Switched At Birth

Season 1 Episode 2

American Gothic

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2011 on Freeform
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Bay begins seeing Ty, a boy from Daphne's old neighborhood. While Daphne goes on a date with Liam, totally unaware that he's Bay's ex-boyfriend, also that Liam doesn't know the situation between Bay and her.

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    First time watching the show and I got to say, I'm not very impressed. My prediction is this show will have the same fate as ABC's last upfront: "Huge," it will be called a "smash hit" for weeks until it eventually gets canceled.

    Although the show has a very original story line, it still can't steer away from the usual cliche's, which is what mostly annoyed me about the show. We got some squabbles here and there, but this show didn't really offer anything substantial.

    The cast is fine and the writing is fair at best. I really think the writers are misusing the great story line they have. I'm not going to deny though, we did get some funny moments. Some unintentional, but still good.moreless
Aaron Jaeger

Aaron Jaeger


Guest Star

Lauren Furs

Lauren Furs

Schoolmate #3

Guest Star

Tanya Reese

Tanya Reese

Schoolmate #4

Guest Star

Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis

Liam Lupo

Recurring Role

Blair Redford

Blair Redford

Tyler "Ty" Mendoza

Recurring Role

Ivonne Coll

Ivonne Coll

Adrianna Vasquez

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Liam shows up at Daphne's school to talk to her, he says there's only one deaf school in Kansas City. However, when they first met, Daphne told Liam the name of her school was Carlton.

    • During the episode Bay and Regina talk about Frida Kahlo who was a Mexican painter. Born in 1907 in Coyoacán, she was known mostly for her self-portraits and died in 1954.

      She is known for making the statements;

      "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."


      "I was born a b*t*h I was born a painter."

    • Music Featured
      Best Day of Your Life by Katie Herzig
      Record Collector by Lissie
      Break Off The Bough by Cary Brothers
      We've Just Begun by Persephone's Bees
      My Shoes by Daphne Willis
      Which Way To To by Clare Bowditch

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Kathryn: She's hiding something. I can feel it. (About Regina)

    • (Emmett arrives on his motorcycle)

      Daphne: So everyone's Ok with this ?
      Bay: Don't ask just go.
      Kathryn: Actually I'm not Ok with it, I'm sorry I wanted to be Ok with it, I'm trying but I'm just not. I mean I wouldn't let my other kids go on a motorcycle, so I can't.
      Regina: She's not your kid, she's mine. I don't have a say in how Bay is raised. We agreed to move in together so we could get to know each others girls, not co-parent them.
      John: Well Regina that's not how we saw it. But Ok.
      Regina: Ok.
      Daphne: Sorry.

    • Bay: I love that guys works. I've never met him but he always uses a lot of masks and helmets, stuff about conformity, it's totally inspiring.

    • Bay: Ok so this has to go up there.
      Ty: You're allowed to cover hem up ?
      Bay: Um not the mural, there's sort of an unspoken rule about those. Posters can be covered up if they're coming apart already. Ideally if you work on a space someone's already tagged, you answer it. Here hold this, its kind of like, these two. You see it looks like this guy is shooting him. But clearly they're done by two different artists.

    • Kathryn: That woman has a lot of nerve to sit out there in our backyard in judgment of us, when we have done nothing but welcome her.
      Bay: Oh mom please.
      Kathryn: Its true, talk about ungrateful.
      Bay: Yeah cause having her move into the guest house we never use was such a huge sacrifice.
      Kathryn: I do not like the way she talked to us, I do not like her temper.
      Bay: You just don't like her !
      Kathryn: No I do not ! Ok what did I do ?
      Bay: She's my blood I'm linked to her in a million different ways that I don't even understand yet. So if you hate her, maybe you kind of hate me too !

    • Regina: All this over a bike I mean its not like I'm handing her a shotgun.
      John: It'll be a hell of a lot safer.
      Regina: Don't you tell me there are guns in this house.
      John: It's the 2nd amendment of the constitution.
      Regina: Oh my god !

