Season 1 Episode 10

Running on Empty

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Janet and Roger saw a therapist, but Janet felt she didn't hear what she wanted from her, so she walked out. Bruce and Susan took their family to the lake, but Laurie, the daughter with the funny nose, wanted to go to a concert with her boyfriend/teacher.

    I was going to call this one nothing happened, but it seems like Susan and Roger are both realizing that they have feelings for each other. I almost went with filler episode. Tom and his wife, whose name escapes me even though she is by far the hottest of all the wives, were still trying out monogamy, but spicing it up with costumes, like a french maid outfit. Interupting their game, a little bondage with fishnets and a blindfold, the phone rings. It is Anthony asking if they want to get together. Tom tells him that they are keeping a low profile, but as soon as they are ready, he will be the first to know. Janet, after talking to the therapist, wants to tell Tom that his attention is making her uncomfortable, but they could still be friends. She waits until she sees his wife has left to go to the store and then she rings his bell. She is about to tell him, but the wife comes back because she forgot her wallet. Janet doesn't want to say it in front of her, so she invites them to dinner. At the dinner, she asks Tom to help her in the kitchen. She tells him what she wanted to say. Tom is fine with that, since he really was only flirting with her to make her feel better. He plays along with it, and compliments her some more. Really, though, they are totally bored and as soon as dinner is over, they make excuses to leave.

    Tom's wife asks him if Anthony and Michelle are still available. Then we see them all together about to swing. They are a black couple, both very attractive.

    Meanwhile, back at the lake, Laurie really doesn't want to be there and spends hours on the phone. They fight, and she ends up leaving, and hitch hiking back to meet up with her boyfriend/teacher. She gets a ride from a charming old lady, but only about halfway home. Bruce and Susan are worried about what might happen to her, so they call the boyfriend, and he tells them he is going to meet her at a cafe. They all go there, and Bruce is very angry, but then finally realizes that they can't stop her, and she leaves with the teacher to see Jackson Browne in concert. Cue the music, Running on Empty, and thus the title. Also, BJ and his friend were still mad at each other because of what happened at the Spin the Bottle session with BJs friend. They get into a fight, but then they seem to have gotten it out of their systems, and are friends again, shooting cans with a BB Gun.

    This episode didn't seem to be as entertaining as previous ones had. The story arc seems to have gotten to where everyone is having to pay for their transgressions, except for Tom, whose wife was so bored by their evening with Roger and Janet that she couldn't wait to get back into the swing of things. And Laurie with the funny nose is happy to be going to the concert with her older boyfriend, former teacher.
  • Tom & Trina can't keep their promise to themselves to stop swinging for awhile and wound up swinging with the HOTTEST black couple on television, "Anthony & Michelle." The BODIES on that black couple were RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

    I suspect we haven't seen the last of that new, sexy, black couple, ANTHONY & MICHELLE. I mean, all the build-up for us to only see them at the end of the episode? I don't think so. I wanted to hear what they sounded like. Get a feel for who they are. I mean, I know, TOM, said they had just gotten back from ITALY, so obviously they're a couple of means. We could clearly see that they have GRRRRRRRREAT bodies! Can't wait to see more of those bodies! : I just looked up the actor who plays, "Anthony." His name is, RYLAN WILLIAMS. Looks like he's kinda new to Hollywood, but has already done CSI:MIAMI and a few movies. And I read that the actress playing, "Michelle," actually worked with the actress who plays, "Trina," in the cancelled series from last year called, "WINDFALL." Truth be told, I'm just happy to see people-of-color introduced on the show. From this week's episode, it looks like these two "brown-skinned" people have the HOTTEST BODIES on the show, too! :)