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Switched At Birth

Monday 8:00 PM on ABC Family Premiered Jun 06, 2011 In Season



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Switched At Birth Fan Reviews (45)

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  • Informative

    I'm still a newbie & just on season 1. I think its a good series so far that dhows real family drama. I've been reading many reviews so I know that drugs & sex are coming up & sum don't like it, but it happens in real life. I think many of the viewers are diluding themselves if they think this doesn't happen w/their children. Peer pressure & temptation is around them every day. They may be able to learn from this show & see the signs so that they can make better decisions than these parents. I see it happening w/good kids every day & parents saying, "Not my
  • good acting but terrible scripts

    The show started out well and the characters fit the script well. However, It has changed into a modern soap opera using violence, drugs, and betrayal to add drama where it is not needed. All the actors are able to show both love and understanding very well. The most recent show, Aug 11, Daphne steals drugs and then flushes them. It is just as contrived as her cocaine use and vandalism in earlier episodes. It shows a recklessness and disregard for others that does not fit her earlier character. Today's episode could have focused on the dress code problem and the fun of the outside prom. This program's writers have gone beyond a bridge too far. They have made innocent likeable high school students take on every problem of young adults pretty much all at the same time. The tension the writers are artificially creating is so unbelievable it makes me flinch and think, "Too bad. It started out as such a good
  • coool

    its the best show ever
  • Just love it!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!
  • I like it

    I think it brings the theme of teen development in the right manner, it mentions sex in a manner that is constructive and lets actual teens learn from the characters mistakes, it is very well written and catches my attention, it is entertaining without the common exaggeration we see in other series.
  • Family values redefined????

    When this series started I was quickly hooked. I, like many, was intrigued by the whole sign language take. But as the season wore on and into the second season they brought in teen sexuality with seemingly no consequence now I was concerned. Like we don't have enough STD's in the teen and young adult population in this country, not to mention babies being born out of wedlock where the Dad's aren't sticking around? Then they made abstinence education look stupid when abstinence is truly the only way to prevent STD's and pregnancy. The only "christian" on the program was made fun of for her beliefs and then finally compromises on those beliefs in the end.

    Since I don't have kids at home anymore I kept on watching, then when they brought in the homosexual couple and portrayed them as being the "better" choice of a parent then their own Dad coupled with the new "friend" from the dance studio I decided it was time to turn off my auto record button and stop watching. Just when I thought things can't get much worse the next show comes on called The Foster's and the first scene is of the "mother's" in bed after their "honeymoon" kissing, I turned that off right away. Yikes, I am only 56 but this is to much for me and it makes me sad that our children are being raised thinking that these "morals" are normal. I have to ask the question, since Homosexuality is such a small percentage of our population in America why is it so prevalent in almost every program that comes out of Hollywood? It's back to Hallmark and a different "Family" channel for me and hopefully others as well.
  • This show makes you keep wanting to watch to find out what happens but....

    It is a "family" drama TV show... although it is not a show I would let my children watch not even my teenagers. I did however watch it myself and watched the 1st and 2nd season. I do love how they have Sign language in it and I have learned some sighing just by watching this show! I am actually deaf in one ear, so this show is awesome because I felt like I could relate in a way. Don't get me wrong there were some moral standards in this show like you shouldn't lie or always try to do the right thing It is interesting to me and I do enjoy watching it families/teenagers can't be perfect but their moral standards were too messed up in this show they could have made the show a lot better with still a lot of drama by leaving some things out. The reason I say I would not let my children or teenagers watch this is because they support sex before marriage as long as you have "condoms" its okay... Its NOT okay in my book! Also Angelo's baby's adopted "fathers" Really now they add homosexuality into the show gay guys adopting his baby. Not to mention many people cheating on each other... liked the show better when Nikki came into the show she had stronger values than a lot of the characters did. She wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. She had a past but wanted to turn her life around and she did change. I was so happy when her and Toby got engaged!!! Toby respected her values and her wishes to wait till marriage to have sex and it was hard for him obviously but he did it... that is until at the end of the 2nd season their brain washed parents said they shouldn't get married like the day before their wedding at the rehearsal dinner and told them to just go ahead and have sex because they were so young and should go to "college" first or figure out life instead of figuring out life together being married. I totally disagreed there. That was the last straw for me. It is scary how this is a "family" show because that means that family oriented shows are teaching our children that this kind of stuff is "Okay" and that building your life around yourself first and then getting married is a good idea, rather than structuring your life with a marriage in mind.
  • Christian overtones far as the eye can see

    If you enjoy sign language look no further, when I first stumbled across this show i thought another Stephen King novel had been adapted. Beyond the feel good acceptance and teenage love triangle, there was a high point thus far (and i would know because my wife follows the show) when, and stop me if you've heard this one before; a young deaf woman is attacked by a group of hoodlums for giving away free burritos from her ice cream truck in the ghetto. I don't have much positive or negative to say about this show because it leaves that type of impression. 3, because there isn't a reason to go any higher, but sometimes the dad plays basketball with the kids, and I like that.
  • gret show!!!!!

    its wonderful, the scenes, characters, just everything!
  • THE BEST SHOW EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this show! All of the actors and characters are amazing and unique in their own way, which I really like. I also love the chemistry between Bay and Emmett. But Ty and Bay seem fine but I really like Bemmet.

