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  • Interesting.

    Ok, the first time I checked this show out was back in summer 2008 when I watched the pilot, didn't like it very much back then. But now when I got to know these amazing actors from their newer projects I became curious and started watching again last month. Lana Parrilla is magnificent in here, Miriam Shor is great too. I like the storylines and while not the best show ever - the storytelling is very decenet and offers this interesting sneak peek into the 70's in America.

    It was not the worst thing 'Swingtown' got cancelled and we only have 13 episodes, it works better like that - as this little retro mini-series with great colors and costumes and amazing cast :) I still have 9 episodes left. 7,5/10
  • This is a most refreshing show.

    It has all off the primary and basic ingredients for great long lived series. This show is getting better with every episode and its so a series for the now the past as well as the future.
    I'm absolutely liking Tom and Trina but my favorites are Susan, Roger and Doug. The show inspirited me too look up some oldies and I want to thank the cast as well as the producers and writers for giving the public a show that keeps the seventy's living on in our hearts and our lives.
    These series are up there with shows like Star Trek and Stargate.
  • All good shows getting cancelled and all shows like this one is not... Waste of time...

    The show probably would be better if it would be set in present days, would have at least couple pretty actors...
    Now I could write whats bad about it... everything... I repeat everything... total waste of time... not funny, not catchy... actors not pretty... and that list could go forever... only one good thing about it... is idea... I think if you would do such a scandalous show... do it right... not like this... you can see some money have been invested... and screen writers and directors wasted them... Its really nothing more to say about this show just kids... dont even bother...
  • I thought this show was awesome too... underrated is a good buzzword for swingtown. I am bummed that we will not get to tune to this neighborhood anymore. I loved those pool parties.. This would be a great pick-up for HBO

    I thought this show was awesome too... underrated is a good buzzword for swingtown. I am bummed that we will not get to tune to this neighborhood anymore. I loved those pool parties.. This would be a great pick-up for HBO HBO could really take this show to the next level. the characters are rich and complex. The storyline, sets and costumes really take you back to the day. I would HIGHly recommend this entire series. at least watch the first episode, you will want to watch the second.

    the friendship between the new neighbors is is a nice plot element as both couples learn from each other in a variety of ways from different ends of the spectrum. Which culminates in the swinging couple becoming more together with each and the "prude"ish couple yearning for more action.
  • Swingtown is an Awesome show. Where can I purchase The 1st season? I am very unhappy that I heard that it was cancelled.

    I honestly believe that it should be brought back.
    It was insightful and influentual, the writing WAS Phenomenal I loved the character developement and the plot developement was superb. I can count a few times where i was on the edge of my seat with excitement!I know that there are many different directions it could take, and I really want to see them! Seriously!

    Do Something!

    I also believe that it would do much better in the HBO/Showtime Market.

    The writers would have more freedom to express what they wish.
    Call me if it comes back I want to work on it!
    I control a production crew that could help! LoL DC
  • A new family(Bruce and Susan Miller) moves into a more upper status neighborhood and meet two neighbors named Trinia and Tom Decker. What they don't expect to find in this neighborhood is full of adventure with swinging and "free love" to go around.

    I find this show to be entertaining because it has a plot to it which people can find dotting to the individuals in this show. You have underage drinking, unexpected romances, especially between a student and a teacher, and a conflict of interest between characters like Susan and Roger and Bruce and Melinda. The 1970s was a time of experimentation and finding "yourself" as these characters are demostrating. They are now trying to experiment with new choices in their romance/love lives. Because of this, we can sometimes relate to the characters of this show since they are showing conflict within themselves most of all which is sometimes we often have to do in our daily lives.
  • By far this is the best show on TV. The writing is brilliant. The cast is phenomenal. I look forward to staying in on Friday nights just to watch it! I still record it on my DVR though, so I can watch it whenever I need a fix! Amazing, amazing show!

