Switched At Birth

Season 1 Episode 9

Paradise Lost

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on Freeform

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  • Another good one. Glad Regina drama is lasting too long.

    Once again, liked the episode but didn't like Daphne or how they're treating Regina. Especially with the Car thing, I think buying a gift is one thing but buying her daughter a car, no matter how bratty that kid is acting and acting like "her mothering mother is not her 'real' mother anymore" is not right. They SHOULD have consulted Regina about this. It's not like they gave Daphne a computer or something.

    And Regina is Daphne's mother, she raised her and should be treated as such and she should be disciplining her child not just letting her do and say whatever she wants. But gotta appreciate the grumpy entitled look Daphne manages to give quite often in every episode ha.

    Otherwise, good episode. Appreciated K/Cathryns speech near the end. I don't think I could understand how to deal with this situation, wanting to love your current daughter but always wondering what life would've been like with your biological one. Raising a girl not being able to relate to her and wondering why you fight often must've been hard.

    Thought Emmett's gift to Bay was quite cute, and definitely glad he didn't just leave it at a scarf!

    Did think Melody was being quite rude to Bay but I think in later episodes or maybe this one, Regina straightens her out on that (from memory, watched this show when it was new so been a while).
  • How do you say bad timing in ASL?

    It's Bay and Daphne's 16th birthday and they can cry if they want to. Luckily there weren't too many tears in this episode as 'the Regina problem' seems to have been resolved with everyone except John, a.k.a 'Hard-ass with a J'. However, you know the saying, 'as one door closes another one opens', and this episode validates that as another problem has sprung up (it wouldn't be a drama without such perfectly bad timing). This new 'Emmett problem' should prove interesting and hopefully not as anticlimactic as the Liam one. However it turns out 'Go team Vasquez' is all I have to say.