Season 1 Episode 9

Swingus Interruptus

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

Tom and Trina host a dinner party with Bruce, Susan, Brad and Sylvia as their guests. Trina asks Susan if she has talked to Janet since the day of the Puzzlerama party and Trina talks about doing something nice for Janet. At dinner, the couples discuss Brad's new article about the "new sexual revolution" and Tom and Trina admit that they have closed their marriage for a while due to infidelity. Later, Susan and Bruce are in bed and Susan asks Bruce if they should talk. Bruce divulges that he had been with Melinda the night of the blackout and all they did was kiss.

The next morning, Susan asks Bruce to not speak with Melinda again. Susan tells Bruce that they should go to the Pendulum Club, a sex club, with Brad and Sylvia that night. Later, over drinks, Bruce and Roger, who are discussing Roger's work options and possibly becoming a trader, Bruce discusses his "infidelity" and Roger is surprised that Susan was okay with it and even more surprised that she wants to go to a sex club. Trina heads to Janet's with muffins as a peace offering. Susan stops by Trina's and asks her to come with them that evening to the club. Janet stops by and is convinced to go to the club as well. Meanwhile, Laurie is spending the afternoon with Doug at his apartment and they make plans to watch the Republican Presidential Convention at her house that evening since her parents will be out.

At the club, Roger is hit on by a single woman and she later takes Roger and Janet on a tour of the back room. Brad and Sylvia talk with Susan and Susan invites them to come back to the Miller's house after the club. The foursome return home and Laurie and Doug are caught off guard when they do.

At the Thompsons, Rick has some friends over including B.J. and Samantha. After Samantha beats Rick in PONG, Rick offers up the game of Spin the Bottle. When Rick spins the bottle, it lands on Samantha and they have to spend two minutes in the closet. While in there, Rick talks down about B.J. and then tries to kiss Samantha who decks him and takes off. B.J. takes off after her. B.J. catches up to her and kisses her.

Roger and Janet stop by the Deckers so Janet can return a dress she borrowed from Trina and find that Tom and Trina are entertaining. Janet watches as a woman dances for Roger and leaves the room. Tom follows her outside and tells her Roger should be lucky that he has her and then Tom kisses her.

Laurie and Doug hide and end up hearing everything that is going on with the foursome. When they think the coast is clear, Doug sees the couples, who are dancing, switch partners. Susan learns that Brad just likes to watch and then when Bruce and Sylvia are in the living room, Doug and Laurie try to sneak out and are caught by Bruce. Bruce asks how old Doug is, while Laurie asks who Sylvia is. Brad, Sylvia and Doug all leave the house in a rush. Bruce tells Laurie that she shouldn't be dating her teacher and he says that it's time to take their family back.