckoning
    Episode 2
    Jessica and Lila are excited to hear that a new Patman (Reginald Patman) will be coming to Sweet Valley now that Bruce has left to join the army. Hoping to impress the wealthy new student, Lila throws Reginald a huge welcoming party. Meanwhile, Winston hopes to become the manager of the Moon Beach, so he spiffs the place up and hires a busboy to help him out. And Elizabeth's relationship with Todd hits the skids, when his ridiculous superstitions become prominent.moreless
  • Much Ado About Nachos
    Lila, Jessica, Elizabeth, Todd, Enid, Cheryl and Winston spend time at a Mexican resort. Scheming Jessica tells everyone to do whatever they want and charge all the expenses to Lila's credit card - which soon adds up to over 7000 dollars. Meanwhile, Enid realizes Manny's feelings for her.
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