    The writers have developed some of the best and most complex characters on TV today! Bravo!! I love the fact these characters are so real. Emotions are exposed, such as jealousy, excitement, understanding, trust and adapting with the ebbs and flows of relationships. It's brilliant! I feel like these characters are my friends! This show gets people talking and creates reactions, whether good or bad, and that is really something! Finally something of substance has taken back TV from the boring and overrated reality shows. Swingtown is real and fantastic and deserves many more seasons on the air. CBS nailed it with Swingtown! Awesome move on their part!!
  • Incredible show, excellent characters, shows how the liberalization of the 70's affected everyday people & families.

    What an incredible show, it's such a shame that CBS isn't going to be showing another season of it!! Just insane, another great show that goes over the head of most americans. Just a shame, my favourite show out there. More info on Swintown's future..."Audience interest dwindled as the summer progressed. After a strong pilot episode, the ratings for Swingtown got progressively worse, aided by a mid-season move from Thurdays to Friday. The ratings problems have led CBS to see if any cable networks, or perhaps DirecTV, are interested in picking it up.[12] According to executive producer Alan Poul, the first season ending was shot with the show's uncertain future in mind:[13] The season ends with a cliffhanger, but it's also a completely satisfying ending. So, if we go forward, there are many new things that are set up to explore. And if we don't go forward, there's no feeling that we've been left with something incomplete."
  • One of our favorites!

    We look forward to this show every week. It keeps getting better and better.We are so tired of reality shows,crime scene shows, violence and reruns of old comedy series. We like this show because it is about life, people and relationships. We will be really disappointed if it is cancelled. These are people with who real life people can identify with. We all have gone through flirtations in life that we couldn't help, felt guilty about and either followed through or ended it.The characters are so unique in this show. I keep shifting what I think about each one as each new episode unfolds.This week is the season's finale and I hope it is not the last episode ever. Please bring it back!
  • wow

    we love i wish it was friday everyday for a new reason! if you dont keep this show i will never watch cbs again. i am serious please keep this show..... all my girls watch and we talk about it all the time. i wish it was the 70's again. So this is what my parents were doing back then. If anyone doesnt like this show they are lieing and watching it behind closed doors. I even watch it with my mother in law. We think it is sooooo great thank you cbs for making my weekend start with a bang.
  • I can not get enough of this show. I love all the twists and turns. The characters are so real and true to life. I am addicted. When I miss a show I watch it on line over and over. It is my guilty pleasure......

    You watch a lonely house wife get involved with the couple across the street from their new home. They go to a party and find out that everyone there are swingers. The decide to try it and they like it. It puts a kick in their everyday hum drum life. They are torn between doing it again and trying to stay committed to their marriage. I love it! The twists, the turns, the deception, the old friendships. There is even a twist with the kids. THe music is great! The clothes and lifestyles are so true form. It is a must see TV show.
  • A genuine examination of what it takes to be in a committed relationship when traditional family values are challenged. A wealth of character development set against a nostalgic slant on the consequences of the loss of innocence that coming of age brings.

    I'd wanted to sign up for this website for years but didn't find the time until now...so I could specifically review this show and hopefully bring a few more onto the bandwagon. Initially, I thought that this would be a total guilty pleasure, as in, how much fun would it be to dream about a life lived in a consequence free environment where you give yourself over to the passions of the moment. It was that, at first, but then came the consequences, and the doubts, and the tough choices, and as I talked to a friend of mine about it who was also starting to watch it (a few episodes in), I realized just how much this show was about traditional family values. Perhaps it is the irony of ironies, but nevertheless accurate, I have come to see it as an examination of what it takes to be in a committed relationship, open or not, and not only that, but in some ways, it is a guide to how to stay true to your course in a partnership.

    We idealize or romanticize the notion that relationships can be one dimensional where we can be swept off our feet, ride away into the sunset, and live happily ever after. But this show has the courage to portray the true complicated nature of relationships (the realization of which in itself is an important aspect of coming of age and that what it really means to be an adult is facing the hard choices and tests that life brings you)

    There are two other important ways that this show portrays the journey from adolescence to adulthood, both of which have to do with the fact that the show is set in the 70's.

