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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Swingtown debuts.

    After seeing commercials for this show I expected it to be a rip-off of That 70's Show. While it wasn't exactly that, it also wasn't funny, or entertaining in the least bit. If you grew up or experienced the 70's, you might like this show for the nostalgia, the awful music or because you have nothing else better to do. If you know about HBO and programs such as 30 Rock, then you are probably smart enough to realize this isn't worth your viewing time. While it is unfair to judge a show by its first episode, this program shows zero potential of evolving into an even reasonably watchable hour. CBS is a network known for compelling, action-packed dramas and hilarious comedies, but this delivers neither. Since it is baseball season, we can equate this show to a pitcher having to step up to the plate because this show is a swing and a miss.
  • This was a great episode, and it was much better watching it the second time around. You could definitely get the sense that the show wasn't just about swinging, and the name of the show implies a lot more than it actually lets on.

    This was a pretty good pilot for a show like Swingtown. When I first watched it, it didn't seem all that good to me. But, I stuck with the show, and it's easily the best show of the summer. Now we're 11 episodes in, and looking back at the pilot, I'm realizing how good it actually was. It set up the show very well - it showed us who the characters were, and that the show was going to be about a lot more than swinging. It is a great show, with a great pilot. Easily the must-see show of the summer and of the year!
  • Relationships are changing in the Millers' circle of now-growing friends, neighbors and coworkers! How the adults and teens face this in the summer of '76 is what the show is about.

    A husband gets promoted at work, buys a house a few blocks away and his family's world changes!

    The Deckers are jet-setting, childless swingers. He's an airline pilot; she's an ex-stewardess. The Millers are the new upwardly-mobile family of Bruce, Susan, Laurie, and BJ. Susan and Bruce were married right out of high school; Laurie and BJ are teens.

    The Thompsons are the Millers' neighbors from the "old" place, Roger and Janet. They have a son BJ's age, Rick.

    The episode shows us the players and sets up interesting stories to come.

    The Thompsons are welcomed to the Deckers, but some lines are drawn by Janet. Some chances are taken by the Millers.

    Overall, an intriguing summer show about relationships, trust, and friendship against the shifting socio-economic and political landscape of 1976! I hope it is a summer treat for a few summers to come!
  • Neither here nor there

    Here's the problem with this show, as with most that try to tackle sex in American mainstream: there isn't any. There are crude jokes, like the one in the plane, there is tension, there is a hint of sexuality and inside conflict's all the rage. But, this is primetime, so it's all going to come down to sheets pulled over the breast, which defeats the entire premise of the series. This is why American TV will always have plenty of successful violence-oriented shows - they are no longer taboo. Not even drugs are a shy topic. The last vestige of a prude society is sex - and showing their own sexual revolution without actual sex is just not going to cut it. I'm not really going to comment on the rest of the show, because it's just a normal "everyone's dysfunctional in their own way" deal, nothing to write home about - and the scenes were cut a little awkward, making it difficult to concentrate on the flow of the episode. But, all this can be corrected. Unfortunately, the clean approach can't. Too bad, it could have been interesting.
  • A good show, but probably best to keep it as a summer show.

    CBS definitely took some risks in airing this show. It is most definitely a topic that is controversial and different. And there is a bit of a guiltiness in watching it. We watch these people doing things we might be too chicken to try out ourselves. And we get an awesome release from that. The show has compelling characters, I am most drawn to Trina and anticipate her realization that maybe this life isn't as great as she pretends it to be. The plotline is definitely different which means there is no show quite like it. And the time period is nostalgic, even for me who was born in 1982. But it seems familar, simpler despite it's complex plot. The avacado refrigerator and high-waisted pants make this show a bit less controversial and more nostalgic.

    I wouldn't call it the best show on TV, I don't think I'd even call it a great show. But it is aa perfect summer show, not too complex and extremely satisfying.
  • This one will be Great!

    I loved it, I dont watch much TV at all but I will make sure I watch this every week. It keeps you wondering whats going to happen next. Wonder if maybe she will try to get her friend who was so offended to do it? I loved the time, the style, the clothing, everything was just so right on the money. If your a fan of Sex and the City, or Big love from HBO then you will love this. They did a great job. They took a chance, but Im so glad they did. It works! Keep up the good work!
  • CBS takes chance with Swingtown and the show is great

    I have been waiting for Swingtown since it was announced.

    Tom and Trina great dynamic couple.. Trina looks like a troublemaker.

    The kids had alot of story as well.

    Its going to be fun to see where these stories are heading throughout these 13 episodes.

    Who can argue with the detail of the sets, the shag carpeting, the 8 track tape player, the old Cadillacs and the costumes..WOW

    I wish I was there for that, well I was a kid then..But I remember my family members dressing just like that..and yes they were swingers too.

    As a fan of scripted TV, I will be here each week for Swingtown !!!
  • As a child of the seventies, I really enjoyed the nostalgia. Clothes, music, drugs, slang ... brought it all back. As a current swinger, I was delighted at the accuracy. Way to go, CBS!

    Swinging and the seventies, all wrapped up into one show. I couldn't wait. And the first episode did not disappoint me. The first A+ goes to the soundtrack (although some of the songs played were actually popular later than the episode period). Great music by which to reminisce. The clothing and hairstyles were accurate and fabulous, from the daily casual wear to the nightclub stuff worn at "the party." What surprised me most was the presentation of "a swinger." Rather than the tired, cliched stereotype ("Hey baby, what's your sign?" or Quagmire from "Family Guy"), Swingtown portrayed the primary swinger-characters as educated, affluent and open-minded: much like we've experienced in the lifestyle today. But the show didn't candy-coat it all. From the pathetic, druggie single mom to the sleazy Quagmire-type guy in bed with all the women, Swingtown offered an rich array of characters that spanned the spectrum of people who enjoyed this lifestyle then (and enjoy it today, as well). Since everyone in a vanilla lifestyle is not happy (notice the sad, prudish former neighbor and her pathologically oppressed husband?) swingers have their share of issues. But I think, if the first episode is any indication, Swingtown is going to accurately present the ups, downs, ins and outs of the swing scene with class, style and honesty. As for the discussion regarding "opening up the marriage," the experienced couple explained the lifestyle in a positive, amazingly precise way! They talked about how their sex life improved vastly, they experienced more communication, and they became stronger as a couple. I'm sure we will see, in future episodes, that swinging is NOT for everyone, and that not everyone who gets involved in the lifestyle be happy with their decision. I appreciated the way the experienced swinger-wife admitted, in the beginning, that she felt jealous. What a great way to show how the enhanced open communication and respect between a lifestyle couple could work to iron out an issue in a positive, constructive way.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how the writers present the "sticky situations." We've learned a lot, but I bet we could all use a few pointers. Thanks CBS! Please don't let the non-fans ruin it for the rest of us.

    I feel this series has a lot to offer for entertainment and reminecense. I was only in my pre-teens at this time, but watching this show made me wish I was a little older at that time period. I will continue to watch hoping to see what my parents were up to when I was in bed at night... The costume design was right on time and I'm sure the drug use will start some controversy, but I think it's great. I think it will help the Babyboomers realize how Liberal the United States was at that time and ease the pressure on the Liberals of TODAY!!!