Switched At Birth

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Season 3 : Episode 18

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  • Season 3
    • The Girl on the Cliff
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      You Will Not Escape
    • 7/28/14

      Melody is thrilled that Emmett was accepted to Gallaudet. Toby and Lily's fight leads to unexpected passion. Nacho and Daphne sabotage equipment for the groundbreaking ceremony. Bay makes an appointment with Dr. Larkin to see if she might have an aneurysym. Daphne is irate when she sees Regina and Wes shaking hands with Chip Coto.

    • John thinks a trip to Chicago for Daphne and Bay to meet their second cousin is an opportunity to tour prospective colleges. Kathryn tries to rekindle a spark between Renzo and Leo, but it doesn't go that well. Emmett is put in an awkward position when meeting Tank for the first time. Sebastian reveals to Bay about Angelo's sister. Daphne acts out by taking drugs with a fellow student. Toby asks Tank if he wants to be his roommate.

    • 7/14/14

      Daphne is disqualified from the SAT's after rushing out to go to the hospital. Emmett finds Angelo's will, but Bay tells him to put it away. The doctor explains to the Kennish and Vasquez family that Angelo doesn't have any brain function. Daphne blames Regina for Angelo's death cause the fight caused his aneurysm.

    • 7/7/14

      Regina tells Wes that Chip Coto isn't the person he should be doing business with. Bay gets unexpected news that she didn't get into Pratt. Daphne finds a foreclosure notice on the restaurant in the garbage, and Angelo says everything will be auctioned. Kathryn gets Toby and Bay out of a jam when they get caught. Angelo scolds Regina for having a gun and almost shot Daphne. Toby explains his new job ambition to John.

    • Oh, Future
      Episode 14

      Bay encourages Emmett to strengthen his relationship with his father after Melody is considering moving to Wisconsin.  Kathryn and John clash with Regina over Daphne's college expenses.  Mary Beth surprises Travis when she tracks down his hero Derrick Coleman at a local restaurant.

    • 6/23/14

      Bay and Emmett make a shocking discovery when they challenge Matthew's threat of blackmail. Daphne gets a promising opportunity at the clinic, but is concerned how it may impact Campbell. Kathryn's past haunts her as someone threatens to have her book from being published. Regina goes to Wes after having been followed to her store to help her get a permit for a gun.

    • 6/16/14

      Bay goes to end things with Tank, but before finding out he de-pledged his fraternity. Melody gets suspended after abruptly confronting Matthew telling him to stay away from Emmett. Bay lets it slip to John and Kathryn about the threatening note on the brick thrown into her store. Regina goes to Wes telling to keep doing the project on East Riverside. Daphne and Bay tell the person who arranged the vandalism that her mother is not longer working for the man.

    • Bay discovers the real story behind Emmett's girlfriend and hurries to warn him. Daphne questions her ability to volunteer at the clinic when she runs into someone who attacked her. Regina takes a chance which causes her to be fired by Wes. Kathryn's is startled when her book is leaked online.

    • The Ambush
      Episode 10
      Toby gets an unexpected visit from Nikki. Meanwhile, Bay and Daphne get ready for a big field-hockey game, and the rivalry between their team and the opposition intensifies; and Regina's connections to her old neighborhood prove beneficial.
    • 3/10/14

      Daphne tries to help out Angelo at the clinic's fundraiser, all while getting close to Jorge and Campbell. Bay plans on making Mary Beth and Tank like each other. Kathryn invites one of John's baseball colleagues to get information on the upcoming book, but has no memory of those days. Toby tutors Sharee to keep her eligible for the field hockey team. Bay accidentally slips to one of Tanks roommates about a dog fight, and jeopardizes his sorority.

    • 3/3/14

      Daphne gets an opportunity at the free clinic, but lashes at Jorge for leaving a deaf woman when her son could've died. Travis hesitantly asks Mary Beth to her school formal and Toby offers to show him some dance moves. Emmett helps Bay with her art project. Kathryn is touched by John's surprise.

    • Sharee agrees with Daphne's plan to get help for her mother. Regina finds herself in hot water with Wes, when Adrianna is against the project. Kathryn and John get into another argument, and Toby says something is seriously wrong with Bay. Daphne saves Dr. J's life after being attacked. Melody catches Travis in a lie after missing his college interview.

    • The Scream
      Episode 6

      Regina contemplates telling Kathryn about John kissing Jennice.  Daphne tries to think of a way to surprise Campbell for his birthday.  Kathryn's murder mystery party quickly gets complicated when both John and Kathryn discover something about each other.  Bay tries to get an invite to Tank's fraternity luau.

    • 2/10/14

      Kathryn is thrilled to get a second chance at writing when Renzo both head to New York to see his editor friend. Bay worries that Tank may have a crush on her. Daphne is concerned when she learns more about Sharee's home life. John finds himself in a difficult position with Nikki's mother.

    • Regina shows Wes a possible building in her old neighborhood he could restore. Kathryn asks John if he bought the motorcycle cause he is going to New York with Renzo. Angelo tells Regina they're strings attached when asking Wes for that advance. Daphne is scolded by Jorge's sister after realizing she blackmailed Senator Coto. Bay tells Emmett she'll no longer bring up the incident with Simone. Daphne finds herself torn between Campbell and Jorge.

    • Fountain
      Episode 3

      Emmett confronts Matthew and says he has a plan to take back their school. Bay agrees to help Professor Ledarsky with her show at a Minneapolis gallery, but Toby says he needs everyone on the field. Daphne decides to fight for Sharee after she gets expelled for having a knife in her bag. Wes apologizes to Regina for his behavior and asks that he remain one of her clients. Kathryn accepts Toby's decision to get his own place with Nikki. Emmett takes Daphne's advice and decides to come forward with what he knows.

    • 1/20/14

      Bay talks with Professor Ledarsky, and gets Tank back in the art class. Emmett thinks he may have discovered who is vandalizing cars at Carlton when captures them on his camera. Regina becomes uncomfortable after her cousin says how far she has become. Kathryn tells John the reason she lied to him is cause she is tired of pretending that she's happy. Bay has a difficult first day on the field hockey team with Toby being in her face. Campbell helps Daphne correct the mistake she made at the clinic.

    • Drowning Girl
      Episode 1

      Bay and Daphne start their senior year at school, but see that it's gonna be different. Melody tells Bay about an art class at the local college. Kathryn starts taking a tap dancing class, and makes friends with another dancer. John considers pulling his daughters out of Carlton after there was a fight. Angelo apologizes to Regina for yelling at her, and decides to give her the money to buy Whitney's business. Toby tells Daphne he'll take over as coach of the girl's field hockey team.

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