Season 1 Episode 5

Go Your Own Way

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 03, 2008 on CBS

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  • Getting better

    This episode of Swingtown finally moved past the sexual relationships of those involved, though only marginally. I think that this episode tried to get down to political and social issues that people faced in the 70s, which is what the grander purpose of the show is supposed to be. Of all the characters that surprised me, it was Janet. I thought that she would get on my nerves after about the 2nd episode, but she did some changing this week. There may be more to Janet than meets the eye. Susan continues to be skeptical of herself and the world around her while marching headlong in to situations. I hated that Laurie was encouraging her to defy Bruce, not because I think that a woman should obey her husband, but because I thought a teenager should be more respectful of her parents' marriage. I loved that Trina showed some insecurity this week. I really like her character. She started out with the potential to be rather hateful, but has proved to be truly accepting and genuine. I know this show won't last, but I'll enjoy it while it does.
  • Susan goes against Bruce's wishes and attends a fundraiser for Harry Reems. Laurie breaks up with her boyfriend. Trina tells Tom that she is worried about his time away on the long flights. And Roger and Janet watch a porn film.

    I am really liking this show. The charaters are fun and the stories are interesting. This episode was especially good because it advanced several story lines. Susan displayed some backbone; Laurie made a final break with her boyfriend and asked him not to tell about her and the teacher. My fave couple, Janet and Roger, took another big step (after the pot brownies) and gave a glimspe of the fun yet to come for them. Trina and Tom seem to need to work on trust a bit more. The only storyline I really don't like is the one with the boys and the girl next door, not to mention the girl's mother. What a sad charater. Overall I liked this episode and I even learned a bit of history.
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