    Both the sentiments and the music of that decade reflect a shift away from the seriousness of the 60's and the beginning of the journey down the rabbit hole into wonderland. Free love blossomed. Drug use ran rampant. The Self Help industry showed up on the doorstep with a loud knock and refused to go away (in itself bringing an end to the lack of responsibility and accountability that youth symbolically lacks). Innocence was lost in a thousand ways as if it was being shed away a caterpillar's cocoon, giving birth to a new being.

    And the music was pure magic. I grew up in the 80's but I remember the music from the 70's as being something secretive in a way, in the sense that only older people really knew what was being said in the lyrics. I remember thinking that "Afternoon Delight" was really about fireworks in the sky and that maybe really there would be an "Undercover Angel" who would come and rescue me from my bad dreams at night! But if the first half of the 70's was represented in musical form as those innocent whispers that start to turn heads and send minds to thinking in directions never before thought of, the near simultaneous rise of both disco and punk, admittedly towards the end of the decade, was a total shedding away of that innocence, jumping full force into what it means to grow up, regardless of the consequences. Indeed, disco music represented the nth degree of immersing yourself in the pleasures of the moment with full force, giving birth to a whole new dance scene that continues to flourish to this day. And punk showed in gritty detail just how screwed up life could be if you made the wrong choices...and you always made the wrong choices...and all you could do was scream in desperation, in a longing to return to the safety of naivete, but knowing that irrevocably, that had past. This was, then another passageway into adulthood...the angst generated when we shut down our emotions and give in to the depression that comes from the realization that not only is life not so simple, but that your "dreams" are not going to suddenly manifest themselves as if by magic, as you had hoped they would.

    I just watched the 10th episode (Running on Empty) and I was absolutely blown away by the range of emotions and situations that the characters were put in...it was almost epic in its scope to portray the heart wrenching choices made, and the little voices in our heads that say, "What if that wasn't enough? or Could I make a Different Choice?"

    It may be cliche, and you could have heard it a thousand times before, but during this episode, I winced at painful truths, I laughed at ridiculous situations, I cried over the empathy of others, I dreamed of taking chances, I understood more of what it means to hold on to what is most important but yet appreciate the necessity of simultaneously letting go of what is most dear.

    And it's not just this episode. Every one of them has been a twisted roller coaster of emotion and intellectual challenges as you grapple with the choice that you might make in the same situations.

    I do not bestow the rating of superb lightly on tv shows, but this one deserves it. Others I've considered superb for different reasons, have been The West Wing, Desperate Housewives, 24, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Joan of Arcadia, The X-Files, and Dexter. All of these have devoted significant efforts towards character development with an emphasis on the kind of solid writing that makes you rethink (or at least clarify) your values, even opening the door to new choices.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this show as it accomplishes all that I've talked about here in a very accessible way. Please recommended this to others as it deserves to continue being produced.
  • This show is great!

    LOVE THIS SHOOOOW!!!!! ENOUGHT SAID>>>> This show is awesome. The cast do an fantastic job and are all very sexy in their own style. I look forward to Fridays and just a note I seldom watch TV at all. I have a great fear they will cancel this show. It is fresh and orginal. I am sick to death of reality shows. The last time I was this crazy over a show was Thirty Something and China Beach. I hope this show has a long life and continues to have orginal story lines and the great cast continues to be totally hot.
  • The only way this show could get any better is to be on a cable channel where they could be a bit more edgy similar to Queer As Folk.

    The subject matter is great! It may scare away the very conservative and bore the extremely adventurous, but for those who have an open mind and enjoy being provoked into considering different lifestyles and their effect on relationships, this show is fantastic.

    The characters are interesting with enough depth, the production quality is good, the soundtrack and wardrobe are fun. The writing and acting are mostly good with moments that sparkle. Especially impressive are the kids who are doing a great job.

    Also, some eye candy for both sexes and some dejavu moments for those old enough to remember the 70s. This show isn't for everyone, but if you have an open mind you will love it!
  • My favorite show on tv!

