Season 1 Episode 10

Running on Empty

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

Bruce and Susan are packing up for a weekend away at the cabin as Laurie is sneaking time in with Doug and preparing to tell her parents that she is not going. Janet tells Roger that he is depressed and tells him that she made him an appointment with a psychiatrist and Rick will be going with the Millers to the cabin. As Janet and Roger drop off Rick, Tom and Trina stop by to pick up the keys to the Miller's house so they can look after things. Things are a little tense with B.J. and Rick and also Laurie, but she doesn't back out.

Tom and Trina experiment in the bedroom with costumes and toys. Meanwhile, Roger and Janet attend a therapy session but it ends abruptly when the therapist asks if Janet has problems. At the cabin, Susan calls and speaks to Roger and she says that skipping stones wouldn't be the same without him. Playing charades, tempers flare when Bruce tells Laurie that she can't see Doug anymore and threatens to tell the school board. Laurie says that he has no right to judge after what she saw.

Tom and Trina turn down an invitation from anohter couple to party. Janet ends up going back to the therapist and lets out her feelings about Tom's attention towards her. After a tense mother-daughter talk, Susan calls Roger but is interrupted when Bruce comes in the door telling her that she stood him up for a picnic. B.J. comes in with a note that Laurie took off.

Janet invites Tom and Trina over for dinner and Janet tells Tom privately that she can't be part of his world and she doesn't want his attention. Trina calls Roger out on wanting Susan. At the cabin, Rick and B.J. work through their differences by fighting it out.

Susan and Bruce call Doug and he tells him where Laurie is and they all arrive at the same time. The foursome share a piece of pie at a diner and then Bruce and Susan let Laurie go to the concert with Doug.

After dinner with the Thompsons, the Deckers realize they need some excitement and contact their friends for a private party. Janet tells Roger that she is going to get a job. After Roger tries to call Susan, he stares at the number for the therapist. Susan and Bruce seem more distant than ever.

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