Switched At Birth

Season 1 Episode 4

Dance Amongst Daggers

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2011 on Freeform

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  • Party at the Kennishes!

    Nice installment to the already beautifully developing drama 'Switched at Birth'. While the blowout we've all been waiting for could have been a tad more dramatic, it was still hilarious to see the look on Bay's face when she found out Daphne was dating Liam (ex bf # 1 so far). Mad props to Emmett for his skills on the drums but not so much for his temper tantrum, but what can you expect from a guy with a trampled heart. In other news, the Daphne-love-train-of-broken-hearted-guys gets a little longer as Liam joins the set; at least Daphs stuck to her girl code. Wilke's disturbing comments about Toby hooking up with his sisters were... well, disturbing. While Regina and 'Bruce's' new relationship is intriguing... I'm betting that won't end well. Oh and before the season finale Bay needs to get Ty a watch, fashionably late at the end of the event doesn't make much sense dude.
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