Switched At Birth

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • There Is My Heart
      Episode 10

      Daphne is upset over her performance in school and possibly letting Bay and her family down. Toby scolds Kathryn after discussing his relationship with Lily. Bay is upset that Emmett put what happened with Tank into his movie. Kathryn gets shot down when her musical is passed. Mingo rushes Daphne to the hospital after Travis and Natalie were in an accident. Emmett comes a conclusion about his relationship with Bay. Regina discovers something about Eric's wife.

    • Player's Choice
      Episode 9

      Travis's popularity as a baseball player jeopardizes his relationship with Mary Beth. Daphne is against the idea of rushing a sorority, but changes his mind. John thinks Bay is perfect to help him settle in as the coach at UMKC. Emmett's pitch impresses his professor about a love story. Kathryn asks Regina for the coffee house to be the setting for her and Toby's musical. Mary Beth tells Bay to work on her relationship with Emmett. Lily reveals to Toby she has feelings for somebody she works with.

    • 2/24/15

      Tess opens up to Bay about her troubles, and she offers to help her. Regina encourages Eric to talk to him about his late wife, but he feels he isn't ready. Daphne feels that Mingo wants to keep their relationship a secret from everyone. John asks Kathryn to help Travis with his English assignment.

    • 2/17/15

      As a severe storm forces everyone to stay indoors, but just Bonnie comes for a visit, bringing her friend Lucille. Daphne encounters Nacho at the coffee house and finds herself being blackmailed by him, and Eric figures it out and sets him straight. Bonnie delivers news to Kathryn she's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Emmett storms out after he and Bay have a fight.

    • Black and Gray
      Episode 6

      The deaf program at UMKC is threatened when Bay's very personal matter goes public leading to an investigation. Emmett loses it after Bay tells him what happened at the dorm party. Regina brings over a counselor to talk to Bay without consulting Kathryn. Daphne tells Emmett that Bay was sexual assaulted. Travis gets into a fight with Mary Beth saying he should've been there to protect Bay. Tank gets news he's been expelled from school.

    • 2/3/15

      Bay wakes to find she doesn't remember the details of the night she spent with Tank. Regina continues helping Eric remodel his coffee house. Professor Marillo invites Daphne and a small gathering of students at her home for an experiment that doesn't go as planned. Lily offers to help Toby while he figures out his financial problems. Bay goes to talk to Tank after getting some enlightenment from Regina.

    • Bay gets a surprise visit from Emmett just as she's about to be freed from her house-arrest anklet. Daphne is mortified when she does poorly on her midterm exam. Melody and John clash when John encourages Travis to try out for the UMKC baseball team.

    • 1/20/15

      Daphne deals with a prankster in her dorm.  Bay wonders if her criminal record will prevent her art work from being displayed.  Regina takes a liking to an Easter Riverside coffee house and its owner.  John ponders his future as he celebrates a big birthday.

    • 1/13/15

      Daphne's first pre-med class becomes a challenge and Josh only compounds the difficulty. Enzo gives Kathryn an idea of making her book into a Broadway musical. Bay faces the perils of maintaining a long-distance romance with Emmett while meeting the obligations of her sentence, and butting heads with Tess. Daphne has a run in with an old friend while visiting a coffee shop in East River Side.

    • 1/6/15

      The Kennish family and Emmett discover Bay's decision to take the blame for Daphne. Regina worries about the empty-nest phase of her life.  Daphne begins college and deals with the guilt she feels over Bay's sacrificial actions.

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