Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on CBS

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  • 1.07 'Heatwave'

    just finished watching this episode and I have to add it was the best one yet. Totally loved the chemistry between Susan and Roger and I'd love for those two to jump at it right away. Janet didn't play a big part in this one, the same goes for Bruce. Oh, except his young intern (is she an intern?) wanted to sleep with him, so go figure :D lol. And my fave couple Tom & Trina were pushed to the breaking point, they started to drift even more apart. It is so bad that she wants them to be exclusive for the coming days and weeks. 9,0/10
  • I love Swingtown!! cbs please keep this hot and sexy show!

    I will give every episode a 9 or 10, i love the show.!!the actors/actresses are all hot and the show is super spicy.!! The first episode was kinda slow but the next two got way more interesting, to say the lease. I am begging CBS to please keep this hot and sexy show running. I also love that it takes place in the 1970's, even though swinging is very popular now days. Keep up the good work and show more sensual scenes please.!! I especially like the couple who hosted the pool party- very hot couple, love those two. I wanna see more swingtown!!!!
  • Chicago experiences a blackout and the Deckers, Millers, and Thompsons deal with it in unique ways.

    Some big storylines are moved forward: Bruce/Melinda, Susan/Roger, Roger's unemployment, and the Deckers' openness.

    Laurie spends the day with Doug and his friends.

    The pool party will impact on the three marriages, but the aftermaths will no doubt be interesting to follow!

    Bobbi? Gives gals with Southern drawls a bad name.

    Lana Parrilla's Trina was great to watch- her controlled "polite grins". Her uber-hostess mode barely covered her obvious dislike of Bobbi and disappointment in Tom. Grant Show is amazing with Tom's uncertainty and bad feelings of getting caught out- unusual for easy-going Tom. Miriam Shor's Janet is angry,icy dignity as she goes through her day. By the end of the episode, her "You got it" just made me tear up. "Our House" was perfectly used in the closing montage.

    Cannot love this show more!
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