Switched At Birth

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Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez learn that they were switched at birth and try to unite their families on the ABC Family series "Switched At Birth".


    Switched at Birth Will End After Season 5

    The award-winning drama will return for its final season this summer.


    ABC Family Renews Award-Winning Drama Switched at Birth for Season 5

    The award-winning drama isn't going anywhere just yet.

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    • Emmett and Bay

      They belong together.
    • EPISODE: And Always Searching for Beauty

      EPISODE: It is amazing with the family running out of money, Bay and Daphne were able to run off to China and live there for more than 10 months. Then there was Regina, hooking up with a fugitive who had kidnapped his son. Then when Regina pays off the black mail, the fugitive flees with his son and the police still show up to arrest him. Then there was Kathryn, playing the T & A game to get a better bid for the car wash. The striving artist plying her wares doing tattoos. Real quality. And the show end with Bay getting a phone call, rushing to Daphne saying we have to go home. What will the mystery be? For me, I can wait till 2016. With girls jumping from bed to bed. With Regina jumping from bed to bed. How much more webs can we get.moreless
    • Address Down Syndrome in a different light

      I feel like the show isn't handling this whole Down Syndrome plot well at all. Don't get me wrong, I love the show, have since day one. I am happy to see the ASL world addressed. However, this new twist with a special needs child is being treated like its the end of life itself. I am the mother of a beautiful daughter with DS. Initially upon hearing the news, I would be lying if I said my heart didn't sink. But after a couple hours of feeling sorry for myself I pulled it together. From that point on I decided I would not raise her any differently from my first two children. We went forward with keeping the news to ourselves, believing only positive things for this little angle joining our family. She is ten years old now. She is beautiful, funny, loves music, rules the school, bowls, runs track and is even in the choir at school and in the Christmas Musical. The characters in the show look so sad all the realizing what a beautiful gift they are being given. I think the writers need to address that quickly with some positivity instead of constant tears. When you hear other accomplishments about other peoples children, know that your child with DS can accomplish the same things. Swimming, golfing, reading, skiing (water and snow). And, not all kids with DS are destine to have tremendous amounts of health issues. My daughter is very healthy. Please start portraying that so viewers can be more educated about DS. These are amazing children/people with hearts so big. Just saying. She is my world.

    • Informative

      I'm still a newbie & just on season 1. I think its a good series so far that dhows real family drama. I've been reading many reviews so I know that drugs & sex are coming up & sum don't like it, but it happens in real life. I think many of the viewers are diluding themselves if they think this doesn't happen w/their children. Peer pressure & temptation is around them every day. They may be able to learn from this show & see the signs so that they can make better decisions than these parents. I see it happening w/good kids every day & parents saying; "Not my I have gotten to watch more episodes of this show & cannot for the life of me understand why nobody can see the reason Bay acts out is because all her life she's been spoiled & then here comes Daphne & it's like she didn't exist to anyone. I think both set of parents put all their time into Daphne (creating another selfish spoiled brat) because she's deaf & they thought she was this great wholesome kid & Bay not so much. Very sad that parents are worse bullies than children. Don't like the Angelo thing either. He's made mistakes but all the parents have too but their mistakes seem to be blamed on him. Good ole fashion, It wasn't my fault it's his scenario. Its really sad when the adults are really the bullies of the show. But it happens everyday. The bullies just don't want to admitt it.


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