    It's such a great show. I wish people could be more open-minded and give it a chance. Come ON CBS! I'm so tired of people automatically discounting things based on what they THINK they know it's about. I started watching this show because my neighbor sent me an email and told me not to. I'm so glad she did because if hadn't I probably never would have tuned in. So, I can finally tell my neighbor "thank you!" for being such a nosy busy body. If CBS cancels it, I'll be sad but hopeful another station will pick it up and nurture it for them true gem it really is.
  • I love it!!!!

    I love this show. It's not only about swinging...it's about a time when things were simplier than today. Brings back alot of memories from the 70's. In 15 years, I haven't watched a "weekly" show until now. Now I can't wait until it rolls around. I just hate that it got moved from Thursday to Friday. I guess they want the ratings to fall so they can have an excuse to pull it. That would be a mistake for them because I think if they advertised it more as being a show from the 70's instead of a "swinging" show, more people would have watched it. Instead some people think that just because you watch this show, you are a swinger. Not true. I just love everything about it from the clothes to the furniture to the "time" set. It's wonderful and I hope that it doesn't stop. I am addicted!!!
  • Great !! i hope they dont cancel like they did with big shots and jericho

    I love it, i was born 76 and i can understand that people older than me likes it ,and can relate not maybe all to the swinging but the music, clothes, furnitures..etc . i hope they do not cancel, like jericho and bigshots.. i must type min 100 letters so now i will only write rubbish hahaha ha ha ha ha hahahahah hah a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • I'm talking about Swingtown, or perhaps it should have been called That 70's Show--For Adults!!!! It is a clever bit of historical drama that describes the cultural trends, the fashions, the politics, and oh yes, the phenomenon of swinging.

    A new show on CBS that seemed like just a summertime replacement has really distinguished itself as a smart new drama. I'm talking about Swingtown, or perhaps it should have been called That 70's Show--For Adults!!!! It is a clever bit of historical drama, a period piece, if you will, that describes the cultural trends, the fashions, the politics, and oh yes, the phenomenon of swinging. Wife swapping. Open marriage. Orgies. It takes a pretty balanced look for a television drama. One would expect that the show would be hypocritical and self righteous. It would first titillate you with the gory and juicy details, then it would show terrible things happening as a result, and finally, the self righteous hypocrisy, like on the Jerry Springer show where after listening to some freaks and getting off on it, the audience turns on them and calls them freaks. That way, you get the vicarious and voyeuristic thrill plus the added bonus of hypocritical self righteous indignation, with none of the guilt. It is win-win-win!!!

    But Swingtown, so far at least, hasn't taken this approach, but rather, it explores the contradictions and celebrates the paradox. The three main couples, and their friends and families, may have regrets, but they also have exhilarating moments when everything seems possible, Oh Brave New World.

    One daughter is secretly dating her philosophy teacher--at least he was her teacher until Summer School ended. They want to watch the Republican Convention--it is post Watergate and the candidate will either be incumbent Gerald Ford or up-and-comer Ronald Wilson Reagan. Ford pardoned Nixon! Daughter wants his head on a platter. Teach hopes it will be Ford, because he thinks Reagan would be the stronger candidate. If it is Ford, then Carter will have a better chance. They are watching the convention on the daughter's family TV, because her parents are out for the night--at a Swing Club!

    They come home with another couple, and teacher and daughter smell them smoking pot! They are trapped, and desperate to escape. Just as her parents are about to swap spouses, or at least make everyone omelets (you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs) they make a break for it (if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen).

    Daddy is enraged, and he threatens to ground her. The whole situation is ludicrous, and that is why I love this show. It started out on Thursday, and I started getting involved with it--then it disappeared. Oh, well, another one bites the dust. Whenever there is some quality drama on television, they always kill it. Gotta make room for more reality shows, Dr. Phil, and American Idol. But then I found that they had just moved it to Fridays. Relief. Watch it while you can, I still say something this good can't last on TV.
  • Three couples, and their kids, navigate relationships in the ever-shifting climae of the mid-70s. Fun music, fashions, and memories as well!