    • Kathryn: Daphne I was thinking it would be nice for us to spend some time together. And I was wondering if I could drive you to school every morning.
      (Regina Sighs)
      Daphne: Um
      Regina: You don't have to sugarcoat it for her. She thinks I'm a terrible mother for letting you ride with Emmett.
      John: Wait a second we never said that.
      Regina: Oh please. That's exactly what you said.
      Kathryn: There have to be some things that are open to discussion between the three of us.
      Regina: Why. You didn't discuss Bay's punishment with me.
      Kathryn: Is there something you wanna say about it.
      Bay: Um, no I'll take the week grounding.
      Regina: And what are the things that are open for discussion. Their allowance, their curfew.
      Bay: I bet you don't even have a curfew do you ?
      Regina: Who their friends are, what they're allowed to wear. I mean where does it end ? and I'm betting you two get to pick which subjects it is we'll decide by committee am I right ?

    • Kathryn: Oh and another thing I wanted to mention, Daphne's school is right near my pilattes class so I would be happy to drop her off, every morning.
      Regina: Oh that's ok she rides with Emmett. Which you know.
      John: Regina, a motocycle. Come on.
      Regina: Come On. You bought your son a $30,000 car even though teenage boys are notoriously reckless.
      Kathryn: We are talking about Daphne.
      Regina: You're questioning my judgement as a parent I think I can comment on yours.
      John: Nobodys attacking anybody here.
      Regina: Plus I guarantee you Emmett is a more careful driver on that motorcycle, then half the idiots out there texting and putting on lipstick.
      Kathryn: He's deaf.
      Regina: And.
      Kathryn: What is an ambulance goes by? What if someone honks at him?
      Regina: Maybe he should just be locked up at home like all deaf people.

    • Bay: So what do you think ?
      Ty: Yeah it's not my deal but. Hey if I ran around tellings guys I just met that I was an Egg Plant. That's the colour I'd want my walls painted to.
      Bay: Never gonna live that down am I ?

    • Regina: Though this one I did, my Mexican folk-art phase.
      Bay: I went through one of those. I can't help but I'm still totally obsessed with Frida Kahlo.
      Regina: Please. What self-respecting Latina artist isn't ?
      Bay: (Quoting Kahlo) There have been two accidents in my life. Diego and the trolley.
      Bay and Regina together: Diego was by far the worst.
      Bay: So sad.
      Regina: I know.

    • Daphne and Emmett sign to each other

      Daphne: What? Not all hearing guys are jerks.
      Emmett: Okay, but most rich football players are.

    • Bay: Hi. so do you remember the whole its her body thing you were telling my mom down at the police station.
      Regina: Yes.
      Bay: So my parents grounded me for a week for the whole fake i.d situation and I knew you would have a much cooler attitude.
      Regina: Uh huh.
      Bay: I mean kids have to make their own mistakes and be treated like adults and you know be trusted. And I already have a court date so its not like I'm just going to get off and, what's being stuck here going to teach me you know.
      Regina: Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that you are stuck here in that house for a whole week?
      Bay: Yes.
      Regina: With nothing but your pool, your tennis courts, your computer and your art studio?
      Bay: This is a trick question isn't it?
      Regina: Tell you a secret. If it was me I'd grounded you for a month, and no screens.
      Bay: Ok. Thanks.
      Regina: Your welcome.

    • Kathryn: Daphne you wanna make something?
      Daphne: Cook something? Yeah I make these great butterscotch brownies.
      Bay: Oh she's pretty, she's smart she bakes, what doesn't she do?

    • Regina: What the hell are popovers ?

    • Bay: Hi, so when we have my parents biological daughter and my biological mother and grandmother living in the guest house, my mom likes to make some big fancy breakfast item to make her feel like this is totally normal.

    • Daphne:Hey!

      Toby(licks batter of his finger innocently): What?

      Daphne: Don't that's gross!

      Toby: Ooh...gross! (pretends to gag back into the bowl)

      Daphne: Toby don't you dare! (laughs and chases him) No, no, no, no, no!

      John: Daphne! Daphne, is he bothering you?

      Daphne(same time as Toby) Yes!

      Toby(same time as Daphne): No!

      John: Good, he has years of torturing to make up for.

      Daphne: That's it. You're not going to help me?

      John: Nope, this is what big brothers do. See ya! (leaves)

      Toby: This is really good batter!

      Runs from Daphne

    • Regina (walks up to Bay who is sketching on the patio): Now there's a girl who looks like she's dying to do some serious manual labor!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Regina: I'm just not one of those people that sues someone when they spill hot coffee on themselves.

      Alluding to the 1994 lawsuit Stella Liebeck filed against McDonalds Restaurants after she spilled hot coffee on herself.

    • This episode is named after the painting American Gothic. That was painted by Grant Wood in 1930.