Swift and Shift Couriers

Monday 8:30 PM on SBS One Premiered Oct 27, 2008 In Season


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  • Season 1
    • A Swifty Shifty Xmas
      Amanda is on her way to the depot to fire Keith who has failed to fix up Swift and Shift after 6 months but everyone at the depot is boarding a party bus on the way to a Christmas party organised by Keith. A tipsy Amanda has a car accident and is busted by Murray the cop, an ex Swift and Shift employee who she fired for having sexual material in the workplace. Keith manages to get an extra $800 on the tab, Murray's job back and his own job secured after making a deal with Amanda.moreless
    • The Safety Inspector
      Everyone is having a bad day at Swift and Shift. David the Dwarf requests a smaller chair so his feet can touch the ground but is refused by Keith who claims that special chairs are not in the budget so he calls Works Cover and explains the grounds of Swift and Shift are unsafe. Sole wants to quit after becoming fed up of difficult deliveries and Abdul wants to kill Alex after being bitten by a dog. Renzo is accused by his wife of having an affair with a shoe-obsessed client and a safety inspector from Works Cover threatens to fire Keith and close the depot.moreless
    • The Dead Body, Part Two
      When it is deemed safe to travel, Mario and Melissa continue their journey to Cairo, Egypt. After landing safely, they are delayed by a terrorist attack and get lost on the way to the secret Australian army base. To make things worse, their taxi breaks down and the pair of dysfunctional Swift and Shift employees get to see the landmark pyramids but their holiday is put to an halt when their taxi driver mistakes them for drug dealers and robs them of their luggage. It's just another day working at Swift and Shift.moreless
    • The Dead Body, Part One
      As a publicity stunt to promote Swift and Shift, CEO Jonathon offers to transport the ashes of a deceased Australian soldier from Iraq back to Australia. Mario and Melissa are chosen by Keith to travel to Egypt where they will collect the ashes but suddenly their travel plans are interrupted when a random tsunami forces them to land somewhere in Asia where they must spend the night, trying not to kill each other or spend too much money on the company credit card.moreless
    • The Rocket Ride
      The Rocket Ride
      Episode 5
      Regional manager of Swift and Shift, Amanda is organising a charity dinner as a marketing stunt. A vintage children's rocket ride is the primary auction item and Amanda insists it is delivered promptly to the function hall. Keith calls Mario, who is picking up a motor scooter from a cross eyed man and asks him to collect and deliver the rocket ride. Amanda's worst nightmare comes true when Mario's van breaks down, forcing him to tow the rocket ride around the city on the motor scooter.moreless
    • Sexy Package
      Sexy Package
      Episode 4
      Swift and Shift's brand new efficiency managers Damien and Karen insist on changing the computer and logistic systems in an attempt to cut costs and save time. When the system shuts down, also partly due to a Trojan virus released on the system by one of the staff trying to download pornography, most staff are sent home for the day and the depot is out of action. The only courier still working is Mario who, after complaining about getting bad jobs, has to deliver a realistic looking sex doll to a small town four hours out of Sydney.moreless
    • Management Training
      The CEO of the large organisation which owns Swift & Shift; Jonathon applies for Government funding but in order to obtain it he must first train women, ethnics and the disabled in management. Amanda & Keith select various staff to attend a one day training course but after obesity issues, a car crash and a general lack of IQ, Amanda decides that Swift & Shift employees are completely useless.moreless
    • The Polar Bear Suit
      The latest and highly popular mobile video ring tone features a dancing polar bear and a local concert expects Swift & Shift to deliver the polar bear suite by 3pm but Mario and Luigi decide to borrow the costume to impress Luigi's latest girlfriend and eventually their van gets stolen, with the bear suit inside. Newcomer Leanne is asked to cover for a sick dispatcher and ends up spending the day with the smelly and horny boys from dispatch. Also, the air conditioning is fought over as one room is too cold and the other is too hot.moreless
    • Welcome to Swift & Shift
      It's Leanne Murdoch's first day at her new job, Swift & Shift Couriers, the slightly dysfunctional Sydney courier business. She meets the good, the bad and the stinky who work in the loading dock, the call centre the despatch area and the ever-travelling courier drivers. Regional manager Amanda Keller takes over head management and threatens to fire the depot manager Keith if he does not improve the branch in 6 months. A pricey painting and the National Rugby League trophy is lost by dumbfounded couriers.moreless