    A refreshing scripted show dealing with a recent-but-neglected period of our nation's history. By focusing on three famlies, the writers have made the changes that the nation went through understandable and universal.

    That the three female leads are the driving force of the show is clear after the first show, not that the men are overshadowed! The teens are interesting in their own right and deserve credit for making us wonder about them, even when they are off-screen.

    Miriam Shor, Grant Show, and Lana Parrilla are series MVPs, as they walk away with each episode. (Miriam Shor has been criminally ignored by mainstream tv and film,in my opinion! Actually? The adult leads in this show have all "flown under the radar" as far as I'm concerned.)

    Issues of trust, friendship,and honesty are looked at every episode, but not heavy handedly. What exactly constitutes marital fidelity is also looked at, with special interest in the open marriage of one lead couple.

    Still,Swingtown is relatively tame with few instances of swearing or nudity( partial or implied at that!) and matter-of-fact treatment of pot and regular smoking. I'd recommend this deceptively deep drama for anyone fourteen or older, of course younger teens should watch with their parents!
  • We are a couple in the lifestyle that can really relate to this show!

    We have been into the swinger lifestyle for years and would love to have swinger friends that look like the people on Swingtown. I would love to attend a party at the pilots house. And we DO have several neighbor friends with benefits.....so there really ARE neighborhoods like this in the real world. You just never know what your neighbors do for fun!!!! We LOVE the show!!! Can't believe they can show this on primetime tv! For those out there who don't think this lifestyle exists it does! We recently attended a camping trip with close to 400 swingers. It was wild to say the least! Last night we were at a house party with about 50 swingers. The only thing our lifestyle friends don't like about the show is the drug aspect, but we all understand that WAS the 70's. We do not see a any drugs used at parties nowadays. Hope this show runs for many seasons!
  • Swingtown, a refreshing new drama with a little comedy.

    I absolutely love this show, it gives you a break from all the crime shows and realty shows out there. It's so nice to see a fun drama with a little comedy attachted. Also, it's nice to see a show about life and all it's drama attachted. Please keep the episodes coming, but I have a fear it won't make it, because they stopped advertising for it and they are moving it to Fridays. It seems like they don't give shows a chance anymore, I hope they are not going to cancel it before we find out more dynamics from the show, they did this to us with October Road, if you networks are going to end shows, at least air them on the internet so we can at least see the final episodes or tie up loose ends for the fans, after all don't we matter!
  • I look forward each week to take a peek inside swingtown! My hubby and I both enjoy this hot new show!

    I enjoy the actors and the story line is very enjoyable. please keep this one coming! My hubby and I cant wait each week to take a peek into swimgtown. As a child who grew up in the seventies it is so neat to look back at the fasions and the cool music. I hate that this show was moved to Fridays and hope this is not the end for swingtown. The show is so fun and a little on the wild side but always enjotable and fun to watch. Please, please keep this one coming back and we will certainly keep watching!
  • This one is actually growing on me, despite the fact that I thought it never ever would!

    I really didn't think this show had a chance with me. I watched the first episode and thought I would just wretch a bit, it was just that bad. Pacing was slow, premise too cheesy, characters seemed a bit smarmy. I was about to write it off completely.

    Then I forced myself to watch another one. And another.
    And surprise, but little by little the darn thing started to grow on me. Is that due to the fact that it is summer viewing season and there isn't much else to watch or is that due to the fact that there is really someting to this show? Only time will tell...

    But I actually love the period setting. The production team is doing a really great job of recreating a lot of the nuances of the late '70's, so I enjoy the gigantic flashbacks this show gives me. (I miss my mom's avocado green kitchen...not!)

    But now I can honestly say that the stories and plotlines are starting to stick with me, too. I'm especially intrigued by the hint of a relationship between Roger and Susan. Do I see a glint of unrequited, puppy-dog love in his eyes? I suppose I'll keep watching and see.

    This was my Sinful Secret... now call it a Guilty Pleasure!
  • I, as a 24 year old who was sheltered in her upbringing, have really come to love this show. After the very first episode I was completly hooked. I think that it is perfect for someone my age, especially for a "goody goody" like me.

