Season 1 Episode 3

Double Exposure

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Susan tries to mend fences with Janet, but Trina and Tom want to try to liven things up in their inimitable style!

    After trying and trying to call Janet, Susan- shopping with Trina- run into Janet at the market and asks Janet to help with the Miller's housewarming party.

    Bruce lets Roger in on what happened after he and Janet left the Deckers' party, dismaying Roger deeply.

    Spurred on by Trina and Janet's party sniping, Susan gets frustrated and rips the hideous wallpaper off in the front room. Trina's delighted; Janet's scandalized. Still, the ladies start to realize the other isn't Evil Incarnate: Trina tells Janet her Heavenly Delight salad is tasty; Janet tries Trina's fondue and finds that it's tasty as well.

    What goodwill that was built up is lost as Janet joins in with the wall festivities when she spies something rude about her.

    Laurie and Teacher Doug have a book date. BJ, Sam, and Rick have a hard evening, but BJ and Rick try to mend fences.