Switched At Birth

Season 1 Episode 27

The Declaration of Independence

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on Freeform
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Bay and Zarra get into a dangerous situation when they search for the tagger who is ruining their street art; Chef Jeff's mixed signals confuse Daphne.

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  • Alot of illegal going on

    To start out with a 30-40 yr old man and a 16yr old girl can we say statutory rape. Then the illegal marriage for angelo to stay in the states. That sounds like our government and the illegal immigrants. we can't forget about Bay and her greffeety art. The only on whose got any sence is Cody he is keeping a low profile to play it safe. I would watch swamp people kill alligators over that show. So I can take it off my DVR list to record. Never did like Soap Operasmoreless
  • Nice/Decent

    Like the title says. That was kinda cold when Bay and Emmitt were talking like they were still together/good friedns, and then Bay says "That doesn't change what happened" or som'n to that effect. Regina seemed more b***chy in this episode, but it's been a while since that, though. There were other things I thought about as well.
  • Absolute filth

    The only reason I am giving this episode an ok rating is because with the exception of Daphne, the rest of the storylines are wonderful. Regina/Kathyrn growing closer over their daughters, Bay being honest about her art, John and Travis bonding/becoming father-son-like, Toby healing from his girlfriend cheating and seeing a totally appropriate music gal, even Emmett and Bay managing to be in the same space without spite exploding out the screen. But Daphne has become, to put it bluntly, a Lolita-esque whore.

    She has actively gone after her boss, who, don't kid yourselves, is pushing 30. (He has an engineering degree from MIT, which as a 5 year degree, even if he was a genius and started early would be 21-22 when he finished, and more likely 23. Figure another year for him realizing he hated engineering and decide on cooking as a career, and then AT LEAST 4-5 years for him to work the way up the culinary totem poles to become executive chef/owner of his own restaurant, if not more. That puts him at minimum 27) He is a full 10-11 years older, or more, than Daphne, as we know she is 16-17. We are talking statutory rape/sex offender registry here.

    To make matters worse, Daphne concealed her age, and seduced him once he realized how young she was. She is smart, and don't tell me she didn't realize that he backed off as soon as he realized she was in high school. Basically she doesn't care that this guy she really likes will go to jail if anyone finds out they are involved, whether they actually have sex or not. You know John, Katherine, and Regina will go nuclear ballistic, and John is extremely volatile legally when it comes to his family. At the very least the guy will lose his job/business. Not to mention the whole best friend's mom sloppy seconds grossness.

    You may think I'm being too harsh on Daphne and not enough on Chef Jeff, and it's true he is completely responsible for his part in the awful decision to progress their relationship, but Daphne's part was faaaaaar more morally reprehensible. And to put icing on the vegan cake, she led on poor Travis, who is incredibly sweet and funny, despite the crap he deals with at home. She knows full well he was asking her on a date, and instead she decided to go persuade a man to commit a felony.moreless

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