    Seriously guys watch this I promise you it will be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good show

    I love this show! All of the actors and characters are amazing and unique in their own way, which I really like. I also love the chemistry between Bay and Emmett. If you're debating on whether or not you want to watch this show, then I would definitely recommend watching it!
  • Makes me Wonder

    I love this show. It is different, has characters of different mentalities, and ALL ages.

    Actually started watching it while in the hospital, after giving birth to my son. Nurses couldn't understand HOW/ Why I was watching all

    But I was never able to really predict it.

    It is a very interesting situation and plenty to think about for all young and adults. Keep up the drama!
  • Am I like the only one......

    That can NOT stand the girl that Toby is engaged to??? Or like the story about Toby being engaged at all??? Don't like that story line, doesn't really make seem to fit what we have seen with him least I don't think think they "match" or are well suited for each other AT ALL!!!!
  • mindnumbing

    What a bust. I'm so bored with this show, I keep waiting for it to improve, even though I know that's not going to happen. milking every scene till there's nothing to milk anymore, even scenes that have no reason to be scenes at all. and why doesn't bay ever evolve? lol always whining and moaning about her screwed up life. the whole story is so unreal in terms of how families are and how they treat each other. I have never heard of anyone, including myself, that did get that much attention and that many card blanches - and still be an ungrateful brat. wait, maybe nelly olsen?
  • friends lasted for 10 years this one will last for 20 !!

    i am form Jerusalem Palestine , this show is braking my heart , there is no enough words in all languages that wold express my feeling toward this great work .!! actually am planing to learn ASL beside braille language , can't wait till i see the next episodes

    this is not only a series

    on behalf of humanity "THANK YOU VERY MUCH ...
  • Best show ever!!!

    Im from the Philippines... Really addicted to this. So excited for the next season. Want TY to stay if possible. but still love bay and emmet.
  • Love it!!

    But they should of kept Ty!!

    Really addicted to this show and I love how they just did an entire episode in ASL. I wasn't sure at first but they really pulled it off well :)
  • Interesting Show with the sign language but missing something lately.

    Loved season 1 but lately seems like a soap opera. Not really into that. You need to work on the content if you are going to survive. Started out strong but ending sort of flat. Same old.
  • LOVE IT!!!

    Season 2 is very interesting and addicting! I love all of the actors, they do a great job! Switched at Birth deserves at 10!!!!
  • Switched at Birth is AMAZING!!!

    First off, the show is compelling and ADDICTING; I instantly got hooked. I also like the fact that it's different, revolving around deaf people and having to use ASL to communicate, I think that is pure genius. Great job, ABC Family!
  • Great programming for adults

    This show is very addicting. In order to get caught up I watched the first 30 episodes to prepare myself for the winter premiere, and I must say am very impressed with the acting from the characters Bay and Daphne, also we see a different way of communication in ASL (American Sign Language) Bravo. My favorite characters are Daphne, Bay, Toby and Emmett. I love the couple of Bay and Emmett, they're so good together and hope they will reunite.
  • Good job, ABC Family

    A very good, satisfying drama!!! It's addicting, I LOVE IT!
  • Switch at Birth

    best show in a while. i cant wait for next season to come too long too wait.. i have two kids and still cant miss a episod love it thanks.. Love Emmett and Bay together
  • Switch at Birth

    you do know switch at Birth as been in it first season for the past three or four years i like watching the show i try to learn sign language why am watch the show..
  • Best TV Series

    I watch regularly Switched at Birth, Daphne Vasquez is my favorite in this. It was very sad scene in episode American Gothic when her friends make fun of her deafness.
  • Wrong Season...

    Season 1, Episode 23 should be Season 2, Episode 1.
  • Interesting

    Like the title says. Watching season premiere now! I think about the dialogue sometimes. Like the concept, although cliched. Not to be said in a bad way.
  • Daphne was on Veronica Mars!

    I have been rewatching Veronica Mars because of Price Peterson's reviews and saw Daphne in an episode which had, appropriately enough, a plot about girls switched at birth. This was back in 2005. I loved that show and pretty much every episode has people playing bit parts who now have their own shows.
  • Great Show!

    I've been watching S.A.B since it first started, and although some parts are kinda boring, overall its a great show! Can't wait to see season 2 soon!
  • more please

    their needs to be more eposide faster and if you shut the show down a lot of peole who like the show are going to be very mad!

    Also if you take it off of certen channels! WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE CUTEST CUPPLE
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