Switched At Birth

Season 1 Episode 3

Portrait of My Father

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2011 on Freeform
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Bay tries to learn more about who her biological Dad is.

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      • Music Featured

        Lets Go by Hipjoint ft. Sherry St. Germain
        Do What You Want by Daphne Willis
        El Tiempo by Kinky
        Girls of Athens by Pet Lions
        Heartprints by Kingsfoil
        The Walk by Marko Bokun
        Pushin by Ninfa
        One Word Rescue by Brad Senne
        I Saw Them by In Waved
        You Bring Me Home by Brandon Chandler

      • When Toby says, Hey Che why don't you pull out your smartphone and tweet about your new found love of social justice. He is referring to Che Guevara.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Kathryn: Denise wait. I wanted to tell you something. When Bay was born the hospital made a mistake. Bay's not our biological daughter, she's Regina's. And Regina took home are daughter so, the girl she raised Daphne, she's are baby.
        Denise: I can't believe it.
        Kathryn: I know it's crazy.
        Denise: Oh my god honey, I don't know what I would've done.
        Kathryn: Well when we found out we asked them to move in, so that we could all get to know each other.
        Denise: Well, and we all thought that Regina was John's ex-lover and her daughter was John's love child.
        Kathryn: Really, oh my god that's what people thought ?
        Denise: Well some. (Pointing at herself) And for the record, I wouldn't have handled this situation with nearly as much grace.
        Kathryn: Thanks.

      • (Emmett & Daphne sign)

        Daphne: So you would never date anyone hearing. No matter what.
        (Emmett shrugs)
        Daphne: You're telling me if Brooklyn Decker came onto you, you'd say "sorry, I'm deaf, you're hearing, this cannot work".
        Emmett: Brooklyn Decker, the Sports Illustrated model ?
        Daphne: That's the one. I knew it.
        Emmett: Well, obviously, first she'd want to make passionate love to me many times. But after that ? It'd never work. She wouldn't understand my culture, my family, my perspective on the world. And that's everything. Fact is, my ideal girlfriend is hot, smart, funny, into motorcycles and deaf. If I actually found her. I'd walk away from Brooklyn Decker in a heartbeat.

      • Kathryn: So how was your first day ?
        Regina: Oh, Haraldo is great.
        Kathryn: Yeah he's the best. How did you get on with Denise ?
        Regina: Not bad. Um she's a little, well, maybe this is what women in your circle are like.
        Kathryn: Women in my circle, what are we a coven ?
        Regina: No, what I mean is, she's a little, insincere.
        Kathryn: Unbelievable, I get you a job and instead of thanking me, it's another excuse for you to judge me and my friends.
        Regina: Please, you got me the job and Queen B so that more riff-raff like me didn't come traipsing through your yard and give your neighbours even more to gossip about.

      • John: Oh, hey hun do you still have the results from that blood test thing you did at school ?
        Bay: Ok you don't have to double check it's pretty obvious Daphne's your daughter.
        John: No, no no. It's for the lawyer.
        Bay: You need it for my fake i.d case ?
        John: No we're suing the hospital.
        Bay: You are, why ?
        John: Well they made a giant mistake and they need to be held responsible.
        Bay: You think getting stuck with me was a giant mistake?
        John: No sweety, no that's not what I'm saying.
        Bay: Ok, what are you suing them for then ? Damages of pain and suffering ?
        John: We're trying to teach the hospital a lesson.
        Bay: Yeah and the lesson is don't stick me with Bay.

      • Bay: Ok so what does this amp do that your other eight don't ?
        Toby: You know I just drove half way across town to pick you up, that should buy me a little less judgment.
        Bay: Just saying doesn't that lifestyle seem a little, excessive. You know compared to how real people live.
        Toby: Hey Che why don't you pull out your smartphone and tweet about your new found love of social justice.

      • Regina: So you're asking my permission to shower my daughter with clothes that I could never afford to buy her ?
        Kathryn: And shoes.

      • Bay: You know if this whole thing hadn't happened they'd probably be like 17 pictures of me on that wall.
        (Ty laughs)
        Bay: Really, I'd have my own table, they'd know my order.
        Ty: Ah, they know everyones order they only serve tacos.
        Bay: Indulge me I'm trying to figure out what my life would have been like. Who I might have been.
        Ty: Hm. Well you'd probably still be a pain in the ass.
        Bay: Oh, thank you, you're so sweet.

      • Bay: I love this place it's so authentic.
        Ty: That's what rich people say when a place is run down.
        Bay: You know what I mean. Just, feels real like, real people come here.

      • (Emmett & Daphne sign)

        Emmett: So they want you to tell some story about why you're living with them ?
        Daphne: I know, it's crazy.
        Emmett: Are they embarrassed ? About You ?
        Daphne: I think they're embarrassed for themselves. It's like. They don't know how to be different

      • Gillian: Oh, Oh. Is your new maid a live in ? That explains the car pulling out of your driveway lately.
        Kathryn: No, no, she's not a maid.
        Gillian: Who is she ?
        Bay: Yeah mom who is she ?

      • Bay (while Daphne, Toby, and John are playing basketball): So uh FYI I'm the switch girl who can hear, so if you guys could either make your shots or miss somewhere other than my wall I'd appreciate it.

        Daphne: I sorry I didn't realize-

        John: It's alright Daphne, that's just Bay being Bay.

        Bay: And what does that mean?

        Toby: I think it's a euphemism for another word that starts with a 'B'

        John: Toby...

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