Season 1 Episode 11

Get Down Tonight

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2008 on CBS

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  • Janet gets a job as a temp at the Newspaper, and is offered a full time position. Roger is seeing a therapist, sorting out his feelings for Susan and Janet--and figuring out what he wants to do when he grows up. Susan and Bruce disco with the Deckers.

    Doug is giving Laurie driving lessons, using sponges and mops in lieu of an actual car. Laurie wrinkles her funny nose at the thought of her only alternative, her father Bruce teaching her. Doug thinks it is a good idea, a chance for her to connect with her father. Plus, it lets him off the hook.

    BJ, Samantha, and Ricky, hang out with Samantha's cousin, who Ricky is attracted to. She is bold and brash, and suggests a game of strip poker. The boys are no match for her, as her brother, a dealer in Vegas, has taught her well. Her full house beats Ricky's flush, and as he is down to his pants, he balks. She suggests they go outside together. Minutes later he returns as angry as a wet cat. He speeds off on his bike. She must have been more than he could handle, as she complains that absolutely nothing happened.

    BJ has a full house now, and Sam has to take off her top. BJ gallantly refuses to make her do it, and she kisses him. This might have happened just before Ricky made his dramatic departure. Not sure of the sequence of events.

    Susan sees Roger grocery shopping and she offers to help him cook the Chicken Keiv, a dish she knows well. The obstinsible reason for her going to Roger's is a cooking lesson, but it is really a chance for them to talk about their mutual attraction. As they rub the spices on the chicken breasts, Susan says Roger looks cute in an apron. Next, they argue over who has the biggest mid life crisis. Just as they are about to cut through all the malarkey and get to the meat of the matter, Janet comes home. Her job went well, although her boss slapped her on her rump, a detail she neglects to mention. They offered her a full time job.

    Roger was so distracted by Susan that he forgot to set the timer, and the chicken is overdone. Ricky complains and refuses to eat it. Ricky asks if he can go out with BJ and Samantha, and her cousin. Roger says yes, but Janet says no. Ricky tries to exploit the situation, asking who wears the pants, since Roger is wearing an apron. Roger tells him to go, and Janet goes to make dinner, since Roger is a failure as a cook.

    Later he asks her what she wants, what would make her happy. She says that she wants Roger to have a good job and then things will go back to how they were. Roger seems like he wants to do that, and will try to do it if it makes her happy.

    Bruce and Susan, as I said in the summary, go to a disco with Tom and Trina Decker. Tom is wearing a Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" disco suit. Before going, he coaches them on the latest moves, showing them The New Yorker. I read somewhere that they are line dancing, but line dancing is country style, and that is not the accurate term. It is disco dancing, and they do have synchronized moves very similar to line dancing, but I still wouldn't call it line dancing. Anyway, it is a high point of excitement in this episode, as they dance to KC & The Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight."

    The disco is decadence central, with glittered skaters, same sex dance couples, and people snorting coke off of scantily clad females adding to the ambience. The owner, an old friend of the Deckers, offers them coke. They decline, but Susan asks Trina if she has any qualudes. Of course she does, and offers them all round. I was worried how they got home, but next scene they are all back at the Decker's for an obstinsible dip in the pool.

    I might have missed some of the bits here and there, but that is a recap of the show. Last episode seems to have been a lull, but they have bounced back and are sprinting towards the finish, with only a few episodes left.

    My prediction is that it winds up with a three couple swap, where Susan and Roger, Bruce and Trina, and gasp! Tom and Janet all hook up. Maybe Roger will get that job, but things won't go back to the way they used to be.