    I think the main attraction has to be the time period, I was born in the mid 80s therefore I wasnt around to see the sexual revolution come about. I am in no way a feminist, but I do have some liberal views and Singtown gives me all of those aspects that my parents always told me about. I can see the homemaker, trying to be perfect mother (Janet) and the mother who is just trying to find herself (Susan) along with the husbands who dont know whether to make heads or tails of their situations. I think that if I had lived through the era, maybe I would see the show a little differently, but it really has caught my attention and I do love the taboo fact that since it IS taking place in the middle of the sexual revolution, there are those moments that even in this day and age, I cant really seem to get over. I hope they keep Swingtown around at least as long as "that 70s show" and end up following the children also. i really think that they could have a hit show if they focused on the right type of audience.
  • this is three different types of families in the 1970's.

    I look so forward to this show every week maybe because this is my era and many memories. susan and bruce are so beliveable.the only problem i have is where is the son most of the time? And i think they could have picked someone better for the role of the daughter. Then we have janet and her hot husband roger. where is there son? bruce is definitely in love with susan,he wishes his wife weren't so square and loosen up i think he would be up for anything. then trina and bill they show that even open marriage has rules and there are feelings involved
  • A wonderful show that goes beyond the so-called social taboo.

    Don't let the title and extra curricular activities fool you, this is a story about family, social issues of the times and life's struggles. It does bring sex back into the mainstream again, but it goes beyond that and the people bagging this because of the sexual undertones just need to back off and relax. Yes, this may have been more revealing and sexual on HBO or Showtime, but it's not. It's on CBS. Hats off to Les Moonves and CBS for being daring and bringing a subculture of sex that still exists today to the forefront. Watch and enjoy!
  • A fine and fun look at time when the culture was shifting still while trying to settle into a new "age". It is retro with well done with relevance for all even if you weren't a kid, or and adult durning these time.

    A lovely look at time many folks have either "forgotten", or just don't want to remember. It is well crafted, extremely well written with fine acting and some nice pacing. It is just a show about people being people durning a time of serious cultural change (the end of it mainly) and how many folks managed such change. It fun and serious, sad and uplifiting with lots of different characters showing us their view of the world and how they try to survive it.

    I am not sure how well it will do, but it could be as good as The West Wing, or Ugly Betty if enough folks just sit back and enjoy the story without getting lost in their own dogma.
  • Dang good!!!!!!!!!

    Thank Goodness there are no doctors or cops in this show. This is entertainment at its best. Great characters, great acting, and very good writing. Truly a television show that should continue. As someone who was born after (or during) this time period, it provides a glimpse into what it was like. The music is incredible as well. It might be a little off in terms of accuracy, but it's better to have GREAT music from "around" the same time period than mediocre songs that are accurate from a timeline perspective. I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs way up up up up.
  • I can't believe CBS replaced MOONLIGHT with this garbage!!!!!!! I wouldn't let my dog watch this, much less my children!!!!!!!1

    It would appear to me that if CBS wanted good ratings it would have kept MOONLIGHT on for a second season, since the show never had a good chance for those people at that network to really see what true fans it has.

    BUT The Peoples Choice Awards did and CBS still didn't listen to their viewers.

    Maybe it's because Nina has a relative that is involved int this stupid show and they needed the money!!!!

    I would think fans would be MUCH more IMPORTANT!!!!

    Thenwe have the sopnsors!!! Since the fans support the sponsors I would think that would be IMPORTANT!!!! :)
  • A blast from the past! Not that everyone were swingers in teh 70's, but the era was great!

    This show is such a thrill to watch! I love it! I know that alot of people are thinking that it is too racy for network tv and I even saw one that said what are we teaching our children. First of all, why are your children up at 10:00 watching it in the first place. If they are young enough that this would actually place some impression on them, then they should be in bed before then anyway. And in the second place, LIGHTEN UP! It is a tv show, and with all the shows that are being cancelled now, I am just glad that there are a few entertaining ones left!
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