Season 1 Episode 3

Double Exposure

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

Susan is preparing breakfast and she is very terse with Bruce as he tries to be affectionate with her. As Susan asks Bruce to say grace, the kids are taken aback by her mother's behavior. Susan decides that the family will be going to church that day for the first time in a long time. At church, the Millers run into the Thompsons and Susan tries to talk to Janet and when Janet brushes her off, Susan brings up a housewarming party and she needs Janet's help.

Later, the Millers attend a pool party at the Deckers. Tom gives Bruce his video recorder and Susan is visibly upset as Bruce tapes the other couples at the party. The couple at the Playboy club, Brad and Sylvia, show up and Susan makes up an excuse that she doesn't feel well and heads home.

Back home, Susan confronts Bruce about Sylvia's card and what his intentions are. Bruce states that not all of the Deckers friends are swingers. Janet calls Susan about the plans for the housewarming party and it's full steam ahead on the planning. Bruce apologizes to Susan about Sylvia's card and Susan stresses the point that sex has consequences and that seeing Bruce with Trina was not easier for her and now she is worried that Bruce may want to be with other women. Bruce assures Susan that she is the only one that he wants.

Samantha is trying to fix her bike and BJ tries to help her. BJ invites her to join the housewarming party. Laurie runs into Mr. Stephens at the library and he is there for a book drive and he tells her he will be there all weekend. Mr. Stephens asks about her review of the play by Anane. Laurie learns that Anane is not his girlfriend.

Tom and Trina talk about Susan and discuss their first time swinging. Trina tells Tom about Susan and Bruce's pact about it being only one time. Tom thinks they need a friendly nudge to see if they want to do it again.

It's the day of the housewarming and Tom and Trina come over and bring a fondue set and give the Millers a home video camera.

BJ and Rick are trying to see the old dirty magazine's that were Bruce's and are caught by Janet and Roger. Both boys are grounded. Roger and Bruce try to talk about respecting women. Janet says that Roger would never bring anything like that into her house.

Laurie heads to the library to help Mr. Stephens gather books. They later look over some books and Mr. Stephens recites a James Joyce love letter to Laurie and they start to quote a Bob Dylan song. They later listen to the song and Laurie kisses him.

The party gets underway and Bruce hands around the movie recorder. Janet tries to kick off the party with a game of "Who Am I?". The Deckers and their friends arrive and Trina makes up a new game using the fondue pot and kissing a man other than her husband. A co-worker of Bruce's checks out Samantha's mom, Gail. Trina and Janet argue about when food should be served and it seems that Susan is getting annoyed. BJ offers Samantha money to fix her bike and Rick is mad that he is giving him half of his money. BJ orders Rick out of his room. Trina and Janet continue to bicker and Susan has had enough and finally goes off and rips the fading wallpaper off of her wall and asks if anyone wants to join in.

Everyone is writing on the bare walls and the party seems to be under control and Susan seems a lot happier. Bruce's co-worker and Gail head back to her place after he offers her some blow. Samantha gives the walkie talkie back to BJ and tells him that she is not his girlfriend. Samantha tries to explain why Rick was being such a jerk, he's worried about being left behind. Susan asks Janet to write something on the wall and then Trina compliments one of Janet's recipes. Susan bonds with Brad and Sylvia and Sylvia asks Susan to lunch the following week and then Susan suggests that maybe the four of them can do dinner. Bruce and Trina talk in the kitchen about what transpired between the two of them. Trina tells him to make Susan feel like she is one of a kind. Trina gives him a friendly kiss that Roger sees.

Bruce tries to explain things to Roger and tells him about the night with Deckers and Roger walks away from Bruce and tells Janet that they are leaving. Before she leaves, Janet sees something derogatory written about her on the wall.

BJ heads to Rick's and apologizes to him for the earlier incident. Rick breaks out their old fort making stuff and they decide to do it one more time for old times sake.

After the party, Susan tells Bruce that she wants them to be completely open with each other from now on and all options on the table. She wants to know what he feels good or bad. They then enjoy the movie recorder privately…
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